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Kingswood 3rd Club Series Results, Wilts Border Autumn Trophy Regs, Frome Selwood Novice & Bradley Cup Regs ….

Hi Guys,

in date order, we have posted the Kingswood 3rd Club Series Trial Results held at the weekend, click here Kingswood 3rd Club Series 27:10:13

the Wilts Border Autumn Trophy Centre Trials Championship Regs for this weekend, click here Wilts Border Autumn 031113

& the Frome Selwood Novice & Bradley Cup Centre Trials Championship Regs for 1st December, click here Frome Selwood & Bradley 011213

Remember that you can always find any Results & Regs on the appropriate Page which is listed in the sidebar on the right, they appear in descending date order. {ie newest Regs or Results at the top}

Here’s an important request here that you need to take note of:

You all know Tom Crease isn’t too well at the moment don’t you? Mary asks  anyone who can  spare a couple of hours or so over the week before the Frome Trial to help layout the trial to get in touch. She would be really grateful for some help. Call her on 01761 435 035 or mail her at

Keep your feet up: Frank

Thanks Nick, Great Scott, bad luck Andy, please note all the following items that are posted today

Hello all,

I’ve quite a number of things that need to be posted since last week.

Firstly, thanks to Nick Shephard for pointing out the Regs for the BSSA 6th Alan Brown Timed Trial actually showed you a set of Kingswood Regs! Sorry about that – now corrected on the Regs Page & this link is correct BSSA 6th Alan Brown Champ TT 031113 [I trust]

We’ve been up to Yorkshire for the Scott Trial, for various reasons we only got to one section, up above Booze, in Slei Gill. John Sunter No 161 was so far in front of anyone else it wasn’t true, Dougie & Michael Brown both had very iffy rides, Ross Danby was neat & tidy but didn’t take the simplest line [like Dougie] Ian Austermuhle had a sublime ride worth going a long way to watch! Jonathan Richardson was obviously riding as if he wanted to set standard time! We had refreshments available for Andy Noad, but as time passed we guessed he wasn’t going to come through.  At least the heavy mist [which meant a lot more Route Marking flags had to be put out early well before the 09:00hrs first man away time] did lift by early afternoon. A word of advice for next year, if Reels Head is early don’t even think of watching there, the off road parking was chaotic.  Standard time was about 5hrs 20min this year so the wet conditions didn’t slow the quick guys too much this year. BTW it’s 100 years since the very first “Scott Trial’ next year & word [rumour?] is 100miles & 100 sections?

Here are the BSSA 5th Alan Brown TT Results from 13th October BSSA 5th Alan Brown TT 131013  [click here]

Next: Jerry Walters has sent over the Results of the NSMSC Gordon Brown Chase held last Sunday NSMSC Gordon Brown Chase TT 201013 & Scott Beeching has uploaded some video of it here

Here are the NSMSC RT Keedwell TT RTC Regs & Entry Form for 17th November NSMSC RT Keedwell TT Regs & Entry RTC 171113

Continuing with the Wells Trials Club, Jerry Cross has sent these Regs for the Mike Cornish TT on 1st December Wells – Mike Cornish TT Regs 011213

Pete Dury updated the Centre Trials Champ Tables after the Errington Cup & says “The West Wilts Errington Cup Trial saw 5 of the 6 championship leaders all increase their lead with Kurt Brain now a massive 31 points clear in the championship lead ahead of Lee Hassall.Rob Scott increased his lead in the AB Class as did Tom Pike in the B Class. In the C Class Ian Graham forged further ahead as did Dai Clothier in the Over 50 Class.With Martyn Wilmore and Nigel Tompkins, who were in 1st and 2nd place respectively in the Over 40 clas, both absent Richard Elliot took advantage and moved to within 1 point of the lead. With 4 rounds left there are only 2 points separating the three of them.

Next round is the Wilts Border Autumn Trophy on 3rd November. Cheers – Pete

P.S. I have my 2007 GasGas up for sale – only ridden it once in the last 2½ years so it might as well go – all reasonable offers considered.

Click here to view the  2013 Centre Champ Tables as at 15:10:13

Next: Jerry Walters has sent over the Results of the NSMSC Gordon Brown Chase held last Sunday NSMSC Gordon Brown Chase TT 201013 & Scott Beeching has uploaded some video of it here

I think that’s brought you all up to date with whats happened & will happen. Please let me know if any of the links don’t take you to what you expected to see, & if you’ve submitted something I haven’t posted, then again let me know, in case I’ve missed it.






Todays Centre Champs Errington Cup Trial Results

Hello all,


I’m in a rush, as out to dinner this evening thanks to Clive & Helen,  you can click this link to view them [Link deleted 14/10/13 as revised Results are published]

What an excellent Expert turn-out, 11 of you, Heading the list was Kurt, with three solitary dabs all day. Colin was R/up on 14 & Lee 3rd with 29. Ben Lovelace who we haven’t seen lately was 4th on 34.

Rob Scott wonthe HG Giddings Cup, Tony Hayden the Bob Missen Cup, Mark Beanthe Trials Cup, Richard Elliott was best O/40 & Dai Clothier best O/50, Girls National A Class Youth Champion Victoria Payne only dropped 53 on the B Route, another good ride

Shame it rained but thanks to all for getting on with it, we were home before 14:00hours, but a bit damp!

More later perhaps?

BTW I did say I’d buy Phyllis a new hat during the week, but it was fashionable in 1964 when she bought it & it’s not worn out yet, & yes I know that hat is older than a lot of you Riders. [You could have a whip round & give her ‘fashionable in 2013″ hat for Xmas?]


