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Here it is: Roger Brain’s Southern Experts 2013 Report

Hello all of you, you are in for a treat with this Report from Kurt’s Dad, Roger Brain about the Southern Experts Solo Trial held last Sunday.

We are indebted to Roger for this insiders view, I’m aware of the hard work that has gone into the writing of it, let alone the ‘legwork’ involved in being on the spot, it knocks TMX’s brief Report about a Railway Embankment in to a cocked hat.  Read it by clicking the link below

Roger Brains’ Southern Experts 2013 Report

Roger confirms it was a tough event with strength in the gloop giving advantage, but some very technical [rockhopping] & scary stuff with Experts asking for 5’s. Perhaps a bit over the top?

All I can do is echo Roger, well done all you Wessex Guys

Probable Revision to the Posted Southern Experts Results

Hi all,

I have to advise that I may post a Revision to the Southern Expert Expert Sidecar Results.

It is my understanding that Josh & Luke Golding actually placed 3rd in the S/car Experts event, however my comment in the previous post is consistent with the Results I received.

I have searched & found a website which calls Josh & Luke as 3rd with 36m/l  which seems to confirm the private communication I’ve had about their total marks lost. However, until I have the Results Revision I expect to receive, the comment & provisional results posted stand.

Please watch this space for any updates.


Good Work at the Southern Experts! Richard Sage TT Results

Yesterday I wondered about the Southern Experts didn’t I?

The Results Team sent me the Results  early this morning, & you can view the Southern Experts 151213 results here.

As you’ll see we had good representation from the Centre, Kurt Brain had a good ride to be 6th overall Southern Expert, with 93 m/l & there were some very handy guys in front of him, Ross Danby, Sam Haslam & Sam Connor for instance in 1st 2nd & 3rd. Becky Cook had a tough day with laps of 53, 53, & 60 I’m guessing it was a venue where the sections needed strength in abundance as well as technical ability? The 2 Youth Exerts we’ve seen in the Centre this year, Tom Hooper & Tom Minta were quite close to Kurt in terms of m/l.

We were well represented in the Solo support class riding some easier sections, & Craig Talbot was 3rs overall just missing out on 2nd on most cleans to Gavin Cooper both of them on 27. Best was David Clinkard on 18 though. Ben Skinner pushed Gavin & Craig hard just 1 mark behind for 4th. Lee Hassall & Fred Adams were well up the leaderboard too.

Over with the outfits, it looked like a two horse race with Rupert & Chris Kimber taking it from Jon & Matt with 12 & 14 M/l respectively.  Josh & Luke Golding pipped David Tuck & Steve Chandler for 5th place –  parting with 58 against 59 marks respectively. We didn’t have anyone in the S/car support event.

Congratulations to all on your results & for making up a strong Wessex presence

Jerry Walters has sent across the NSMSC’s Richard Sage Electrical Timed Trial Results & you  can find them here NSMSC Richard Sage TT 151213 or in the usual place. Business as usual with Trials tyred machines – Jason Hamblin from Simon Prideaux Jason setting a standard time & Simon losing 4 on time, both of them just 12 in the Sections. Tom Smith continued winning ways with scramble tyres 97 on observation/7 on time with Charlie Frost R/up better on observation [94] but not quick enough losing 17 on time. I see Charlie & Mitch Frost let Tim ride this week – it’s easier than looking after the lads I bet Tim!

More follows.  Frank

Wells Miller Cup Regs are available! & note the date is now the 5th January [moved from the 12th] & other things.

Hello all,

First apologies to Jerry Cross for not having posted these Regs sooner, but please find them now in the usual place, or click this link Wells Miller Cup Regs for 050114

There’s another set of Regs posted for you, from Tony Colman [click here to see them ] NSMSC Regs & Entry Form CTC Phillips T T 120114  or they are in the usual place. As you can see these are for  North Somerset MSC’s Phillips Trophy restricted Timed Trial on the 12th January.

Note that these two Events have swapped the dates that were published in the Centre Fixture Card that I know you all keep in your wallets?

Next, Pete Dury has worked out the final Trials Championship placings after the last Round at the  Knut Trial, & you can find them by clicking here 2013 Final Centre Trials Champ Tables or look for  “Champ Points Tables for 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010”  in the right hand sidebar.

On your behalf I’d like to thank Pete for his efforts during the year. Pretty well without fail he has updated them within a couple of days of each Championship Round. Thanks from all of us Pete — hear hear!

I’m not sure if any of ‘us’ has entered the Southern Experts [have we ?] but if you have then good luck tomorrow. TMX [Mick Perry’s Report] reckoned Sam Haslam had a good warm up for the Southern Experts at the Knut, but when I looked at the Report page I thought ‘crumbs, TMX is discriminating against blokes as both pictures are of Ladies, Becky & Victoria! If the pictures were Linda Ashford’s which I imagine they were, Phyllis assures me that Linda took pictures of all riders getting to & past the ends cards in her long gully section. Fellas, maybe you’ve got to be better looking to get your picture published? I also read that “David’ Clothier was best 050 so we’ve sorted that out for you ‘Dai’.

