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Todays [29th September] Hawkesbury Trophy Championship Trial Results, Errington Cup Champ Trial Venue, the ‘proper poorly list’ 2nd FIM Gold Medal for Zach Watjknect, etc

Hi all,

Good to see lots of you today, ages since we’ve seen Rich Sully for instance.

The Results of the Hawkesbury are posted for you on the usual Page or click here Kingswood Hawkesbury 290913. As you know I was on 10 & so I guessed the Expert winner as Kurt/Ben? as Ben had four nice cleans, but Kurt had a couple of dabs which he had to work very hard for. Results now tell me that Kurt only lost 19 in total whereas Ben was very nearly double at 37. Fred & Ollie both picked up a five when riding over the rightmost arrow on the second big log crossing. It’s fair to say it was a comfortable Section for Experts, but decidedly dodgy for many of the rest of you , which I quite understand, the downhill take off to get over the log & the big drop the far side of it was daunting, so much so that many of you asked for ‘5’s’

I’ve also noticed in the Results at least one rider who rode the yellows but is noted as  “B” class, so remember these are provisional Results.

Next Championship Trial is West Wilts Errington, please note closing date is Wednesday 9th October & you can enter on the day for extra fee, the Venue is at ‘Perrys’ up opposite Bath Racecourse. The info in last Friday’s TMX is duff & needs correction which is in hand but may not be corrected until the 11th October TMX due to publishing schedules. You can download the Entry Form on the appropriate Page here.

Now, a brief report on our proper poorly list,

First, Jim Webb Jims stroke has been a serious one [that’s my intepretation] Based on the fact that he has been fed by tube, I will have better info available to report at Tuesdays Board Meeting. All our thoughts & best wishes are with & for Jim, & of course V.

Second Tom Crease, Tom is ok but didn’t feel it wise to come out to Elmington Manor today, I had thought to myself it mightn’t be a good idea, so early in his recovery. Tom decided, as I thought, the climb from the parking area up to the ‘plateau’ at the top was too much too soon. Otherwise he sounds ok. Believe me, I’ve been there as you know, it takes a while to be confident that vigorous exercise isn’t going to damage you again.

Third, John Ball. John is Triss’s Dad, I gather from Jon Bees that John suffered, what I believe was a mild heart attack [again it’s my interpretation] after suffering chest pain three weeks .. ish ago, & has had a couple of stents fitted to narrowed arteries. Again we all send best wishes for a full recovery, but as John has been a full time carer for Triss’s Mum for several years, there has necessarily been a lot of upheaval for the whole Family.

Final ‘proper poorly’, a report on a young man. I spotted Gareth Talbot with a wrist support at todays Trial. The result of a between Section crash on a Top Trial Team Beta while minding for Becky Cook at either the last World Round, or at next days Ladies Trial des Nations in France. Gareth get well soon.

On a more positive note, I’m sure all will be delighted that Zach has won his 2nd consecutive FIM U21 Gold Track Racing medal, you cant do better than that, I hear he will have done parade lap at the British Masters this afternoon.

Controversy at the last British Championship Sidecar Trial Round, I’ll comment on  this later in the week.

Time for cocoa! Frank


Centres NSMSC Ivan Manning TT Results, You Tube Speedway GP, BSB TV coverage

Hi all,

We’ve just uploaded the “Ivan Manning” Centre Champ Timed Trial Results – thanks to Jerry Walters – you can click here NSMSC Ivan Manning TT 22:09:13 to see them.

