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Wells Alert – Lawford Time trial – Change of venue. New World Champ – Zach Wajtknecht – from Saltford

Hello all,

Just had an important message form Jerry Cross about tomorrows Time Trial: message reads

Hi Frank,

we’ve had to change the venue for the Lawford time trial tomorrow because of the amount of rain we’ve had affecting the access to the field. We’re now running at Masbury Castle postcode BA5 3BH, updated regs are on . Could you post a note on the website  please.

Thanks Jerry.

Pleased to report some excellent Track Racing News – Zach Wajtknecht from Saltford

Result FIM Youth Gold Trophy Vechta  09/06/12
Zach Wajtknecht (GB) 16 lead points, 2 Romano Hummel (NED) 19, Buddy Prijs (NED) 17, 4 Michaela Krupickova (CZE) 13, 5 Igor-Kopec Sobczyński (POL) 17, 6 Sandro Aquarius (DE) 20, 12 Richard Geyer (DE) 8, 13 Darrel de Vries (NED / DMSB) 7, 15 Fabian wax (DE) 3, 18 Niels Wessel, Oliver 1, 19 Fienhage Luke 9.

The young man knows what it’s all about, it’s not all glory like that big day – ‘Great lad. He crashed out in the 250 races in heat one at Wolves on the previous Monday and felt sorry for himself and his battered bike after slamming into the air fence on bend four in his first ride after finding too much grip whilst chasing Nathan Greaves. But he bounced back in the best possible way with this win –a British World Champion!!’


BSSA: 4th Alan Brown Timed Trial Results, Wells & Dist MCC Lawford Cup Timed Trial Regs, Disappointments.

You can find the BSSA 4th Alan Brown Time Trial Results on the Results Page, thanks to Jan Watkins, & Jerry Cross reminds you about their Lawford Timed Trial on this Sunday , the 24th June. Find the Regs here on the Regs available page [or the Club website]

Two disappointed guys will be Jerry Cross after his SSDT effort failed after 5 days, my sources say he was completely drained by then & rather than risk injury he pulled out of the last day. Down here, just keeping an eye on the daily results I had guessed it was a machine failure, so commiserations are due after a valiant effort. The other disappointed guy is Tyson Maytom-Jones whose assault on the British Sprint Enduro Championships came to nothing [well second place but that wasn’t his aim] in the final two Rounds last weekend with disintegrated reeds in the motor on the first day & a rear disc problem on the second, which wiped off the disc caliper. Heartache & Heartbreak for Jerry & Tyson.

As I surmised Andy Frost was in trouble with his knee all week at the Scottish, but unlike some he rode every section until he knew it was impossible for him to get any further. A very hard earned Finishers Certificate I know. The reports in TMX of guys entering for six days of riding in the Highlands without even attempting sections have been confirmed to me by independent sources, I guess whoever they are don’t realize they’ve deprived some keen as mustard bona fide trials riders of a weeks dream ride?  Now I’ve reviewed the SSDT Results I’ve realized that Adam Norris took the best Over 40 Award by just 1 mark from John Shirt at the final Count having dropped 2 fives, a three & three dabs on the last day to Johns two fives, three threes & four dabs. As usual  a great ride from Adam who doesn’t ride regularly anymore & has maybe just a couple of warmup rides beforehand. Good on you Adam.