I’ve just applied for the Training Permit for the Regional T&E Licencing Seminars I’m running at Warmley for you on 14th & 28th January, & started my Booking in List. I’ve only got 4 names inked in so far, & the list I’ve been given of those of you whose Licences end on 31st December adds up to 18!

Names to me with preferred date by 31st December please.


Todays Knut Trial Results are here!

Hello all,

I hope you all had a good day out at Dyrham Woods. Theresa has just mailed out the Results which you can look at here Bath & WoE Knut 08:12:13 res.

What an excellent Entry, including some classy visitors – Sam Haslam, Dave & Andy Clinkard & Tom Hooper. As usual  it was an event that takes marks from everyone. Knut Trophy winner Sam Haslam dropped 17 with just one 5 on his card, by the look of it Section 7 was the difficult one as Sam dropped 2, 3, 3 – the best effort all day. Centre Champ Kurt Brain was R/up on 25 & former Centre Champ Gary Marshman was 3rd on 37. There were 18 Experts & with the last Expert finisher losing an average 4 per Section you know it was hard! Dave Clinkard must have had machine trouble as he didn’t complete a lap & as I was on Section 15 I didn’t see him all day.

A special mention for Youth Expert visitor Tom Hooper, this years National Youth B class Champion, who showed why with 1, 5, 3 on Section 7 & who was 2nd best on observation with a total 24m/l.

Rob Smith took A/B class on 28 with this years Champ, Rob Scott 4th on 89. Steve Watson took B class on 86 with Champion Tom Pike R/up on 108, Jonny Janaway was best C on 105

The o/40 class found Andy Clinkard winning on 29m/l with a tie break coming into play to place Hedley Ashford R/up in front of John Roberts on most cleans 24:21 , Champ Dai Clothier was best o/50 dropping just 61 & I’m hopeful that we shan’t see this chap Guy Clothier in TMX’s results in future as I’ve mentioned to Mick Perry during the week that it’s Dai not Guy!

I hope you riders have  all enjoyed this years Championships & a special thanks to the three riders who have ridden all 11 Rounds, Centre Champ Kurt Brain, A/B Champ Rob Scott & o/50 Champ Dai Clothier, that’s commitment for you. Your thanks as well to all the Organising Clubs & especially their Observers.

So to sign off for today, keep your feet up & have a great Christmas.



T-Rex & modern Trials

Good morning all,

I’m scribbling this in a personal capacity as it seems that my comment a few days ago about some Riders entering the Centre Championship NSMSC Presidents Trial with an incorrect Centre Grading has caused a lot of comment from you riders {and Organisers as well}

Why T-Rex? Well in pre history when I rode you couldn’t do bouncy hoppy things in sections. I joined my local Club, West Essex whose ace rider was DR {Smith}. Now DR was a ‘works’ rider but I rode the same sections in West Essex Club Trials as he did [because there was just one route!]. He cleaned sections, I fived sections. I didn’t enter Open to Centre Trials because we all knew how it worked, Club Trials were the easiest, Open to Centre were harder, & then there were the National Trials , they were harder still. Winning awards was simple, if you lost fewest marks you were the winner, if you were in the top 10% of the entry you got a First Class Award & in the next 10% you got a Second Class Award. Etc.

Now things are different, in our Centre  you are graded, according to your ability, into 4 grades, & we also have a couple of age related classses. As you clever guys nowadays  do bouncy hoppy things while still going forwards without stopping ie no stop observation rules we also mark out sections with variations to cater for your ability.

These Centre gradings are held in a list [& I’ll comment about that later] held by the Centre Recorder, there is a system for upgrading riders, a system for some limited downgrading & a system for negotiating, ie talking with the Recorder, about your Grading, so that it is not a purely Rules bound system. There’s also provision, by negotiation, for an ungraded Rider to go straight into a particular Grade based on his or known ability.

The Centre Trials Championship runs for you from year to year & when you enter a Centre Championship Trial you agree to the Supplementary Regulations that say you enter as per your Grade on the Centre Grading List. That makes the Championship a true test of your ability within your peer group.

That, together with specifying that Observation will be on a No Stop basis are pretty well the only specific Rules the Centre makes for it’s Championship.

Every week when you enter your Trial you advise the organising Club of the Class you intend to ride out of the Classes they choose to offer. If it’s not a Championship Trial it doesn’t concern the Centre what class/route you ride – it’s up to the Organisers

Are you with me so far?  You are, good.

So now lets think about our Championship Trials. The only reason for not complying with the Championship Rules about your grading is

A      You don’t know it

B       You think the route will be too hard for you

So what do we do about it?

First, in the case of A, you advise the Secretary of the Meeting you are ‘Riding for No Award’ but tick the Route you want to ride

Second, in the case of B, you advise the Secretary of the Meeting you are ‘Riding for No Award’ but tick the Route you want to ride  —– ie exactly the same thing, tell the Secretary!

