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NSMSC’s Presidents Trophy Trial Results. For Timed Trialers we have the all the following…..

I scribbled these few thoughts before seeing the Presidents Trophy Results.

Good Entry for the Presidents today it seemed.

It was good to be able to wander round & chat with many people, NSMSC had plenty of Observers so it was a “rest day” for several stalwarts. some cracking Expert Sections, 15 was Experts only with Andy Frost observing, & the Expert route in Nipper Allen’s section were challenging but do-able. Fred Adams made a memorable noise on full chat exiting Nippers one, we saw him have a couple of excellent cleans there, Ben Skinner was very neat & tidy there too, Lee Hassall & Ben are trying to sort out R/up in the Centre Champs between them I think & judging form Nippers section I’d guess Ben has shaded it today, but there are still a couple of Rounds to go, so we’ll see.

And after Ruth Fisher had  worked it all out for you,  ]see the Results here NSMSC Presidents Trial 24:11:13 PDF This File includes the Sidecar Trial Results.] I scribbled a bit more after looking at the Results!

I didn’t go across the road to see the Sidecars, but Jon Tuck & Matt Sparkes dropped 8 & Runners up Luke & Josh Golding were close on 11. Martin Lawford had a busy passengering day chairing for both Andy Scrivens & Mark Watmore I note.  The Solo Results show a new Championship Round winner in Ben Skinner who dropped just 16, Kurt Brain was R/up on 19, with Colin Crease on 20 in 3rd. I know Kurt had some front brake trouble, but then Ben had carburation problems at the last Round, the Border Trophy, so I guess that evens things up a bit? Ben didn’t have a 5 all day & that made all the difference as Kurt had one in Section 10 on his last lap, & Colin had two on his second lap. The Results show it was set out just about right with a very close finish amongst those three Experts.

The following should bring all you Timed Trialers up top date:

Tony Colman has sent across the Final Centre Timed Trial Champ Tables for Trials & Enduro machines which you can find here 2013 Final TT Champ [Trials] Table & here 2013 Final TT Champ [Enduro] Table

So congratulations to Jason Hamblin & Tom Smith, Centre Timed Trials Champions  for 2013 in the Trials & the Enduro classes respectively. As Tony says if Simon Prideaux hadn’t missed a Round it could have been different – I think I recall Simon was riding at Farleigh Castle that day, but Tom Smith ran away with the Enduro Class

Don’t forget that the NSMSC’s Richard Sage Electrical Restricted to Club TT Regs are available here NSMSC Richard Sage TT Regs  15th December 2013 so fill that one in now!

The NSMSC’s RT Keedwell Timed Trial, held last week-end, Results are here, NSMSC RT Keedwell TT 171113 thanks to Jerry Walters


Regs Available: Thanks for helping Mary Laying Out for the Selwood Novice & Bradley Cup Trial

I’ve got several sets of Regs available for you including the Southern Experts,

but before that I need to thank you [you know who you are] for offering to help Mary Crease setting out for the Frome Trial on 1st December.

That’s really good news as Tom is still backwards & forwards to RUH. Jim Webb is still an inpatient as Vee needs help to be able to look after him at home & that’s not organised yet. Our thoughts are with both of them [& Mary & Vee of course]

The Regs for the Bath & West of England Clubs final Round of the Centre Triuals Championship Knut Trophy Trial are available now, you can click here: Bath & WoE Centre Champs Knut Trophy Trial 0812 13  for them

Jan Watkins has got BSSA’s Entry Form & Regs for the Phil Sparkes Trophy Trial on 27th December available, click here for the BSSA Phil Sparkes Trophy Trial 271213

The Kingswood Club’s 4th Club Series Trial Regs are here for you Kwood 4thSeries 291213

& the for first Centre Event of 2014, click  here for the BSSA 1st Alan Brown Timed Trial 01/01/14   or go to the new ”2014 Wessex Centre Events Regs & Entry Forms page listed on the right hand sidebar

SOUTHERN EXPERTS TRIAL 15th December 2013 at Catesby, Northants:

the SOLO Regs & Entry Form are available from these two links:

AND the SIDECAR Regs & Entry Form are available from these two links:


That’s it just for the moment: Frank


Latest Trials Champ Tables, BSSA’s 6th Alan Brown TT Results, Centre Board

Last week was really busy, & I’ve only now been able to get things updated for you. Pete Dury updated his Trials Championship Tables promptly & you can click 2013 Centre Champ Tables as at 04:11:13 this link to view.

