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Southern Experts Solo & Sidecar Trial Regs & Entry Forms for 2nd December – Hook Woods

Hi all,


Don’t forget the Southern Experts Trial is coming up soon.

The Solo event has Classes for Expert, Youth A, Clubman Expert & Expert twin shock. The hard route is for Experts, Youth A can opt for the hard or easier Route, other classes ride the easier route. With Jim Connor as CofC you can anticipate he’ll get it just about right for you. I’d imagine there might be two Jotagas’s in the Experts, Joe Baker & Ross Danby, but with the likes of James Fry Sam Connor Alexz Wigg it’ll be tight at the top. Great venue if you haven’t been there.

Ther’s a Sidecar event as well with Andy Cheeseman setting out, so again you know it’ll be good. Again there’s two routes, hardest for the Experts, easier for the Clubmen.


Wells Presidents Championship Timed Trial Results, NSMSC RT Keedwell TT Regs for 18th Nov. NSMSC Gordon Brown Chase TT Results from 21st Oct.

Right, here we go,

We’ve posted yesterdays Wells Championship Timed Trial Results – the main man Jerry Cross won! Jerry did 9 laps & I see Centre Chairman Keith Wooster had a ride in his quest to ride in an event  organised by every Club in the Centre while he is President. You’ll have to look to see how many laps Keith did!

We’ve also added the Results for the NSMSC Gordon Brown Chase on 21st October & the Regs for North Somersets re-arranged RT Keedwell Timed Trial which is on the 18th November


Wilts Border Autumn Trophy Centre Trials Champ Round 4th November – Cancelled. New venue for Wells Presidents Centre Champ Timed Trial Round on 28th October Regs available for BSSA 6th Alan Brown TT on 4th November

Bad news, Theresa has just sent this message

Hi Frank,
Can you  please advise everyone on the Chattering that we have had to unfortunately cancel the Autumn Trophy due to be run on 4th November due to land access problems.
Many thanks     —-    Theresa
 The wet weather I guess.
Soon be Ricky Wiggins start time up in Feldom Lane, Mark Cameron will have been out for nearly an hour already, as I tap away, yes its Scott Trial day – I guess it’ll be a slowish standard time today unless its a lot drier up there than it is down here!
Jerry Cross has been in touch to say Wells have managed to re-arrange their Presidents Timed Trial Centre Championship Round at Rookham tomorrow week, I’ve added the Regs in the usual place.
Jerry says “Hi Frank,
I’ve managed to find a new venue for the Presidents time trial to be run on the new date of October 28th. The new venue will be Rookham near Wells and will still be a round of the Wessex Center time trial championship. …………. The Regs will also be available on very shortly. Anyone who previously entered the event please contact me as I have held entry forms and fees in anticipation of being able to find a new venue . [my italics – frank]
Thanks: Jerry
Regs for the BSSA 6th Alan Brown Timed Trial  on 4th November are now posted in the usual place!
See you all soon …  Frank

BSSA’s 5th Alan Brown Results posted, 6th Alan Brown Regs up soon, T&E CofC/Steward Regional Seminars, Southern Experts Regs,

Hello all,

I seem to have been busy since Sunday, but here’s some things for you, as above.

The 5th Alan Brown TT Results are in the usual place for you! The 6th Alan Brown Regs are awaited.

Quite a number of people in the Wessex Centre have Regional Trials & Enduro Licences as Clerks of Course &/or Steward that run out at the end of the year. I’ve made provisional reservations to run two Licencing Seminars at Warmley Community Centre one on Wednesday 14th November & a second one on Tuesday 27th November. Usual format is to start at 7:30pm & run through to 10:30pm. I’ll need to know who you are, & when you want to come & I’ll try to fit you all in when you prefer.

The list of people whose Licence runs out on 31/12/12 I’ve been given has 27 names on it, so it sounds like two groups of 15, I’ll circulate Clubs with the names asking for feedback on preferred dates.

The Southern Experts Trial is at Hook Woods this year, & assuming Jim Connor is CofC I’m sure it will be a good event Regs up will be up asap.

You may have read about the kerfuffle that MSA Authorisation is causing, by way of clarification ACU General Secretary, Gary Thompson, has issued this guidance

“I would also like to remind everyone that if an event does not follow a prescribed route then Authorisation is not required. I have pasted below a hypothetical scenario from our FAQ’s paper recently distributed which demonstrates an example of when Authorisation would not be required:

For example you were organising a Trials event with a Course that included some use of the public highway.  The Trial consisted of twelve groups of four sub-sections each of which riders had to attempt 36 (therefore not having to visit them all).  The riders were able to sign on at the Group of their choice – and there was no designated or prescribed route for them to follow.