This way you can compete on the Route you want, measure yourself against peers riding the same route as you, but crucially, not be awarded Championship points you are not entitled to, and The Secretary of the Meeting won’t have to amend &/or recalculate the Results as a result of a question about the Results.

For information: When you enter any Trial that is not a Wessex Centre Championship event, the Club will in its Supplementary Regs tell you any specifics about the event, & their Entry Form will specify how you tell them what Route you want to ride.

Where do we go from here?

I think we may need to take a long hard look at the grading List & make it work more dynamically from year to year, & make sure Riders understand the grading system better.

Would be interested to hear any thoughts, especially your reasoned suggestions about your Centre Championship

See you at the Knut tomorrow.


NSMSC Club TT Champ Tables. Wells Mike Cornish TT Result

Hello, here’s some non contoversial stuff for you to look at.

Jerry Walters has sent across the Final Club Timed Trial 2013 Championship Results  for you. Click this link NSMSC [Trials] TT Champ 2013 for the Trials Class & this one NSMSC [Scrambles] TT Champ 2013 for the Scrambles Class., & he says ‘Following the final round of our 2013 Club Time Trial Championship, it’s congratulations to Jason Hamblin who is this years winner in the Trials Class, and Tom Smith who takes the Scrambles Class trophy.’

Jerry Cross has provided the Results of the Wells & District Trials Club’s Mike Cornish Timed Trial held last weekend on the 1st December, & guess what Jason Hamblin & Tom Smith were the respective Trials & Scrambles Class winners. See the Results by clicking this link Wells Mike Cornish TT Results 1st December 2013

Centre Board Meeting Report – 03/12/13. Trials Licencing Seminars 2014

No don’t switch off at the thought of a Board Meeting!

Yesterday’s was a lively one with two big discussions, firstly about the Centre Championships. You’ll remember that we told you that the NSMSC Presidents Centre Championship Trial caused hard working Officials a lot of angst because “A significant number of riders had circled an incorrect Wessex Centre Grading List Class on their Entry Forms.”?

The Board confirmed that it is the Riders responsibility to enter their correct Centre Grade, if you don’t you’ll be regarded as riding out of class & hence ineligible for Championship points.

The Centre Trials Recorder mails out his Championship Table updates to more than 100 individuals, 116 actually, & they are also posted for you on this web-site. You know that under the Rider Tab is the current Grading List, don’t you? so you have no excuse for getting it wrong. To help you even more we have created a Page on the site which only has the Grading List on it. See the right hand sidebar – we’ve even put the Page at the top of the List for you. Click the Page, click the link on the Page & you’ll download an Excel workbook with just one page. Look up your name & QED there you have your grade. Easy eh?


The second discussion was about Centre Trials Training Sessions: Pete Culliford came along with plans for developing the skills of Trials Riders in the Centre, particularly youth riders. To do it properly there are several ‘hoops’ to jump through, the first being to get another couple of Licenced Trainers in the Centre, & Fred Adams & Kurt Brain who have also been involved in the planning intend to apply. Fred already is a Licenced CofC & Kurt intends to become a Licenced CofC as well.

Once that’s done then we are in a position to run Training days on Training Permits so everyone can be sure we’ve got the proper groundwork in place. We’ll keep you all updated as things progress.

Frank Sweeting confirmed he would be arranging Regional Licencing Seminars for Trials & Enduro CofC/Stewards at Warmley on 14th & 28th of January – they are Tuesdays – at 19:30hrs. Get in touch with Frank directly or via your Club Secretary with a preferred date asap. He’ll circulate a draft programme & homework  before the end of the month


Frome’s Selwood Novice & Bradley Cup Results are here. Revised NSMSC Presidents Results.

Mary has sent over the Results from todays Championship Trial, which you can find on the usual Page or click this link Frome Selwood, Bradley Cup 011213

The same top three Experts as last week, but in a different order. This week it’s Kurt Brain, Colin Crease & Ben Skinner on 19,28 & 39 m/l respectively. Kurt had just 2 fives [both in Section 6] , where Colin had three dabs, & Ben had  just two dabs. Colin only parted with one 5 in Section 10 although he also had two ‘double dabs’ there to lose 9 in his three laps, whereas Kurt was clean & Ben just had one dab there. Ben was down for three  5s, one in each of Sections 5, 8 & 12. So another good competition between them!

NSMSC have had to issue revised Results for their Presidents held last week.

A significant number of riders had circled an incorrect Wessex Centre Grading List Class on their Entry Forms. Arguably it’s of no concern in Non Championship trials, but in the Centre Champs Events it is important. Please can you make life easier for hard working Secretaries of the Meeting by getting it correct. You can confirm your current grade by referring to the Grading Page in Pete Dury’s Excel workbook of current Centre Championship Positions.

Revised NSMSC Results are here NSMSC Revised Presidents 24.11.13

See you at the Knut next week:  Frank