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BSSA Glenis Sinclair TT Results, Kieran Heycock.

Hi again, Jan Watkins has sent across the BSSA Glenis Sinclair TT Results from Sunday’s Lambs Lair Event. Simon Prideaux continued his winning ways, but only just from best Scrambler, Tom Smith, who set standard time. Find them on the 2013 Results Page or just here! BSSA Glenis Sinclair TT Results

Have you looked at your latest SportMoto? Straight in the bin? Nice to see a little piece about Kieran Heycock who’s been riding in our Centre a bit this year, along with his brother, & Kieran’s successes in the British Transplant Games. Perhaps he’ll have  more success in the Worlds in South Africa later on this year?


Mendip’s Phoenix Trial Results, Josh & Luke ‘best newcomers’. Mick Perry.

Hello again,

Andy Leahy has just sent over todays Phoenix Trial Results which are now posted for you on the Results Page. A quick glance suggests it wasn’t easy, only two experts, but Gary Marshman lost 45 including two fives in Section 3, whereas Ollie Humphris parted with 56 including 3 fives in Section 3. Dai Clothier was best o50, why does TMX keep saying it’s Guy Clothier?

Another comment about TMX, which I collected from the newsagent this morning, who seem to have decided Josh & Luke Golding need to be given a new  collective name which appears to cast a nod to junior members of a family. I know that young owls are called owlets but , no TMX it’s a silly suggestion. Congratulations to them both though on being best newcomers in last Sundays British Championship Sidecar Trials Championship Round. I fully expect them to do the same at the next round, the Tuck Cross in a fortnight.

I’ve just heard that Mick Perry who is well known to all Secretaries of the Meeting,- as well as most riders –  as a long time TMX Trials correspondent for local Centre Results had a heart attack last Thursday. Mrs Perry says he may need a bypass operation. I’m sure all of you join with me to wish him a speedy recovery.

That’s it for now, Frank

Bike for Sale – Pete Dury’s 2007 Gasgas 250 TXT Pro

Pete Dury – the Centre Trials Recorder – has put his Trials bike uo for sale

For Sale – my 2007 Gasgas 250 TXT Pro – Only ridden 4 trials in the last 2 years.
All ready to go with good sprockets, chain, brakes, bearings, tyres etc.
Looking for £1,695 ono.
Email me – or ring 07970 772220 if interested.

A good deal –  not to be missed – Frank


Centre Trials Champ Tables – update, BSSA – 3rd Alan Brown TT Results & 4th Alan Brown Regs, don’t forget Kingswoods Charity Trial on 27th May!

Good morning all,

The latest Trials Champs. tables are now posted on the Centre Champs Points Tables Page – thanks to Pete Dury. ‘There now follows a short intermission’ – until the next Championship Round, the Kingswood Hawkesbury in late September.

After Becky’s win at Frome last Sunday, Kurt Brain has extended his lead to 21 points in the Experts, Tom Pike has leapfrogged Toby Godwin to take up the running in B class, Andy Chivers took his first (?) class win in C class, & the o50’s are really competitive with Dai Clothier leading Rob Treble, Martin Strang & Merv Walker.

Jan Watkins has sent over the BSSA 3rd Alan Brown TT Results & the 4th Round Regs – you can find them both in the usual places.

SSDT Daily Routes have now been posted – hopefully no riders or helpers have been reccy-ing the routes & upsetting the Landowners whose continued cooperation is vital for the Event. Good luck to all riders, especially to our local entrants.

A reminder about the Kingswood Charity Trial – this year it’s in aid of the The Great Western Air Ambulance – yet another really worthy cause – on Bank Holiday Monday May 27th

See you soon – Frank

Here’s a host of stuff for you to look through! May’s Board Meeting Cancelled

First: North Somersets Timed Trial Results  — The Jack Ball Chase from 14th of April

Second: North Somersets Regs & Entry Forms for the Colin Stenner Electrical Timed Trial on 4th of May [That’s one of the Saturday evening Series]

Third: North Somersets Regs & Entry Forms for the Fowlers Trophyl Timed Trial on 15th of May [thats the Wednesday evening one]

Fourth: A reminder for the West Wilts Hare & Hounds on the 19th of May. [A Sunday event!]

Fifth: The Kingswood Open [to any ACU Trials Registered or Licence Holder] Charity Trial on 27th May [that’s the Bank Holiday Monday]

You’ll find all the documentation in the usual places.

The May Board Meeting is cancelled, because  first: all routine business is up to date & second: several members have prior commitments that mean the Meeting may not be quorate without them.


Frome’s Wyndham Haines Centre Championship Trial Results! The winner was —

Evening all,

Marc Marquez oops sorry just been watching Moto GP! Todays winner was, step forward & take a bow, Becky Cook. In a low scoring trial, Becky dropped 10 in four sections, R/up Kurt Brain 11 in 5 sections, Colin Crease 12 in seven sections & Fred Adams 13 in six sections, so you can see how close it all was. Henry Pym & Trevor Ashford both lost no marks in Clubman Expert from Steve Watson. Tom Pike showed the Clubman class how best to do it, while Andy Chivers did the same for Novices. Martyn Wilmore went clean in the o40 ‘s while Dai Clothier had a dab to take the o50’s.

