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IT Failure! Jim Parker

Sorry if readers feel neglected, the recent spell of really hot weather gave my computer heatstroke that proved terminal. Now we have it replaced so we should be ‘good to go’ again.

I’ve a couple of North Somerset Timed Trial Results to post, I know, but nothing else I can recall. If you have sent something across & it isn’t posted yet please resend/remind me!

Yesterday brought the not unexpected but still bad news that Jim Parker, our previous ACU Chairman, had passed away. He’d not been well for a long time & had  to have regular in patient hospital visits. Love him or not, he always had the best interests of the Sport – that’s all of us – at heart, even if you didn’t agree with him. I guess he’ll meet a lot of Road Race Legends ‘up there’. RIP, Jim.

I’m pleased to hear that we can all expect to get calls from Mick Perry again, as he’s picked up the reins of his TMX Reports again. I expect he will still be calling  before Trials Event Secretaries have worked out the days Results!



2013 Inter Centre Adult Solo Team Trial: Roger Brain’s Report

When we got back home, I found Roger Brain had put pen to paper & sent over a Report of the Team’s week-end. Here it is.

“Frank, Here’s a summary of the Wessex Adult Team efforts at the Inter Centre Team Trial last weekend.

We all set off up the M5 Saturday afternoon in a Van convoy dressed as if we were all going to the beach with shorts, t shirts, flip flops and vests. Only to be greeted in Bradford by strong winds, overcast skies and temperatures some 20deg. C cooler. After putting on every jacket we could find in our vans, we set about erecting the massive gazebo Chris had blagged from his brother next to his Sprinter. The remaining vans were quickly manoeuvred into position to form a large “U” shaped wind break.

                        Before the light failed we had a quick scout around the sections, which the lads thought were well laid out and would be both challenging but rideable without being too dangerous. The sections consisted of rock slabs, boulder strewn steams, huge climbs and descents, artificial man made sections, and tree roots.

            Section 15 was a particularly ugly piece of work, up a stream bed over green boulders then up a three tier waterfall before turning immediately left up a metre step then on up a near vertical clay bank through trees for about a hundred feet climb.

            Despite all the hype and banter from the Western Centre the Sunday started well for our lads, discussing lines in the sections and despite nerves, performing well with a majority of cleans and odd dabs. Disaster struck for Fred halfway around the first lap when his Mont developed a misfire and awful starting problems. A spark plug change did nothing to resolve the problem. Despite the frustration he soldiered on determined to get around and not let the team down.

            Lee was experiencing some carburetion issues with the 250 Gasser on the flat out 3rd gear climbs of four of the twenty sections, which had their throttles back to the stop and engine rpm’s maxed out and tested to the limit.

            Kurt, Colin and Craig were on a mission. Kurt was doing his usual thing of cleaning the radical stuff and dropping the odd dab elsewhere. Colin was drawing on all of those previous years of trials experience, as well as holding the team together and Craig seemed to have his boots super glued to the pegs.

            The first lap concluded with the team feeling both good, and frustrated, about their ride. A lengthy visit to the pit area revealed Fred had lost coolant out of the Mont and was burning oil. A hasty refill of both had the bike running good again. With all bikes and riders refuelled it was into the second lap.

            As usual sections were starting to deteriorate but the lads really put every effort into minimising marks lost. We managed to get Lee awarded a re- run  at section 6 when he was bulked by other riders walking the stream prior to the huge rock slab exit hazard. Needless to say that saved valuable marks on his re-run.

             Colin and Kurt were riding like their lives depended on it. Craig had raised his game and was riding brilliantly.

            Dreaded section 15 soon appeared and was deemed almost impossible as the fives were relentless. To our amazement Kurt had one of his magical moments and bounced up the waterfall then attacked the clay bank climb bouncing his way all the way to the top on the back wheel for a one with the team shouting and willing him to the end cards.

Fred was now in the groove, with the Mont going well and his score reflecting the fact. Lee was having good rides when he didn’t need the engine power but still hampered by his carburetion issues. Colin was doing what Colin does best, and turning in a good solid performance.

When the results came in Wessex had beaten seven other teams and beaten the Western Centre. I am told on good authority this is the best result achieved by the Wessex Centre Adult team in years.

I would like to say how proud I was of the whole Team. The efforts put in by the riders, sometimes under testing and difficult circumstances with bike issues etc showed great determination and grit.

            To witness these efforts and team spirit over the weekend was a pleasure not to be forgotten. Chris Adams, with his now legendary barbecue and hospitability regime made the whole experience all the more pleasurable. Thanks to Tom and Mary Crease for their efforts as Team manager and Dean and Colin Hassell for their input.

 In closing it just leaves me to thinking, if only the Wessex riders had better access to this type of venue and quality of sections I feel they could all quite quickly start to make inroads into catching up with the fortunate Northern teams that have this luxury, all the time, every weekend

Regards: Roger Brain”

Thanks Roger, your Report gives us a good perspective on how it went for us. Only one question – what start Number did we draw?










Back from Leave! More haste less speed! Lots of new stuff to post for you.

Good morning all, we’re back from  France equipped with both Breton & Norman Cidre Bouche!

The heatwave began while we were away & it continues. What a wonderful day on Saturday for Ian & Jodie Shuttleworth’s wedding. Even Christchurch in Bradford on Avon was hot I’m told, & churches are often some of the coolest places to be when it’s hot outside. Lots of small children at the evening do & they seemed indefatigable with spacehoppers, bouncy castles, balloons & footballs to play with!

Right, we’ve a lot of stuff to post up during the day, First off we’ve posted the Kingswood Club’s Regs & Entry Forms for their Open 2 day Classic, twinshock & non Expert trial at Lambs Lair on 31st August & 1st September, and their next Centre Trials Championship Round, the Hawkesbury Trophy on 29th September.

Second are the Regs & Entry Form for the North Somerset ‘Tattoo Time” 90min. Timed Trial [with 2hour style Sections] on Saturday 10th August

More follows during the day.

Next up, remember I was not clear about the S/car Results at the ICTT, Wendy & Ron Eddings posted replies to my Trials Central query, the Results posted did not include all the laps, there were 3 laps of 12 sections, not 3 laps of 8 as I had deduced. Reading Terry Crabtree’s Report in TMX after we got back home makes it sound as the sections may have been too tough?  Both the Dave Nourish/Andy Wright & Lee Granby/Ali Haigh duos suffered arm injuries in crashes that stopped them from riding any more sections & asking for “5’s”?

More haste less speed!  —–

As noted above we’re back home now, & I have the benefit [?] of being able to send & receive emails. Before leaving I was keen to get something up about the ICTT, & to answer a query that had been raised about something else.   In my haste, – it was Monday, the day after the Solo event, now we’re home it seems from my inbox that I may have given the impression that I was underwhelmed with our Result. If that’s how it came across, I’m sorry, that wasn’t how I read it.

I see I said ‘we did fairly well’, I’m happy to confirm the Results show  we had 6 Centres behind us, & 11 Centres in front of us, so we were 12th overall. I’m sure the Team were pleased to have beaten Western Centre who were 1 place. behind us in the  Their Centre Web-Site Report says ‘ —–we beat 6 other teams to have our best result in years at this event ——‘ & acknowledges that Wessex ‘pipped them’

My inbox also has a Report on the Solo day from Roger Brain, which I’ll post asap.

More follows during the day.

Rogers Report on the ICTT is posted

More follows tomorrow!