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Grass Track Technical Officials Seminar – Warmley 9th March. Kingswood Avery Cup Results available

Hi guys if you’ve logged on for todays Avery Cup Trial Results you are too early!

If Grass Track organisation is your thing, & you need to be brought back up/up  to speed to be a “Technical Official’ before BGRC’s first Meeting on 17th March then you need to attend Dick Sullivan’s Seminar at Warmley Community Centre [20 Deanery Road, BS15 9JG] on Saturday 9th of March. It starts at 13:00hrs & goes on till 17:00hrs, please contact Richard Hodson on 01179 085304 to be put on the list of attendees by 3rd of March at the latest. I’m told this info is also on [it’s the track racing afficionados website – if its to do with track racing it’ll be there] but I’ve not managed to find it yet!

Good day at the Avery, a good turn out, 90 or so. 13 Observer hero’s,  many of them ‘Senior Citizens’ what are you riders going to do when they decide blow this for a game of soldiers, I’ll stay indoors & watch the Rugby in the warm & dry??

Say there were 6 Youths riding on the separate C/D/E Route ,and lets say 5 Riders brought an Observer, that makes  an Observer  shortfall of 8 from about 80 riders. So if just 10% of riders brought an Observer it would be problem solved for you wouldn’t it?? Shame on you!

Results Later!  [On the Results Page of course] or click Kingswood Avery 24:02:13



Monday update! — Rugby Meeting, NSMSC Time trial & BSSA Solo & S/car Trial Regs & Entry Forms — On Friday!

Good morning all.

We don’t often tell you about the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff that goes on to try & keep things running smoothly, but one of the things that  has been bothering the Wessex Centre is the way we don’t hear about Events that are going to happen in the Centre. You all know there are 3 major venues that can host National & International – Frome, Foxhill & Farleigh Castle.  [This ignores the Weston Beach Race – but the same applies]

You know that as a Club you apply to run an event via Mike Fear our Permit Secretary, or if its a National you apply to Rugby after having your Permit application countersigned by Theresa. If you are a Promoter, or you want cheapo Basic Insurance, or you are a Non Territorial Club you should also get your Permit Application countersigned by Theresa { that ensures the Centre knows that an Event is very very likely to happen }. But that doesn’t happen in almost every case.

So on Saturday we had a whinge at Rugby to try & get better liasion between Rugby & ourselves. We’ll see if things improve. Oh & we aren’t being picked on, it happens to other Centres as well.

There is still ‘flak’ from SE Centre about the perception that it’s easier to run events outside the ACU than inside it. I’m not sure this will ever be resolved, but I’m sure that our Directors understand the difficulties & do their level best to improve things. After all, if we don’t like things as they are, any of us is able to see if we have support for a nomination to a Sport Committee or as a Director, and then to see if we can gain enough support to be elected.

One interesting statistic I gathered on Saturday was that 60% of riders with Competition Licences or Trials Registrations have chosen to apply for them on-line. I’m sure that tells us ACU is forward looking enough to introduce something that riders are finding useful.

Now a little confession, I started writing this on Monday & now its Friday & it’s only just been completed! I’ve been busy. Only ‘Senior Citizens’ will know how busy you can be when you’ve nothing to do! Ask them! So we’ve posted Regs for a couple of  Trials in the usual place. That’s the North Somerset Wynnes Trophy Timed one on 10th March & the BSSA Reg Lewis Solo & S/car Observation one on 17th March

Don’t forget the Centre Champ Avery Trial runs on Sunday. See you there?  ————-   Frank

ps I hear Maler has made some pithy comments which may be heard at West Wilts 80th Anniversary Dinner tonight.

Thanks Dai, Terry Bunn Timed Trial Results, News from the Frosts. More people chatter! Trials Champ Tables

Hello all,

Everyone likes a pat on the back don’t they? WWMC had quite a number of visitors from Wales at the James Cup. I should guess Dai Collins & Gareth Davies were from furthest away so it was great to get the feedback from Dai via a comment that

“Thanks to Frank and all involved in yesterdays James`s Cup, a great job done under extreme conditions(normal down our way), a good hard days riding and well worth the travel , thanks again”

Thanks Dai, by the way one of our intrepid Observers wrote on his scorecard  “number 38 rode the brake” – I can confirm the squeak would certainly have failed a noise test!

Jerry Walters has sent over the Results of the other Centre Championship Event last Sunday the Terry Bunn Trophy  Timed Mudbath & I’ve posted the Results for you. I see Simon Prideaux was winner with Jason Hamblin R/up,  Tom Smith was best  Scrambler with Andy Scrivs R/up to him. I heard that Andy Scrivs wasn’t at his best two Sundays ago in the Island, when from the TMX Report, time was very tight, but it wasn’t injury or machine trouble, just the effects of a sociable evening on Saturday night.

