2013 Events: Trials, Timed Trials, Hare & Hounds, and Enduro Results

Centre Championship Events are emboldened & italicised like this!

Kingswood 4th Club Series 29:12:13

BSSA Phil Sparkes TT 271213

NSMSC Richard Sage TT 151213

Bath & WoE Knut 08:12:13 res.

NSMSC [Trials] TT Champ Table 2013

NSMSC [Scrambles] TT Champ Table 2013

Frome Selwood Novice & Bradley Cup 01/12/13

Wells Mike Cornish TT, 01/12/13

NSMSC Revised Presidents 24.11.13

NSMSC RT Keedwell TT 171113

Wilts Border Autumn Trophy 03/11/13

BSSA 6th Alan Brown TT 031113

Kingswood 3rd Club Series 27/10/13

NSMSC Gordon Brown Chase TT 201013

WWMC Errington Cup Trial 13/10/13

BSSA 5th Alan Brown TT 131013

Wells Presidents Timed Trial 06/10/13

Kingswood Hawkesbury Trial 29/09/13

NSMSC Ivan Manning Timed Trial 22/09/13

BSSA Brian Hudson TT 15.09.13

Kingswood Two Day Trial 31/08/13  & 01/09/13

NSMSC TattooTime Timed Trial 10/08/13

NSMSC Blackman Trophy Timed Trial 17/07/13

NSMSC Valley Smokehouse Timed Trial 06/07/13

Wells Lawford Timed Trial Results 23/06/13

Frome Ted Cox Trial 23/06/13

BSSA 4th Alan Brown Timed Trial 09/06/13

NSMSC Weymouth Timed Trial  01/06/13

Kingswood Open Charity Trial 27/05/13

WWMC Open To Centre  Hare & Hounds 19/05/13

NSMSC Fowlers Trophy Timed Trial 15/05/13

Wells & Dist. John Stait Timed Trial Results 11/05/13

NSMSC Colin Stenner Timed Trial 04/05/13

BSSA Glenis Sinclair Timed Trial 28/04/13

Mendip Vale’s Phoenix Trial 28/04/13

BSSA 3rd Alan Brown Timed Trial 20/04/13

Frome Wyndham Haines 21/04/13

NSMSC Jack Ball Time Trial 14/04/13

Kingswood 1st Summer Series 14/04/13

Mendip Vale’s  Traders Trophy 01/04/13

BSSA Reg Lewis Timed Trial 17/03/13

Wilts Border Salutation Novice Trial 03/03/13

Kingswood Avery  Cup Trial 24/02/13

NSMSC Terry Bunn Timed Trial 10/02/13

West Wilts James Cup Trial 10/02/2013

BSSA 2nd Alan Brown Timed Trial 03/02/13

Wilts Border, Border Cup Trial 03/02/13

North Somerset’s Phillips Trophy Timed Trial 27/01/13

Wilts Border Club Kington Cup Trial 06/01/13

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