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Good news: Kevin Millers is out of hospital! Here’s an update from Adam Colburn. 50th Lyn Traders

Dear All
I popped into Swindon Hospital today (Tuesday 29th May) to see Windy Miller and take the old goat a copy of T+MX to read. To my surprise he was packing his bags having just been discharged and although he looks mighty frail and has a number boxes to tick before we see him on a bike again, it’s great news indeed. Suffice to say that he has beaten a life support machine, the high dependency ward and now has his new found diabetes under control with a bag of gadgets to keep him safe.
My timing isn’t usually so good but given that Liz, his wife was still at work I took Windy home and he’s still as stubborn as ever. Wouldn’t take the lift from the fourth floor, wanted to get some exercise and use the stairs! I told him to wait in the shade while I brought the car round to get him but no, he walked with me. Liz now has the unenviable task of trying to get him to slow down and I for one wish her well.
Kev still has difficulty seeing things and driving is out of the question, as is reading emails, but with glasses he can see the odd text. He knows lots of people have been in touch and will no doubt get on contact when he can but feels moved by the good wishes and kind sentiments he has received.
I’m sure we will see him at a Trial sooner than we think. I for one asked him to get my Trials Regs Listing sorted as I miss it and really don’t know how I managed before. See you all soon.
Best Regards – Adam
Adam: thanks for the update. We all grumble about the NHS, but when the chips are down, it comes up trumps.
I was Steward at the Lyn Traders last Sunday, last time we were down there, two years ago Kevin was riding it. Hope he’ll be back on the bike soon, trying the easiest route to start with maybe?  – Frank, btw Joe Baker was the winner on 3m/lost with Chris Stay R/up Ross Hancock 3rd & brother Keelan 4th. Chris Koch knows what a great Trial it is, came down & slept in the van overnight & cleaned up the Clubman Expert class

North Somersets’ Weymouth Trophy Results & Valley Smokehouse & Blackman TT Regs, local riders winning British Trials Championship events. Don’t forget Kingswoods’ Charity Trial on Monday!

Jerry Walters has provided Saturdays Weymouth Trophy Results which you’ll find on the Results Page & Tony Colman has sent over the Regs & Entry Forms for both the Valley Smokehouse Trophy [Saturday 7th July] & Blackman Trophy    [Wednesday 18th July] Restricted to Club Timed Trials. Find them on the 2012 Events Page.

Really pleased to see recent wins in the British Solo Trials Championship Round organised by Leamington Victory for Becky Cooke & Victoria Payne & that the BSSA  TuckCross British Sidecar Championship showed that the  John Tuck/Matt Sparkes duo can come out of retirement with a one off ride to comfortably win the Championship Class. Phil Sparkes & Roger Tuck won the Clubman Class as well!

Big Holiday weekend coming up! Kingswood have their Charity Trial at Breakheart Quarry on Monday remember!

Have a good one. – & see you there  —  Frank


North Somersets’ Fowlers Trophy TT Results, Correction of wrong date on BSSA’s 4th Alan Brown TT Regs. Are you stopping someone else having a ride?

Hi all,

Jerry Walters has sent over Results of the Fowlers Trophy TTrial last Wednesday. You can find them on the Results  Page

Jan Watkins has amended the [incorrect] date on the Regs for BSSA’s 4th Alan Brown TT from 12th to the 10th. I’m sure if you  had downloaded them you thought ‘this is odd the 12th June is a Tuesday!’ The posted Regs now show the correct date

I notice that these Alan Brown Regs have highlighted in red

‘Entry form/fee via post or enter on  day only  to Jan Watkins due to too many riders telephone bookings and not arriving on day’

