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Todays – 27th May Kingswood Charity Trial Results, Wells Lawford TTrial Regs for 23rd June, North Somerset Valley Smokehouse TTrial Regs for 6th July

Hi all,

Hope you’ve had a good long week-end. I was asked to steward the Lynn Traders on Sunday, but it was cancelled for too few Entries. Shame on you, it’s a cracking Trial. So we went down anyway & had  a couple of circular walks. One of them started at Charles, went round to Charles Bottom [!] & back to Charles. One of the local people said that her Mum used to refer to a bit of land in the Village as Diana’s bed so they obviously worked out the Charles/Charles Bottom association. Charles also has a cabinet next to the post box for a defibrillator, in my usual fashion I checked it out, no defibrillator actually in it, it hadn’t been nicked though, as the box had only been put up the day before, but the villagers thought the same as I did, it will have been nicked before someone needs to use it. Still we were lucky with weather a – fair bit of sunshine, no rain, & wild garlic & bluebells in abundance. Managed to spot 7 or 8 orchids as well.

Today we were at the Kingswood Charity Trial up at Breakheart Quarry, where CofC Gary Dando had to emphasise at the Rider Briefing that the site was sensitive to complainants so that Riders had to be on best behaviour, or the venue could be lost in spite of the Community Project Directors support for Motor Cycle Trials. An entry of 55 including 17 Youths, a few more would have been good but thanks to all who supported the event & especially those who donated a prize, for the raffle. Best Expert was Lee Hassall, & we’ve posted the Results for you in the usual place.

As per the headline we’ve also posted the Regs for the upcoming Wells & North Somerset Time Trials for you in the usual place.

See you soon: Frank

ps Our Clive was at Alton Towers last Thursday & had snow & sleet, they had to retreat to the indoor water park! Another topsy turvy year, it’ll soon be mid summer won’t it?

Results for the North Somerset Fowlers Trophy 15th May, corrected WWMC Hare & Hounds 19th May are posted together with Kingswoods 2nd Summer Series Trial Regs fpr Saturday 29th June

Hello all,

as header we’ve posted in the usual places, Results for the Fowlers Trophy TT, the corrected Results for the West Wilts Hare & Hounds & the Kingswood 2nd Summer Club  Series Trial RegsIMG_0745

We also have this to share this with you. It’s really had work spectating at the SSDT. Guess who is taking it easy at Loch Arkaig?








Todays [19th May] West Wilts H&H Results are posted! CORRECTION [20th May], Overall Winner was Matt Ridgway

Good evening all, delighted that todays  West Wilts H&H results have already been posted on the Club Website – & are copied here for completeness on this the Centre site!  stet, 20/05/13 The posted results at the West Wilts web-site have a serious error, as the headline now says Matt Ridgway was overall winner, & not Marcus Barnes. Apologies to Matt & Marcus for the error in the Provisional Results 

Congratulations to CofC Brian Shuttleworth & Secretary of the Meeting Tom Gerken on an event that many of you said was excellent. Good weather, not too hot, no dust in the field, & down in the woods plan B with a bridge wasn’t needed & the mud dried & was ‘tacky’ & hence grippy. Thanks to all the West Wilts helpers who had cleared up the track, & the main field had been regraded by 16:30hrs after you guys had all finished by, when,  14:15hrs? Great work too by Tom to have the Results published when I went to look at 21:00 hrs. Thanks also to all you Riders for supporting us, we appreciate it!

Good to see Paul Manning, but with a stick? [Hip replacement] & Andy Frost, but with crutches [ankle ligaments] Pleased to hear that Jane & Andy’s little one’s scans are all fine, six weeks to go before the little guy or gal joins the big wide world. Unfortunate that Tyson Maytom-Jones had rear brake failure during lap one & lost a lap replaceing the rear caliper with one cannibalized from Dave Nuttalls Bike. Delighted Richard Bishop overcame his fuelling problems to finish first in the TracknTrail Class even though he only did 8 laps, [& was the only entrant] to finish first, first you have to finish! Matt Ridgway was best Expert & I’d thought Charlie Frost had been circulating regularly & pretty quickly & he placed 2nd Expert.

Good to hear that the Red Cross had nothing to do all day, but I did notice they had an emergency before they left, one ambulance had to be jump started by the other. Just as well they had nothing to do.

