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Phillips Trophy TT Results, Avery Cup Centre Trials Champ Regs, Corinium Regs available on 7th Feb ….

As headline, we’ve posted North Somersets, Phillips Trophy TT Results, & the new set of Regs for Kingswoods’ re-arranged Avery Cup ‘First Round’ of the Centre Trials Champs {it might actually be the Second Round} if West Wilts don’t need to postpone the James Cup. This crazy year who knows what might happen?

We haven’t posted the Swindon Corinium Time Card Enduro Regs cos’ they aren’t due to be published until 7th February! It’s a very popular Event so be sure to check Swindons website at We’ll post them here as well when we’ve got em.

I seem to remember making a critical comment about the ACU web-site when it became apparent that ACU Ltd had taken a five year lease on the FoxHills circuit? I’m not sure how long its been up but  gives us a bit more info – Clubs can hire the circuit & some of the jumps will be “tamed”  so that riders who don’t have GP aspirations can handle it.

Stand-by for a post of hard working Mike Fears’ collation of Trials dates within & around the Centre, a very helpful list if you are planning your season!

Bye for now – Frank

‘Old Maler’ sends this appreciation of BSSA’s Vic Watts

Vic Watts BSSA

2013 did not start well with the death of longtime member of the BSSA, Vic Watts. He was the ever cheerful driver of the Watts/Sinclair duo & always a 4-stroke enthusiast. At Shepton it’s a love hate relationship, “We love the Trials but hate the Organiser.” At least I hope it was a merry quip.

Whatever the conditions I never saw him without a smile on his face. His standard greeting at the start of the event would be “Hello Maler how’s your temper today?” referring to the course, I’d say “Much too difficult for a man of your ample girth.” Yes, there was always that friendly rapport that continued right up to the last section at the Mendip Inn, where he’d stand me a pint.

For nearly half a century he provided good humour to the Shepton Members, all our Observers thought he was the ‘tops’, my daughters loved him & Mac. We extend our condolences to his family. His presence will be greatly missed whenever sidecar drivers gather. He was a genuinely nice guy & a personal friend.

I will miss the rapport. Rest in Peace old Mate:       Maler  – Shepton  MMC

Thank you Dave. I’ve Results from the North Somerset Timed Trial on Sunday, & a new set of Regs for the Avery Cup Trial to post, but they can wait for tomorrow while we stop for a moment & remember Vic again.  Frank


Centre AGM is on Tuesday week 5th Feb. Regs available – Wilts Border Centre Champ Trial 3rd Feb, N Somerset Centre Champ Terry Bunn Timed Trial 10th Feb. Kingswood postpone this week-ends Avery Cup to 24th Feb. A couple of Club Dinner Dates for you.

Hello all,

quite a lot to bring you up to date with:

1       A gremlin caused the January Board Minutes to proclaim the Centre AGM & next Board Meeting as being on 7th February. It isn’t, it’s on Tuesday the 5th – So see you there.

2      Mike Fear has mailed to say “Due to the weather and a farm shoot prior to the Avery trial this weekend 27/01/2013, we have to postpone this event until 24/02/2013 ,when the event will be run in place of our club trial, at the same venue as presently planned. We are sorry for the inconvenience , but in the mean time you can save your pennies for our Kingswood club dinner on 08/03/2013 at Chipping Sodbury Golf  Club

3     Still on Club Dinners, the West Wilts Club Dinner is at Cumberwell Park Golf Club on 22nd February, tickets available from Chris Kelly tel 01225 865497 or Babs Phelps tel 01225 723158

4      We’ve just posted the Wilts Border ‘Border Cup’ Centre Trials Championship Round Regs. & Entry Form. It’s on 3rd Feb – but you can enter on the day I see. New ground for a Championship Trial AFAIK at  Parklands Farm, Sleight, Devizes Wilts SN10 3HW – which I think is Steve Oram’s land

5      And the Terry Bunn  Timed Trial Champ Regs & Entry Form on 10th Feb are also posted in the usual place

6      I’m sure an event will run in the Centre soon   —   what a start to the year  —  Frank

North Somerset reschedule for next week-end 27th Jan. The Tough One local interest.

Hi all,

Jerry Walters says

“Good morning Frank,

Could you put a note up on the Wessex Centre website to inform everybody that North Somerset Club have rescheduled yesterday’s postponed Time Trial for next Sunday, 27th January.

Venue will still be Ubley Drove and entries will be carried over.

Thanks   –  Jerry”

Can’t be fairer than that!

Walked down to the village yesterday, entirely on ice except when crossing the main B road We can’t remember it ever being like that previously. Read the TMX ‘Tough One’ report & was pleased to see Charlie & Mitchell Frost & Luke Stringer in the Results. Keep up the good work guys!


Not only N Somerset but Mendip Vale have had to postpone Sundays Event as well!!

Evening guys,

the disappointing news keeps coming, Rob Pile has mailed to say

“Evening Frank,
 Any chance you can let the riders visiting the Wessex web-site that due to access problems up the lane at Churchchill, Mendip Vale have been forced to postpone Sunday’s Winterhead Trial trial
Where we are its about 10 – 15cm of snowfall from about 03:00hrs in probably around 4 hours. The upside is no traffic!
Lets hope next weeks events aren’t affected — Frank

It’s not the rain, it’s the cold – North Somersets’ TT on Sunday is postponed

Hi guys,

Jerry Walters has just sent a message:

With the current heavy snowfall making access to Ubley Drove impossible, and little chance of a rapid thaw, North Somerset Club have reluctantly been forced to postpone this Sunday’s Time Trial.

We hope to reschedule the event for a later date.
Cheers —  Jerry”

Pass the message on please: Frank

Regs available: West Wilts James Cup Centre Championship Trial 10th Feb & re-arranged 2nd Alan Brown for 3rd February & some muttering!

Hi all,

Shame the Wells Clubs Miller Cup Trial had to be postponed yesterday – a Land Rover event got in first apparently. Hopefully it can be re-arranged for later on. We’ll let you know if & when.

BSSA have managed to find another date for the 2nd Alan Brown TT – & that’s now on 3rd February  You’ll note the Entry Fee is now £12 – but if you entered & paid the first time, just mark your Entry “Paid” & that’ll sort it

Don’t forget the Centre AGM – at the Warmley Social Club, 20:00hrs Tuesday 7th February.

The Board also heard last Tuesday that ACU Ltd has taken a lease on FoxHills for 5 years so we’ll have to see what events happen there – I can’t see any mention of this on the ACU web-site which I think is surprising as I assume ACU Events will probably be wanting to run MX events there.

Following up the above I find that if you are clever enough to think of going to  There is an event penned in for FoxHills – a Maxxis British Championship Round on 5th of June

Welcome 2013!

We’ve updated a raft of things for you this morning.

You can find: Results for Kingswoods 4th Series Trial on ddmmyy, Regs for the first Centre Trials Championship Round – Kingswoods Avery Cup on 27th Jan, Regs for North Somersets’  Club Phillips Trophy Timed Trial on 20th Jan, and Results for the Wilts Border Club Kington Cup Trial held yesterday.

Now to see if we can fix the leaking washing machine!