I thought Saturday night might bring news of a new British Speedway GP Champion, but I couldn’t find a live feed to watch, I just knew that Tai Woffinden had been excluded for causing a crash in his first, the second heat of the night, & that he had scored 7 points on the night. On Monday YouTube had posted the full coverage with the English commentary with Kelvin Tatum as the expert commentator from the new Speedway GP venue in Stockholm. The crash was really nasty putting Tomasz Gollob head first into the dirt – he was out cold, & Woffinden came down hard on his right shoulder where he has a plated collar bone from the Cardiff UK Round. This caused around a 35 minute delay to Heat 3, Gollob was taken directly to hospital where the diagnosis was a dislodged vertebrae. Woffinden acted like a real pro, even though it was fairly obvious he was seriously hurt most likely having bent the plate or broken the collar bone again, he showed no pain when his hand arm & shoulder were checked out. Staggeringly he took 4 more rides placing 2nd, 2nd, & a dramatic win in the third , in his last ride he got pushed back into last place in the first lap & pulled out. After all his rides you could see how it hurt – you don’t go back to the pit using the throttle left handed if your right hand/arm/shoulder works ok do you? Oh that exclusion for Woffinden – if you see the crash it’s obvious Woffinden punted Gollob from behind – good call by the Ref.

For what my opinion is worth, he deserves the Championship for that display of determination & guts, it’s what marks Champions, they really want it. He only has to get 6 points in two Saturdays time to have won the even if the closest challenger,  Jaroslav Hampel wins all his heats, his Semi & the Final. As Hampel is Polish & Torun the the last of this years GP’s venue is in Poland anything could happen!

I’ve just watched some coverage of a British Superbike Championship Round from Assen on Saturday, same thing, Alex Lowes went for a gap to pass Shane Byrne that didn’t exist & put Byrne tumbling across the gravel. Although Lowes ‘won’ the race, the Steward excluded him for causing the accident. Again the right decision for a reckless manoeuvre.

See you soon: Frank

Mick Perry says … , three sets of Regs, one set of Results, Centre Championships return from the Summer breaks, Frank Mutters, Andy Noad only Centre rider in the Scott Trial

Hello again,

Mick Perry has been in touch to tell you all that the Western Daily Press IS going to continue publishing his Reports which  will be published on Tuesdays & his Previews which will be published on Fridays or Saturdays. Thanks for letting us all know Mick, that’s excellent news.

BSSA’s Jan Watkins has sent across the Results of the Brian Hudson Timed Trial which was the week-end before last click here for them BSSA Brian Hudson TT results for 15.09.13 , & Regs for the next two Rounds of the Alan Brown Series, find them here BSSA 5th Alan Brown Series Regs for 131013 & here for the BSSA 6th Alan Brown Series Regs for 031113

Kingswood have published Regs, which Andrew has sent across for the 3rd Club Summer Series Trail which you can click here for Kingswood 3rd Summer Series Trial regs for 27101

Remember you can find all these things on the appropriate Page.

Now for a few mutterings:

I’m really pleased to see Zac Wajtknecht won the FIM Grass Track Youth Gold Trophy 125cc at Morizes in France on the 14th September. We hear Zac produced a stunning displayed to win the Youth Gold Trophy for the second time in two years. Zac Wajtknecht took the victory ahead of Lukas Fienhage in second and Darrel de Fries in third. Zac must be a really strong contender for the Pinhard Prize this year.

I’m also really pleased to see Richard Jenkins has had his first Podium in World Sidecar Cross, a 2nd overall at Rudersberg in Germany. apparently it is a track that is favourable for left hand chairs, even so Richard the driver & Dan Chamberlain in the chair scorched their way to a 6th & 3rd place. Even though they were ‘only’ second best British crew home in each race their consistency was brilliantly rewarded. Lets hope it’s the first of many, & will include the top step one day.

Also, I reckon Victoria Payne is the 2013 A class Ladies & Girls Champion, although she didn’t win the final Round at Fremington Edge on Saturday after she was pushed down to second place by a young woman, I hadn’t heard of  before,  Bronwyn Palmer from Perth. Nevertheless Victoria has entered every Round this year & thoroughly deserves her success, all of us who have watched her getting better & better, over quite a long time now, must be very pleased for her. I’ve no doubt that Mum & Dad Aleta & David, Uncle Terry & Grandad Payne are very proud of her achievement.