Pete comments “Championship Update attached.

I could have this wrong but by my reckoning we have a new Centre Champion in Kurt Brain. With only 3 rounds left and a 41 point lead I don’t think Lee can catch him now with 2 rounds to be dropped.
Rob Scott could still be overhauled for the Clubman Expert title but he only needs a 4th place in one of the last 3 rounds even if Mark Homes wins all 3 rounds.
The Clubman title is now probably a 2 way battle between Tom Pike & Matt Hanney although Toby Godwin could possibly have a say in it.

The Novice class is still to be decided although Ian Graham has a very healthy 30 point lead.
The Over 40 class is till wide open but within the grasp of Richard Elliot but congratulations go to Dai Clothier who has already won the Over 50 class.

As always, please point out any errors.
Cheers ———————————— Pete

P.S. My 2007 Gasgas is still for sale and must go – it has a bent silencer (probably fixable) so any reasonable/silly offer will be considered.

Jan Watkins has provided the 6th Alan Brown TT Results see them here BSSA 6th Alan Brown TT 031113 I notice there were 7 non starters from the Entry of 48 quite a lot? I wonder why. Quite a tussle for the Premier award, Jason Hamblin lost 9 in the first section, whereas Simon Prideaux cleaned it, then Simon [who set standard time] dropped 9 in both sections 2 & 3, & Jason only lost 3 on section 2, so as Jason was pretty quick over the ground as well & only lost 2 on time, Jason prevailed

Centre Board: I don’t often report about our Meetings but just to keep you up to date, we’ve recently Nominated Zach Wajtknect for the Pinhard Prize, ‘had a go’ at the T&E Committee about the Sidecar Champ Rules on behalf of Josh & Luke Golding, &  prodded the same T& E C’ttee to reply to a letter Becky Cook sent to them.

We’ve also asked Pete Culliford to come to the next one to talk us through his proposal for a Wessex Youth Development Squad. So if you’ve any grumbles or gripes about your sport, you know how to get it raised – via your Clubs Board Members or failing that direct to the Board!!!!

Yours in sport: Frank

ps I’m off to Rugby on Saturday to represent you all at National Council to put the Wessex point of view


Wilts Border Autumn Trophy Results, Kurt, Rob, Tom, Ian , Richard & Dai were the men! Sponsored Observers! Andy’s problem.

Hello all,

We were asked out to dinner after we got back from Sleight today, so these Results are a little later than might have been. Anyway the various Class winners are in the headline, I guessed the Expert winner might be in single figures today, & so it proved. Kurt Brain took the win on 9m/l from Ben Skinner on 12. So Kurt pulls further ahead in the Championship, but Ben moves up to second pushing Lee Hassall down a place.

Find the Results on the Page 2013 Events: Trials, Timed Trials, Hare & Hounds, and Enduro Results in the right hand sidebar, or click here Wilts Border Autumn Trophy 03:11:13

We can now reveal that Phyllis is now a ‘Sponsored Observer’. Those nice people at, don’t forget to check out their web-site, have presented her with a Trials King Bobble Hat, she has now retired that fashionable hat, was it really 50 years ago they were fashionable? hat to ‘gardening duty’ One of the advantages of the hat with the bobble is that it helps stop her colour co-ordinated Paddock coat hood from falling down over her eyes, mind you, even with her eyes shut she’d probably write 5s down on the Card! I even saw a dab from Class winner Tom Pike, that she missed, tricky business this Observing, it was a big wide tree she was watching & the dab was strategically placed when he was out of her sight & even better on the side furthest from her!

Discovered why Andy Noad had a disappointing day at the Scott Trial, his front fuel tank – you the little plastic Hebo Tank that gives you an extra 1l of fuel had a hairline, almost invisible, crack which allowed water to be sucked into the fuelling system – there was plenty of water up there this year. Of course the contaminated fuel squirted through the Honda’s injectors didn’t provide a combustible mixture[atomised water doesn’t ignite]. So No Go

Thanks to all who turned out today, riders, Officials, support crews & Steve Oram whose permission to use the venue is needed. See you all at N Somersets Presidents on the 24th?