In this circumstances there would be no requirement for this type of event to apply for MSA Authorisation.”

So you can see trials that involve roadwork do not per se require Authorisation: phew that’s good Frank

That’s it for the moment: Frank

Latest Centre Trials Champ Tables, ….

Hello all,

Pete Dury very promptly updated the Championship Tables after Sunday, this is his comment:

“Gary Marshman completely outshone all his rivals with a great ride and has extended his lead in the championship to a whopping 28 points. Lee Hassall 3rd place sees him move up to 2nd overall just 2 points ahead of Colin crease. Second place for Jason Attwell behind Steve Watson in the AB class was enough to see him extend his lead over Rob Scott also to 28 points with Gareth Talbot holding onto 3rd position.

A class win for Michael Ell sees him catapult into the overall lead in the Clubman ‘B’ class with Ben Squance and Andy Frost dropping to 2nd and 3rd respectively. While Toby Godwin was taking the Sportsman ‘C’ class honours, Jonny Janaway took 3rd place behind Jerry Glover to move up into equal 2nd place overall with Russell Benson.

In the Over 40 class Tim Wheeler, with a 3rd place behind the class winner and three times champion Hedley Ashford, has taken the overall lead in the championship from an absent Richard Elliott who drops down to 2nd overall. The runner up  spot for Mark Talbot sees him hang to 3rd place overall. The Over 50 championship table remains unaltered at the top with Dave Fry extending his lead with a 5th class win on the trot ahead of Martin Strang who was 4th on the day. Dai Clothier closed the gap on 2nd place in the championship with after taking the runner up spot.

The next round in the Championship is the Wilts Border Autumn Trophy trial on 4th November.

As always, please let me know if you have any queries with the tables or spot any errors.

Cheers: Peter Dury

View them here:   Wessex Centre Trials Champ Tables as at 15th October 2012

Centre Errington Cup Trial – Results available now!

Hi everyone,

what a lovely day for todays West Wilts Trial at ‘Perrys’! I was quite surprised when I got outside around 09:00hrs to find there had been a frost, & quite a hard one too. Still we only had a few miles to & through Bath to get to the venue. I think the beautiful weather was prompted by Chris Kelly deciding to use the waterproof Observers Cards after hear in the forecasts on Thursday! Observers, yes thanks to all of you, I know it was cold out of the sun standing there for three hours or more. Today I’m  sure who they all were, Jon Milne, Ian Shuttleworth, Chris Kelly, Ian Nairn, Chloe Cross, Theresa Talbot, Colin Hassall, Chris Fear, Mike Fear, Nipper Allen, Stewart Jobbins & Phyllis from Section 1 to 12 in that order. Thanks to them all & Brian Shuttleworth CofC & Chris Kelly who was Sec. of Meeting A jolly good turnout of riders as well a little over 50 of you I think.

While I was watching Phyllis’ Section a couple of Mountain Bikers turned up, & guess what, it was Dave Cribb & Jordan who had come out for a ride, but you never forget what orange arrows are for & Dave knew there would be a Trial on, Sheena & Shannon were doing other things I gathered. The stream sections 3,4 & 5 looked to be challenging but do-able to me.

Results are now available thanks to  Chris who mailed them over a short while ago – You’ll find them on the Page

2012 Events: Results for Trials, Time Trials, Hare & Hounds, & Enduro

Now I’ve had a chance to skim over them, it looks as if Gary had a comfortable victory being 27 marks in front of R/up Ben with Lee a further couple back.

All class winners were into double figures though & I see on inspection Gary included a 5 in Section 11 & a 2 in Section 6, otherwise just the odd dab.

We’d still like more rider feedback on what Rules you would like to be observed on for the Wessex 2013  Championship Trials. so if you mail me the questionnaire your voice will have been heard – I’ve only had 10 preferences so far!

See you soon & I’ve more stuff to post for you later this evening or maybe tomorrow —–  Frank

2013 Centre Trials Championship Rider Questionnaire – Here’s your chance to have your say!

Remember I said the Board was seeking feedback about Observation Rules for its 2013 Centre Trials Championship?

