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ICTT – Tong – Yorkshire 29th & 30th June. Dan Millard.

Hi all,

As you know we didn’t get to Tong – went to the History Festival at Ebbesbourne Wake yesterday & had Lunch at Cumberwell Park today. Note for Nipper Allen, there were a lot of places to watch the air display – Spitfires, triplanes biplanes Hurricanes etc – at ‘no cost’.

I looked last night for the Youth & Sidecar ICTT Results, & only the Youth Results were available [& they were on Trials Central & not the Yorkshire ACU Site as per the Event Regs] Good work by the youth team, they were better than our friends up the road in Western Centre although both trailed a fair way back from our neighbours down & across in South West Centre.

Today I’ve found all 3 sets of Results on the Trials Central site. Our Sidecar boys are posted 2nd [80m/l] behind South Eastern Centre, the winners on 60m/l. I’m puzzled though: I’ve carefully checked out the Results &  from what is published [provisional results I guess]  the Resulting scores are not consistent. Consider this, [I deduce from the published Results that Sidecars had 3 laps of 8 Sections?]

Andy Scrivels [sic!]/ Martin Lawford are credited with losing 4, 32 & 15 marks = 51 total marks lost on their 3 laps of 8 Sections, they are said to have cleaned 18 sections, lost 1 mark in 2 sections, 2 marks in 2 sections, 3 marks in 2 sections & 5 marks in 2 sections. My sums therefore tell me they lost 2 ones = 2m/l, 2 twos = 4m/l. 2 threes = 6m/l & 2 fives = 10m/l Add 2+4+6+10 = 22m/l. It’s the same with Josh & Luke Golding they are said to have had laps of 1, 6 & 21 m/l = 28m/l total but 18 cleans, 2 ones & 4 fives which make 22m/l only. So I have to conclude there’s a lot of finger trouble with the Results.

I’d be surprised if the published provisional Results are incorrect, but it is obvious that there are  inconsistencies, it’s just the same in the SE Centre Results. I’d be grateful for any feedback from the Team/Team Management/Helpers to explain these away??

In todays Event, the Solo Teams, we did fairly well, if I say as well as would be expected, that isn’t belittling our Team, they were there, they all got round, I hope they enjoyed themselves, & they waved the Wessex flag for all of us. Thanks to all of you, & your helpers for representing us.

Remember I said that Dan & Joe Millard didn’t seem to be travelling to many Events this season? The reason is that Dan has significantly damaged ankle ligaments, so much so, that they have stopped racing for this season.

On the Road Racing front, Valentino had a good win at Assen, only Very ‘Appy, not Very Very ‘Appy!, Cal Crutchlow,who began on pole, was on for a good 2nd until he had a big moment with Marc Marquez on the penultimate [it may have been the ultimate] lap that meant he placed 3rd. Scott Redding was a close 2nd to Pol Espargaro in Moto2, maintaining his Championship lead,


ps the Solo Trials team had 7  Teams behind them, including the invited Team of Ladies

Thanks, John Roberts ……….. Oh & we’ve added the Wells Lawford Timed Trial Results from Sunday as well

John just called to say ‘had I made a mistake & posted the Ted Cox Regs again rather than Mary’s Results yesterday?’ [At least that’s the message relayed to me when i came in from mowing the grass]

John you are quite right, no excuses, I fouled up! Many thanks for letting me know. It’s not the first, it won’t be the last, but I’m really pleased the site gets used by you all.

It makes it all worthwhile: Frank

ps I should just say that Colin & Kurt took the opportunity for some practice for the weekend. Harry Love-Jones lost less than twice [ie 200%] Dad Seth’s marks lost, best watch out Seth, Harry is obviously on your case, it won’t be long before it’ll be less than 150% of your marks lost & then …..