WWMC Errington Cup Trial tomorrow

Hi all,

a quick reminder from CofC Brian Shuttleworth, the venue will be signed from the A46/A420 roundabout between Bath & the M4 . It’s off the road road that goes past the Racecourse [don’t go down Langridge Lane by the Village Hall]. He’s also a couple of Observers short [due to sickness & holiday!], so please give him a call on 0780 313 4161 if you can help out.

See you all tomorrow!  —  Frank

Wells President’s Timed Trial Results, Tai is Champion, National Sidecar Trials Championship Rules

Hello to all,

We’ve just posted the Wells President’s Centre Championship Timed Trial Results, that Jerry Cross has sent over. I gather some of you have had ‘difficulties’ opening the results that have come via ‘Skydrive’ I think that’s  a thing in the ‘Cloud’?  Its posted on the Results Page or you can find it here Wells Presidents TT, 06:10:13

Tony Colman says “Now with one round to go Tom Smith cannot be beaten in the Enduro class. Much tighter in the trials class. Simon Prideaux was leading but his failure to ride in the Wells TT means Jason Hamblin now leads by 9 points.” I was at Farleigh on Sunday for the Maxxis Solo Moto-Cross Championship races, & I know why Simon didn’t defend his TT Champs lead. He was riding in the Vets class, 26th & 25th in his two races. Elliott Banks-Browne was crowned MX-1 Champ, & Kristian Whatley sewed up the MX-2 crown. It’s the first time I’ve seen Elliott’s Grandad, John Banks for a long time, John was videoing the Presentation with pride. Lets hope Elliott has a better World 2014 Series than he’s had this year.

Just been able to find a You Tube video of the complete Torun Speedway GP,  I have only watched the first 5 heats, Hampel, the only man who could stop Woffinden becoming World Speedway Champion, won his first Heat whereas Woffinden could only come in 3rd in his first Heat after gating last. Heat 5 saw both of them out together with 2 other Poles. Woffinden won that one whereas Hampel could only place 3rd. That was it, Woffinden was the Champion.

Remember West Wilts have a Centre Championship Trial at ‘Perrys’ on Sunday. We hope to see you there!

Going back to Farleigh, I saw Ricky Wiggins who is due for his anterior cruciate ligament repair to be done at Yeovil next week. So of course, we shan’t see him up at the Scott Trial in a couple of weeks. I hope the op & the rehab go well for you Ricky.

What I didn’t mention in the last Post was that the Centre Board is writing to the Trials & Enduro Committee to suggest changes to the British Sidecar Trials Championship Rules for next year. This year, because of new Legislation that has changed Driving Licence Rules it has become apparent that young sidecar drivers turning 17 this year have not been able to score Championship points in any Trial with Roadwork. This has affected ‘our’ sidecar crew  Josh & Luke Golding. We hope our letter will drive forward changes to the Championship Rules to accommodate any future drivers who would otherwise find themselves affected by this change to new Driving Licences.

Take it steady: Frank


Wilts Border Endeavour Trial on Sunday, & lots more

Good morning all,

Firstly, Theresa reminds you all that Wilts Border have their Endeavour Trial on Sunday at the Piggeries. 10:30 start. All welcome.

Secondly, Jim Webb. At the Board Meeting we were  pleased to hear that Jim is a little better, although he is affected on his left side, the good news is that he can talk & has been able to spoon feed himself a little. V. as you know doesn’t drive & I’m sure would appreciate any offers to help drive her down to the Farley Ward at Salisbury General, the Warminster Link helps a couple of days a week, Club Chairman Steve Baughan & Mary Crease are helping out as well. We’ve told V. to call us if she gets stuck for transport, as she doesn’t like not to be able to see him every day. Call V. on 01985 840257 if you can help.

Thirdly, the Board agreed to nominate Zach Wajtnecht for the Pinhard Trophy, so that’s in hand. We also agreed to write to the Trials & Enduro C’ttee following the inconsistent Rules application in the 2013 British Sidecar Newcomers Championship Class, which has adversely affected Josh & Luke Golding

I’ve had a call from Triss Ball’s Dad,  John, he sounds fine & is driving again, but sadly Rita is so poorly that she is being looked after in RUH at Bath. It never rains but it pours doesn’t it?

What else? We’ve posted Regs for the NSMSC’s Presidents Trophy Trial which is a Centre Championship Round on 24th November, NSMSC Presidents Trophy Trial Regs 241113 & their Gordon Brown Chase 90minute Timed Trial on 20th October NSMSC Gordon Brown Chase 90min TT 201013. Kingswood have revised the Results of the Hawkesbury Trophy Trial held last weekend.

As he always does, Pete Dury was quick off the mark with his Championship Table updates 2013 Wessex Centre Champ Tables as at 30:09:13, & he says:

“Latest Championship update attached after the Kingswood Hawkesbury Trial which was round 6 of the Wessex Centre Championship.

Looks like the leaders generally increased their leads in the championship with Kurt Brain increasing his lead in the Expert class to 26 points and Rob Scott pulling away from the pack in the Clubman Expert class to the tune of a 32 point lead. Tom Pike has increased his lead in the ‘B’ class but Chris Adams has closed in on Ian Graham, the leader of the ‘C’ class who now only has a 3 point lead.

In the age group classes Martyn Wilmore has taken the lead from an absent Nigel Tompkins in the Over 40 class with Dai Clothier marginally increasing his lead in the Over 50 class. However, Merv Walker is climbing up the table having missed the first round and is putting pressure on Rob Treble who hangs on to second place.

Next round is the West Wilts Errington Cup Trial on the 13th October at Perry’s up above Bath on Lansdown near the race course. Entries are accepted on the day but you can get a discount if you enter by Wednesday 9th October.

As always, please point out any errors I may have made.

Cheers    —    Pete”


And now it’s Cheers from Frank