Pretty darn cold observing today for the 14 hardy souls, I know that Nipper Allen, Theresa Talbot, & Mark I think, Dave & Andrea Cottle, Andy Leahy, Phyllis & myself observed together with ? I didn’t see who else signed on but thanks to all of you, Team Crease for putting on the event & all you guys & girls for making it a close & hence exciting Championship Trial. Maybe Nipper was out of the wind right down at the far end of the venue? but the downside is it’s a long walk – he was last Observer back.

I wondered why Simon Prideaux had lost a front mudguard but I’m guessing that it was actually a BSSA  Timed Trial battle scar from last night

Roll on Scotland – Frank

ps Results available on the usual Page

Kingswood 1st Summer Series Trial Results – 14th April 2013

Todays Kingswood Results are posted for you all, in the usual place. Thanks Mike & the results team!

Kurt Brains the man! Looks to me as if there were a number of machine problems during the day with Colin Crease, Tony Hayden & Mark Talbot all having ‘cricket scores’  Was that Finlay Callums’ houng brother Rubens’ first trial I wonder?

That’s it for now  —  Frank

Regs for Mendips Phoenix trial & Wells’ Centre Championship ‘John Stait’ Timed Trial are posted.

Here we are, we’ve posted the Mendip ‘Phoenix Trial’ Regs, which is on today fortnight, Gary Scrivens is CofC I notice, good to see the connection continues! We’ve also got up the Centre Timed Trial Championship re-arranged John Stait Regs. That’s on 11th May         Find them in the usual place?

A day at home today even though there’s a couple of things going on in the Centre – the first  Kingswood Club Series Trial up at Horton, & the Jack Ball Chase, a North Somerset Timed Trial over at Compton Dando. Hedge trimming & ‘lawn’ mowing seem more important! Dont forget the Wyndham Haines Centre Champ Trial at Lambs Lair next Sunday though.

Very sorry to read in TMX of the fatal accident to Si Higgins, son of ACU Chairman, Brian, in a track building accident.

Appropos of nothing, I saw Ricky Wiggins [& Joe Baker] lost 118 in the British Championship Trial at Kelly Farm in Devon last weekend. When you se that Jim Dabill & Michael Brown lost 29 & 40 as winner & R/up you know it was a really tough day! The Normandale Traditional Champs still have a strong following, with last weekends 4th round being up in Bilsdale {northallerton Club] Local man Martyn Wilmore lies 5th in Class A – pre 65, & I notice Dave Thorpe has dropped {?} down to the O60 Modern class where he carries on winning. Kevin Hart who we see in Wessex from time to time is leading the O50 Modern class with 3wins & a R/up spot so far. The British Sprint Enduro Championships got under way at just up the A46 at Chavenage. Not a good week-end, 4 bikes from the Freestyle team were stolen on Friday night, good to see Aaron Poolman & Matt Ridgway placing well in the big boys {Elite} class. George Hayes was in the U19 Class, & Dan Beavan & Tyson Maytom-Jones were riding in the Experts — all three former schoolboy triallists with West Wilts when they were running Schoolboy Trials.

Right, that’s it for now: Frank

SSDT is nearly here! Mendip’s Phoenix Trial on the 28th & the John Stait TT now on 11th May Regs to be posted soon

Good morning,

I’ve just discovered the confirmed list of riders for the Scottish has been published.

Likely winners seem to be spread out among the Riding Numbers  more than I recall in previous years – for instance Dabill Austermuhle & Challoner are No’s 52 – 54 inc. , Brownie & Alexz are  96 & 98,  the Hemingways & Dougie are 126 – 128 inc. I wonder what the reasoning behind that is  & ? I bet it wont stop them all being acutely aware of each others daily scores goup by group.

Locally, we’re pleased to see Scott Cameron & Adam Norris riding together [26 & 27], friends from SW Centre Rob & George Pollard & George Edyvean are at 73 – 75 inc. , Stuart Robinson from along the M4 is No 136, potential top ten man Ricky Wiggins is No. 180 riding with Grant Laming 181, Craig Talbot Becky Cook & Fred Adams are 209 – 211, Becky’s rival Emma Bristow & James Fry are at 195 & 196, but the likely Ladies best performer Sandra Gomez rides No 105 , Henry Bendall & Simon Welch from Western Centre are at 226 & 227, Simon is asterisked so he’s a first timer as well ?, Billy Craig & Tony Moulder riding as usual for CSMA are at 251 & 252, & Mark Cameron, riding as a Richmond Club member, has the long lie in on Monday as he’s in at No 269.


Regs will be up when I have a few more spare minutes: Frank