See you all soon, oh it was pretty quick out there today, Marcus Barnes averaged 8minute laps, so that confirms conditions were good

Didn’t that Bacon & Egg Bap from Tims’ Tasty Treats go down well after everyone was flagged off?


ps I was at ACU Rugby yesterday, & my notes say that Clubs & Centres should soon be able to see basic details of all Competition LicenceTrials Registration Holders. As I was asked today why precisely, this information, isn’t currently  available to Event Organisers I was able to assure the Club Chairman who asked me, that it soon will be. Input the ACU Membership No, & Organisers should see name/Membership No/& current Licence(s)

Yes, I know it’s Raining, but BGRC’s got 12 Outfits & 45 Solos lined up for Sunday’s Bristol Blazer ….

Alan Brown tells me the stakes are all in, the roping is in place, so it’s all systems go for Sunday’s re-arranged Meeting. Practice is from 11:00 to 12:00 with Racing from 13:00hrs. It’s a 46 race programme too. If I wasn’t at Naish Hill for the West Wilts Hare & Hounds beginning at 11:00hrs I’d be at Hangar Farm Lower Stanton St Quintin [just North of the M4 Junction 17]

Meamwhile I’m taping “Motor Sport can be Dangerous” Warning Notices to Hardboard Backings for WWMC to use on Sunday. Talking of dangerous, Phyllis saw either a Police or Ambulance vehicle whizzing down our Lane yesterday Siren wailing & Lights flashing, found out why this morning on local News, two guys trampled by cattle down in Turleigh, one fatally. WWMC Vice Chairman, Terry Phelps next door neighbour had the same thing happen to him a couple of years ago & the iron work to immobilise his head to allow his  neck vertebrae to fuse & recover had to be seen to be believed.

The Centre was out in Force at the SSDT, we saw Terry, Aleta & Victoria Payne together with Terry’s Dad, Andy Perry, Chris Adams, Mike & Chris Fear, Cris Wrigley & Janet Hillier, Ted Heather, Dave Norris, Gareth Talbot & Nipper Allen. We didn’t see Mark & Theresa Talbot but I’m sure they were rushing round supporting their Riders. From out of Centre we saw George Sartin for the first time in ages from SW Centre & Tom Welch from Western Centre. Adam Norris had probably our best result winning the O 40 Class [from John Shirt junior], Scott Cameron seemed to be struggling a bit but he still managed, I think 6th O 40. Brother Mark was having his usual steady ride – to enjoy his six days. Fred Adams had a good ride we thought, I hope he’s pleased with his week. Craig & Becky were steady all week although Becky was probably disappointed with the points difference between herself & Emma Bristow. We weren’t up for the pre65 event [fortunately] it was very nearly a washout. One day abandoned & the result decided on 1 lap of 15 sections. The main event was similar with horrendous 60mph winds on the tops of the hills on the Wednesday & I guess rain all day on the last Saturday [we started coming home on Saturday morning without even thinking of trying to watch any Sections] Looking at marks lost on Saturday it was probably the hardest day, ordinary mortals are getting tired physically & mentally & thinking its nearly over now & then the weather kicks you in the teeth!

The little Japanese lady stuck to it, she even had one clean on Monday Tuesday & Wednesday, if truth be known it was much too difficult for her, but when you are less than 1.5m tall any Trial is going to be difficult!

Come back soon – after dinner – Ive got some NSMSC Regs to Post together with the Wells John Stait Results to put up

Bye for now Frank


NSMSC Colin Stenner TT Results, SSDT Report.


Jerry Walters has sent across the Results of the Colin Stenner held on Sunday, which you can find in the usual place?

Things seem to  be going well up there, the second day saw a day of sunshine, our correspondent says that the first two Subs at Loch Arkaig were interesting, the first Sub saw Michael Brown, Dougie Lampkin as early cleans with Sam Connor & last man through Jordi Pasquet have nice cleans, especially Pasquet. Adam Norris will have been disappointed [in that he was looking good for a clean until he suddenly needed the prod] with his dab, while Scott Cameron had a safe 3. Intersting to hear from Jack Sheppard Dad that they had 4  surgeons willing to fix Jacks’ wrist & all with a different solution to the problem. What a decision to make, choose the wrong man & …….. that’s it, World Champion aspirations extinguished. The second sub was  a doddle for the top guys & do-able for the Clubmen. There is a tiny Japanese lady, Kazue Kyodo entered & she struggles, she’s only about 5 foot tall so some of the steps must look really daunting, Still she had another clean yesterday.

Stet, our reporters saw Adams only mark lost, & he’s moved up the Board to 24th with a two day total of 19 ml. Alexz Wigg & Sam Connor are now joint leaders on 2 ml. For you Western Centre guys, Simon Welch is 55th having had 3 fives & a dab today. Kazue Kyodo had another clean today. Ricky Wiggins is 29th now having lost 8 today

More when we hear about it!