You don’t? Thought so. Well this is your chance to have your say. Download the Questionnaire [its editable Word Document so you can type in your answers] & then Mail me the completed Questionnaire [or let your Wessex Centre Board Delegate have it] & DO IT NOW

The link below will download it for you

Centre Trials Champ 2013 Riders Questionnaire 081012

For completeness, I’m printing it below so you can see what I’m on about





I’d be grateful if you could complete & return the  attached Questionnaire to the Centre Board via your Wessex Club Board Delegate or to myself  before the next Wessex Board Meeting on 06/11/12

Centre Championship Trials Riders Questionnaire about the 2013 Championship Rules

 The Championship Observation Rules adopted for 2012 [No Stop] have attracted criticism from some riders. The Centre is now seeking feedback from both Organisers & Riders in order to decide what Observation Rules to run under for it’s 2013 Championship








The Rules eventually adopted for the British National Solo Championship    
 The No Stop Rules              TSR 22B    
The Stop Permitted Rules    TSR 22A    
Riders Name/Completed by[Anonymous responses will be ignored!]  ………………………………………….
Wessex Grading [please tick your grade] Expert Clubman Expert
Clubman Novice
o40 o50
Youth Expert Youth


Hope to hear from you soon: Frank


Wells Presidents Timed Trial at Emborough tomorrow [7th Oct] is CANCELLED

Just seen this note from Jerry Cross.

Hi Frank,

I am going to have to cancel the Presidents time trial at Emborough on Sunday because of the amount of rain we’ve had which has saturated both the car parking and the course. I rang the landowner this evening and although I think he would have let us run it, he was concerned about the amount rain we’ve had this week and the state of his land.

Regards Jerry

I know late cancellation is always a difficult decision for Organisers, but I’m sure Jerry & the Wells Club have made the right call. We rely on the continued goodwill & cooperation of our Landowners, & in the end what they say goes!

If you read this note please let anyone who you think may have intended to ride please.


VMCC – West Wilts Section & lots of other things! Please read on …..

Just been down in Bradford shopping, & I was given licence to loiter in St Margarets Car Park as bikes were gathering there. A couple of dozen or so bikes of all ages & vintage from pre-war [Velo MOV, BSA 750 side valve V twin?] to modern ‘classics’ Guzzi & BMW. I even spotted a belt drive bike  – but it was a modern rubber belted Beemer. As you might expect on a Thursday morning most were Vintage riders, but fair do’s at least they were out using them on a non competitive VMCC run.

Now to sporting things, several things to post for you in no particular order, WWMC H&H Results from last Sunday, thanks to Tom Gerken, a Centre Trials Championship update from Pete Dury, the Kingswood Hawkesbury Trophy Trials Championship Round results from Sunday via Mike Fear, Regs for Fromes’ Selwood Novice Trial on 18 November thanks to Mary, North Somerset Regs for both the Timed Trial on 21/10/12 & their Presidents Centre Championship Trial on 25/11/12 thanks to Tony Colman

The Frome Dinner/Dance this year  is on the 3rd November at the Standerwick Centre at Frome Market, tickets are a very reasonable £18 and can be obtained from Mary on 01761 435035.

Everything mentioned above, except the NSMSC’s Presidents Regs are posted. We’re working on those they will be up asap.

& another taster, we’ll have a Rider questionnaire on the site soon, if you respond, your voice will have been heard before the Centre decides on next years Trials Champ Rules.  That’s mainly the Stop/No Stop debate & decision.

This is Pete’s comment after the Hawkesbury on Sunday

I have attached the updated championship tables after Sundays excellent Hawkesbury Trophy Trial.

Gary Marshman has increased his lead in the championship with Lee Hassall moving up to 3rd spot.

Jason Attwell has also increased his lead in the AB Class with Gareth Talbot moving up to 3rd place and Nathan Pekala jumping up to 6th.

Also increasing his lead in the B class is Ben Squance with Matthew Hanney and Michael Ell moving up to 4th and 5th respectively.

Aaron Hayward has taken over the lead in the C Class in the absence of Russell Benson.

In the Over 40 class Richard Elliott has taken over the lead from Tim Wheeler with Mark Talbot moving up to 3rd.

Dave Fry extended his lead over Martin Strang who I understand became an OAP on the day of the trial. Dai Clothier made the trip across from Wales to establish himself in 3rd place (although I suspect he went back via Gloucester to avoid the bridge toll).

Many thanks to all who helped organised a really enjoyable trial and to all the observers.

As always, please let me know if I have made any mistakes with the tables or if you have any queries

Thanks: Pete Dury

Download the Results here: Centre Champ Tables after the 5th Round on 30:09:12


See you soon: Frank

ps I wondered who B Cox was at the Kingswood Trial on Sunday [he was best Expert]. Pete Dury has him down as Bradley Cox, which confirms my guess, as I don’t know where he lives, I didn’t want to speculate!