Delighted to hear that Andy & Jane Frost are expecting a little girl around June time. I hope Jane hasn’t & won’t  suffer with any of that debilitating morning sickness stuff. Great News!

Managed to have a quick chat with Colin Bennett about nephew Ty Kellett & pleased to hear that you wouldn’t know he’d ever had that accident at the Beach Race.  I gather he’s a freelance, videoing & video editing  M-X type footage for amongst other Monster Energy which has seen him working out in the US of A amongst other places. So that’s more good news.

With his usual efficiency Pete Dury has updated his Trials Champ Tables after the James Cup & yu can find them in the usual place! Thanks Pete.

Off to Rugby on Saturday on your behalf together with Nick Steadman so if you’ve any bees in your bonnets let me know!



It’s been a long day! We’ve just got the Results done, Ben Skinner is the man! James Cup Results are posted.

Hi all, as you can imagine, with many of your posting scores greater than an England cricket team can muster, it took a long time to enter everything up, after we eventually were last away from Becky Addey, having sorted  out & checked the Bibs!

Remember its the Avery in a fortnight & the Wyndham Haines has had to move date & venue as reported on the results sheet. Haven’t had time to tart up the Results & make them look pretty, but its all there! Apparently English rain is much like Welsh rain- I hope our Welsh visitors  enjoyed themselves, Port Talbot is  a fair trip in distance.

More from me soon: Frank

Trials, & Tribulations of Organisers. The ACU Ben (Benevolent) Fund. Wessex Centre AGM – brief Report. West Wilts Dinner supports the Ben Fund

Hi all,

Just a reminder of the West Wilts Centre Championship Trial on Sunday. Please heed that comment about last weeks Trial regarding Observers, please twist an arm & bring an Observer with you if possible. Wilts Border had to ignore Section 1 when calculating the Results as it had not been independently observed – it was ‘self observed’.   I’m sure you Riders understand that there may just be a temptation to give yourselves the benefit of the doubt when marking yourself or your companions. So in Championship events, the level playing field is ensured by the Observers.

After the James Cup Trial I hear there is free food laid on at Clive Jones Pub  – the Foresters Arms in Goose Street in Beckington. Drinks are on you though! 35 Entries so far, & I hear that we may have more than the usual numbers of visitors from the other side of the Bristol Channel, but the best Entry yet is from a Rider who shall be nameless who has tried to enter on a Entry Form for the 2010 Event & with his cheque made out to Wilts Border. The Secretary of the Meeting will have a word!  CofC Brian Shuttleworth has been out already checking how it is up there & has 10 sections sorted already

Have you ever given the Ben Fund any thought? The Ben Fund exists to alleviate Hardship amongst ACU Members. It’s income is entirely reliant on donations to the Fund, & you can see who has made donations month by month on the ACU website. As it happens the Wessex Centre has a small levy on each Rider at events which is collected & then passed to the Ben Fund at the end of the year. At Tuesdays Board Meeting, the Board made up the  levy collected during the year to the nice round sum of £1000.

The Centres Ben Fund Officer is Martin Bracey, who has been invited to the West Wilts Dinner on Friday the 22nd – so that’s just a fortnight away!  This year the Club celebrates its 80th Birthday & that as well as a WWMC celebration gift for everyone we’ve decided that we will have an Auction in aid of the Ben Fund. We’ve got some attractive things to be Auctioned off as I understand it, theres a Meal for four, a Rogers Hill Raceway Off Road practice day  a Free MoT & Interim Service & a Food Hamper amongst others  So beside coming to our Dinner please have your wallet stuffed with cash to spend at the Auction. Please get in touch with Chris Kelly 01125 865497 if you have an idea for a prize or something worthwhile you can donate to be auctioned. There are still a few tickets available from Chris so why not come & join us? It should be fun.

Centre AGM —-  This is really brief, you can find the elected & appointed Officers & Officials of the Centre on the appropriate Page, but I’m delighted that Theresa Talbot has been elected as Centre President.  As you know one of the pleasant tasks that the outgoing President has to do is to decide who should be awarded the Harry Croft Trophy. This year it was awarded to the Centre Treasurer, Clive Chapman & well deserved it is too.

See you soon: Frank


BSSA 2nd Alan Brown Series Timed Trial Results are posted! Centre Board AGM this evening & some other chatter

Morning all:

we’ve just posted Sundays BSSA Timed Trial Results for you, in the usual place!