I’ve just added the Results of the Wells Lawford TT, a tie break was needed to sort the winner, Simon Prideaux [furthest clean] from R/Up Jason Hamblin, 3rd was Nick Shepard & another tie break was called into action to sort 4th place man Justin Adams [faster time] from 5th placed Martin Lawford. Charlie Frost was best scrambler. Thanks to Jerry Cross for the Results

Oh & another thing, I know there are “novice” computer drivers out there as well. All the stuff we publish in the Pages [that’s the list on the right hand side] are published as .pdf or .doc(x) files, that means you need to have installed Adobe Reader – a free download & have a copy the Microsoft Word programme installed on your computer to read these Pages.

Results & Regs available, ICTT, Ladies Trials Championships, Sidecar Cross …

We’ve just posted the Frome Ted Cox Trial results from Sunday, as well as the BSSA 4th Alan BrownTimed Trial Results from the 9th of June.

September seems a long way off but the Regs are available for the BSSA Brian Hudson Timed Trial on the 15th.

Good luck to all the Centre Teams in the Inter Centre Team Trial over the coming week-end, sorry we can’t be there to support you, but we’ve things to do on both days! Tong isn’t our favorite Trials venue in Yorkshire though.

Good to see Becky Cook on the top step of the Podium in  a Ladies World Trials Round, I guess that’s the first time?  Sandra Gomez R/up & Emma Bristow 3rd after, I gather, fouling up her timekeeping. Since that success though, Becky had to give best  to Emma in another World Round &  yesterday in the British Championship Round up in Birdlip, but with Emma clean & Becky on two it sounds as if it was a little on the easy side? Victoria Payne rode the “A” class route which has her riding half the Ladies Championship sections & half easier ones, so 30 m/l is another fine effort.

Hoping to get across to Iffendic to see the French MX Sidecar GP, we were hopeful that local runners Dan & Joe Millard might be in with a shout, but I’m not sure they are travelling to many of the GP’s this season, & Richard Jenkins, we read, has a broken collar bone which I’m not expecting to have healed, or to have been plated & screwed in time to be able to race in two Sundays time.

I notice Kevin Hart, who we see in the Centre from time to time, is doing the S3 Championship Rounds this season, & that both Dave & Andy Clinkard now ride in the O40 class. Doesn’t time fly?

Watched a little LeMans TV, over the weekend, every time I looked, there seemed to be pace car out.  The first time I looked, during the first hour, & I heard it had been out since lap 4 I knew there had been a big one. Regretfully Allan Simonsen had a fatal crash at Tertre Rouge, there were other iffy incidents too. It’s all very well blaming tyres that can’t keep pressure if they aren’t worked hard enough, but shouldn’t we able to design tyres that will grip in a range of temperatures? Same thing in F1, tyres seem to be the thing you win or lose Races with, never mind the driver!

See you soon: Frank

Weymouth Trophy TT Results, Ted Cox Trial Regs, ICTT Teams

So what’s new?

The North Somerset “Weymouth Trophy” Results from 1st June at Ubley Drove are posted, Jerry Walters says that many riders will have lost more marks than they expected on section 6 for not riding between a pair of markers just before the Section Ends cards! Don’t forget to enter the North Somerset Valley Smokehouse TT on 6th July {Regs have been up for that for a while now}!

The Frome Ted Cox Trial Regs are published for the 23rd June at Weston Town Farm at Wanstrow – get your Entry in now?

Inter Centre Team Trial: we are entering Teams in all 3 Events, Sidecar, Youth & Adult, Team Managers Martin Bracey/Phil Sparkes have selected Jon Tuck/Matt Sparkes, David Tuck/Steve Chandler, Andy Scrivens/Martin Lawford & Josh & Luke Golding for the Sidecar team, Theresa Talbot has Ollie Humphris, Victoria Payne, Tom Culliford & Finlay Callum in the Youth team & To Crease has Fred Adams, Craig Talbot, Kurt Brain & two ‘to be confirmed’ who we anticipate will be Colin Crease & Lee Hassall. Venue is in Yorkshire, but it’s at in Tong near Bradford, not one of the really magnificent venues that there is up there, in my opinion. Still I suppose that the compact venue perhaps makes the logistics viable for the Organisers. Lets hope the teams have their share of good luck & ‘get a result’

Frank ps Regs & Results on the appropriate pages!