So Michael Brown is now a British for the first time after a really close battle with James Dabill, the Championship being decided on the tie break – best Result in the last Round – with Ross Danby 3rd on the JotaGas.

Laia Sainz managed to win all the Rounds of the FIM World Ladies Trials Championship that she entered & with them the Championship, dashing the hopes of Becky Cook, Emma Bristow & the others, but our Ladies, Becky, Emma & Joanne Coles must have been very pleased to win the Ladies Trial des Nations in France.

Back here at home, the break during the summer from the Centre Trials Championships came to a halt yesterday with the NSMSC’s Ivan Manning Timed Trial Champ Round & with the Kingswood Hawkesbury Trials Champ Round coming Sunday. See you there?


ps The Scott Trial Entry List is published, from a quick glance, Andy Noad is the only entrant from our Centre, I don’t know if his start Number [4] is good or not? He shouldn’t run out of daylight at least! Sam Ludgate is No 143, Andy Blackman No 145, Ricky Wiggins is in at No 157, Ross Danby is at 170


Bad News: Jim Webb and the Bristol Post. Wells Presidents Time Trial Regs Available

Hello to all,

I have to bring bad news today. Firstly Jim Webb, Jim suffered a stroke late last Thursday/early Friday. He was rapidly taken & admitted to Salisbury General and is said to be comfortable. We all hope that Jim will not be affected significantly, & send him and Vi our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Secondly, the letter I reproduce below is self explanatory. At present Mick has heard nothing from the Western Daily along the same lines, but obviously they too may make a similar decision. Mick tells me he has been reporting to the Post since 1965! Wow, that’s a long time. Mick is still doing the exercises & the physio prescribed after his heart attack & is hoping to be fit enough to get to events himself around the Xmas/New Year time.

Although it’s unlikely that the Bristol Post will change it’s mind, if enough readers stand up to be counted & tell the Post how they value Mick’s contributions, you might just do it?


“Dear Mick,

re sport freelance contributions

The Post is about to change the way it approaches sports stories and in so doing, we have decided that some sports, which over the years we have covered, will no longer be treated in the same way.

To this end, The Post is sorry to to tell you that the freelance cover that you supply will no longer be required as of Monday October 7th.

It is no reflection on the excellent work that you have done on behalf of The Post over many years, but more a change of direction in the way that the paper covers sport.

Change has become the norm here at The Post while we may long no longer want the sports copy that you have provided over many years we would still very much appreciate you contacting us, as and when you feel we should be aware of any specific sports stories.

You have been The Post’s eyes and ears in certain sports and hope that you may continue to fulfil that role.

Please accept my sincere thanks for the work that you put in on our behalf.

Yours sincerely, Rob Perkins, Sports Editor, Bristol Post”

Jerry Cross has sent over the Regs for the Wells & District Trials Club’s Presidents Trophy Centre Championship Timed Trial on 6th October, you can find them on the appropriate Page or click here  Wells Presidents TT Champ Regs 06:10:13

Great Event at Farleigh Castle over the week-end, a very slick, well organised event I thought, noticed Bill Brown had a very pretty ‘Maiumph’ in the paddock, good to see Dudley & Martin Witt & lots of other people there. Did anyone buy a Mojo Futuretech holographic wristband there? If you did, let us know if it works for you!



Kingswood 2Day Trial Results, Centre Dates Meeting, West Wilts Errington Cup Regs

Just a few things to mention,

The Kingswood 2 day Trial, at Lambs Lair, results are posted in the usual place, or click Kingswood 2day Trial 31:08 & 01:09:2013

The Centre dates Meeting will be at the November 5th Board Meeting, please would Clubs let the Centre Secretary have their provisional Fixture Lists on or before 27th October

The Regs for the West Wilts Centre Championship Trial on 13th October are available in the usual place or click WWMC Errington Cup Regs 13:01:13