I mentioned a little while back Mike Fear had compiled a list of  ACU Wessex, Western and South Western Centres and AMCA Trials events in the area. which he  compiled from published dates lists as of the end of November. You can download this list as a .pdf by clicking here  Mike Fears’ Combined Dates List 2013

I’m hopeful also that we’ll have the Wessex Centre Fixture List for January 2013 – February 2014 posted here for you in a moment or two, just click here Jan 2013 to Feb 2014 Fixtures If you forget it’s in this post You’ll find it in the Page list toward the top for the rest of the year!

Here’s a coincidence, walked down to the Village yesterday & noticed a parked van that had Grass Track on the back in big writing. So we stopped & accosted two guys who were taking the felt off a flat roof [sounds familiar? a diabolical cheap way of waterproofing a roof for 20 years only if you are lucky] but they wouldn’t admit to being Grassers. So I peered into the back garden next door [theres a 8foot wall & tall fence panelling that meansI’ve never seen that ground since it was just someones garden years ago, but a fence panel was down for access & there were 4 guys putting in the foundations for a Conservatory. Then I twigged the van also said Waj & Youth. Yep one of the Guys was Zac Wajnechts’ Dad. Small world isn’t it. Shame he wasn’t nominated for the Pinhard Trophy as this years winner, Tom Wooley, was R/up to Zac  in the 2012 FIM World Flat Track Cup.

BTW There’s free food after the James Cup on Sunday but the drinks are on you!     Frank

Todays Border Cup Championship Trial Results are available! Great to have a Trial to go to [!] & thanks to the Observers.

Theresa has just sent over the Border Cup Results: find them on the appropriate Page!

First time we’ve ever been to that venue & bearing in mind the diabolical weather we’ve had it was much drier than you might have thought.

When I was originally muttering about today, I forgot to mention it was good to see Steve Oram out & about taking a proprietorial interest in proceedings – it’s his land by the way. So thanks Steve!

Even though, as Steward I could move around, my fingers & toes really did get cold, so on your behalf I thank all the nine Observers for their stoic efforts in braving the cold.

Congratulations to Kurt Brain on his comfortable win on 2m/l from Lee Hassall on 7, Section 9 was toughened up for the Experts on laps 3 & 4, Kurt cleaned it twice, Becky was the only other clean it [just once] on her second attempt, if she’d not stopped the first time & cleaned it she would have been R/up to Kurt overall. Looks as if the Sections plotters got it about right though, as Mathew Hanney was best B on 12 & Andrew Humphris was best C on 17, all other classes were won on single figure scores.

On the way over we were thinking when the last Trial we’d been to was, it was the Frome Trial back in November! So good to be out & about again. Very bad news about David Payne though, his Dad told me he’s due to have his right elbow pinned today after shattering it in an accident at work on Thursday. I’m sure that’s going to mean a long recovery time & a lot of physio to get it working again. I’m sure everyone sends Dave their best wishes. I hope Victoria gets the Saunders 125 JotaGas in good time to get some practice in on it before the first Ladies Championship at North Berks in March, oh & Lewis is at Lackham Agricultural College these days

That’s it for the moment, I’d have had the Results posted an hour ago if the phone hadn’t rung so I had to advise a Dad about our Beckie Addey Trial next Sunday & then Dinner was ready  – see you all next week:  —-   Frank



Change of Venue: Swindons Klindt Trophy moves to Hannington from Flistridge. Can’t help agreeing with Rappers!

Bodaff has mailed to say that Swindon have had to change the venue for their Club Klindt trial on Feb 17th from Flistridge to Hannington and should go ahead what ever the weather. The recent bad weather has made the car park at Flistridge unusable. for the time being!  Full details are at
Don’t often look at Rappers thoughts but, by the way Mike I’m sure you’ll be fixed by that open heart surgery & back on the bike soon, but  I remember MCN having pictures of DR at the Beggars Roost with loads of snow. Rappers puts his finger on it, elf & safety considerations [back then we didn’t] & the near death of Trials with roadwork so not only are many machines illegal to ride on the public highway if the car has to be abandoned, but also Organisers concern for the landowners whose ground we use for our ‘private land’ trials. Imagine 80 cars/pickups/trailers cutting up his pasture land we just can’t risk it can we? The ‘happy days’ of riding to the trial, riding the trial & riding home again have all but gone.
With all that wisdom from Rappers he’s in danger of becoming a latter day Rafe!
For the future? It’ll be different but I’m sure wheel  no, we’ll yes that’s right, we’ll carry on making sure that the Seventh day creation of motor cycles will still enthuse lots & lots of people!   See you tomorrow at Steve Orams {Wilts Border]?