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Great News! Don’t forget your Free Traders Entry

Hello again.

Here’s some really good news for a change, Ian Shuttleworth & Jodie have ‘named a day’. Wedding Bells will be rung on the 13th of July.  I’m sure all the rest of our readers will want to join Phyllis & I in sending congratulations to them both.

Next a reminder that Mendips’  Traders Trophy, a Centre Championship Trial, is a Free Entry Event for 20 of you. This offer is available to anyone who enters & provides an Observer for the day. With two laps of twenty Sections being plotted it should be a cracking Event. See you there on Sunday?

That’s it for now, Frank

Urgent Message: The Wells Clubs’ John Stait Timed Trial Scheduled For Tomorrow Is Postponed

The Weather Strikes Again!

Jerry Cross has just mailed to say

“Hi Frank,

Regrettably we have had to postpone the John Stait Time Trial on Sunday because a water logged car park. Hopefull we can run it again in the next few weeks . If you could post a message to this effect I would be most greatful.

Regards,  Jerry”

So there you have it – again: Frank

BSSA Reg Lewis Solo & S/car Trial Results from 17th March. North Somersets’ Jack Ball Chase Regs for 14th April

Hello again!

Just Posted – Results from the Reg Lewis Trial, that Jan Watkins has sent across. I see that Luke & Josh Golding are now able to be a a “dynamic duo” on an outfit, and the Regs for the North Somerset Jack Ball Chase Timed Trial. You can find theem in the usual places!

In the Ladies & Girls British Champs. Round run on Sunday by Stuart Robinson & the North Berks Club, I see Becky had to give best to Emma, but Victoria triumphed in the A class. A tough day for her as she had a 50:50 split of Sections laid out for the Championship Ladies: Ladies Support routes

Still pretty foul weather everywhere – but Summertime starts, when is it, next weekend I think!



Mendip Traders Trophy [Easter Sunday] Regs Available, as are West Wilts H&H Regs for 19th May, Trials Champs Tables before the Traders

Hi all,

As header, Mendip Vales Traders Trophy Regs are available, together with the West Wilts Hare & Hounds Regs for the 19th of May & Pete Dury’s Trials Champ Tables showing everyone’s positions before the Easter week-end are now posted.

Find them in the usual places!   Don’t forget there is a search box at the top right of each post put in Traders or Regs

Still pretty darn cold isn’t it! For the record I remember there was snow on Maundy Thursday in 1975 & it was all snow covered over that Easter weekend. Oops, that was before some of you were around!

Keep warm & feet up without stopping – Frank

Kingswood Dinner

Hello all,

a day at home for once!

I reckon a Good Time was had by all Kingswoods’ ‘do’ on Friday evening. Before dinner Fraser Dickin had his video of the Avery Cup Trial Running. Very Good too. You should be able to see yourselves in the links to the clips

As Fraser says “Hi Frank,

I’ve uploaded a short segment of 720p video to YouTube taken in the car park at the start of the Kingswood MCC Avery Trial at Yate Court last weekend. I think I managed to get most of the riders in this clip, click below.

Kingswood’s Avery Cup Trial 2013 – the Start

and here’s footage of the Event”

Kingswood’s Avery Cup Trial 2013 the Main Route

Centre President, Theresa, has sent me the link below,which shows ‘how to ride the non stop Observation Rules

FIM No Stop Trials Riding

The early illustrations of Emma Bristow stopping, are, in my opinion, nice illustrations of situations where obviously the Observer would award a ‘five’.

ps “Engine Protection Plate” – why use three words when one sumpguard  would do?

That’s it for the moment, more to follow


ps Thanks to the Diner who donated the Hardy’s Stamp Shiraz/Cabernet/Sauvignon 2008 that Phyllis chose as a Raffle prize. It will go nicely with the roast lamb this evening!

pps Who would believe Mike Fear had been riding for 50 years already. Good to see a special award presented to a surprised Mike.

Kingswoods First Summer Series Trial: Regs for 14th April. Mike Fears Master Dates List as at 25/02/13 Todays Wilts Border Salutation Novice Results

Kingswood have published their Regs for the first of there Summer Series, find it where you would expect?

Mike Fear has sent across that labour of love – a list of Observed Trials in Wessex, South Western & Western ACU Centres & AMCA. Here’s a link Mike Fears Master Dates List as at 25:02:13

Theresa has just mailed over todays Results.  A slight hiccup over getting the Yorkshires in the Oven. Only way to beat Yorkies in a Trial I reckon! They are in the usual place or just click here WBorder Salutation Novice 03:03:13  Anyway it wasn’t Rob Scott with best performance [Rob had two dabs in Section 6 on Lap 1, & a further dab in the same section on Lap 2.], nor was it Rob Hilton who just single dabbed 6 on both lap 1 & 2, but it was Martyn Wilmore on the Cub who went clean all day!


John Stait Timed Trial Regs available. Wilts Border Salutation Novice Trial. Other stuff to be posted.

Just got back in from the Salutation Novice. Amazingly dry for this year, the only water was in the stream. A low scoring Trial I expect. A technically interesting entry, Jon Bliss on the Cotswold with fuel in Frame, Craig Mawlam on a pretty BSA with CLEWS  boldly cast into engine cover, Steve Hodge on his modded TY & Martyn Wilmore on his Tiger Cub with dell O’rto carb. Becky Cook was the only expert & she was observing! Rob Scott the winner?

Results not yet to hand, but we’ve a lot of other stuff to get posted. Trials Champ Tables after the Avery, the FIM No stop video Link, Mike Fears updated Combined Dates List as at 25/02/13 & Fraser Dickins edited Video from the Avery.

I’ll get those done ASAP, Hopefully they’ll all be up by bedtime!

See you soon – Frank

Wilts Border Salutation Novice Regs Posted, ACU Ben Fund benefits by £1000.00, BGRC on 17th March – Postponed, etc. etc.

Hello all,

We’ve just posted tomorrows Salutation Novice Regs for you [!] in the usual place!

The West Wilts Club Dinner had the Auction in aid of the Ben Fund that we told you about. Thanks to Clive Jones who ran the bidding, the prize donors & the bidders, plus a top up from Club  Funds, the splendid sum of £1000 was raised. As is the way of these things a donated prize of free petrol [value £50] sold for, I think £70, which sounds like a real bargain for the winner! A number of the other lots sold in similar fashion.

You’ll not be surprised to hear the Grass Track scheduled for the 17th has been postponed – the low side of the field is still waterlogged – the re-arranged fixture is now  for the 19th of May

More chatter later – Frank