We know all Clubs want riders to come to their events, s & that we don’t like to turn them away, but some riders push it too far don’t they.
 I guess it’s also “looks like rain don’t think I’ll ride today”  Riders don’t all realise that someone else could have taken over ‘their’ ride It’s especially important if the Club has an Entry Limit for instance?
As Jan says ‘ I think SOME riders,  just don’t appreciate the time it takes organizing these events especially all the paperwork involved. If a rider sends his entry and payment in, but then cannot ride for a good reason, provided they let me know via telephone or text 24 hrs before the event then I will EITHER keep their payment back for the next event if they want to ride OR return the payment to them.  If they do not show on day without prior notification then they will forfeit their payment.
Many Clubs will allow ‘entry on the day’ for an additional fee. Certainly WWMC does, having a closing date a few days before the event helps the event run more smoothly with less queuing up time for you!. We at WWMC will always accept a genuine reason for no-show as long as you let us know before the event & refund your money. BSSA as Jan says above do the same. I’d be staggered if any Club in the centre did otherwise. So come on guys if we’re talking about you just get your Entry & Money to the Secretary by the deadlines & don’t leave an unfilled gap in the starting lineup.
Bye the bye, I know some Clubs can take on line Entries & Money electronically via Credit/Debit card/PayPal. Most small Clubs aren’t in a position to do this, as the costs outweigh the advantages to riders, but here’s a heads up – the ACU is trialling an online entry/payment system that can be made available to any of its Clubs in future. Rugby is gradually moving forwards – the online Licencing system seems to be giving benefits to Riders already from what I see & hear?
As ever any comments are welcome: Frank


Kevin Miller — See you around & about soon we hope!

We’ve had a mail from Adam Colburn about Kevin.
Hello everyone
Quick update to my previous note on the condition of dear old Kev (Windy) Miller. I had a phone call this afternoon from Liz, his lovely wife, to let me know the old sod has been in the high dependency unit of Swindon Hospital for the last nine days, four of them on life support!
Not wishing to alarm anyone, Kev should be on a normal ward in the next few days. In short, Kev suffers from Graves Disease which affects the thyroid and this started to play up again a few weeks ago. As I’ve always said to him, you don’t get his chiseled good looks without pretty parents or a justifiable cause and this seems to be it. Unknown to Kev or Liz he has become diabetic and this episode has seen a blood sugar level of 54 which means nothing to me but apparently means you call a vicar.
If you get the chance to drop him a note to wish him well, please do so. I’m off on Holiday to Cornwall this weekend for a week but have asked Liz to let me know if anything should change in the old grey beards condition and I will let you know.
In the meantime. lets all keep everything crossed.
Best Regards – Adam
Obviously everyone will want Kevin to ‘Get well soon’ & I’m sure any messages, cards etc will help get the smile back on Kevin’s face.

BSSA’s Glenis Sinclair 2hr TT Results, 4th Alan Brown TT Regs available. Now here’s a funny thing – read on ….

Hi all. Apologies to BSSA I’ve somehow missed getting these two things posted for you.

You can find the Glenis Sinclair 2hr TT Results on the  2012 Events: Results for Trials, Time Trials, Hare & Hounds, & Enduro Page

& the 4th Alan Brown Regs on the 2012 Wessex Centre Events: Regs. & Entry Forms  Page

Here’s the funny thing, you will have read here how I’ve managed to confuse things in the past two or three months by putting the links to Regs & Results in the Post [ie in this bit] rather than the Page listed in the sidebar?

So this time I’ve got it worked out, there’s a link in this Post to the Page the Regs & the Page the Results are on.

NOW you can click in this Page throught to the Regs Page or the Results Page. Then you can click on the Regs or Results you want to see

OR you can go to the sidebar, open the Page & choose the download you want from there.

The choice is yours – for whichever you find quickest for you


SSDT update – Jerry Cross has problems on last day, Adam Norris 18th overall & Best O40

Very very brief update,  off to observe at the Tuck/Cross Sidecar British Championship Trial.

Just looked at the SSDT Results, Dougie pips James Dabill on furthest clean! Ross Danby [Jotagas] & Jerry Cross both riding for no award yesterday – didn’t ride any sections – so bike troubles for both I assume. Adam was 18th overall – as usual a great ride for someone who rides 2 or maybe 3 times in a year these days. Ricky Wiggins did well too  with 16th & James Fry is fulfilling his potential being 1 mark & 1 place better than Ricky.

More comment later

Oh I see Keelan Hancock was riding – with a 41st place finish.

See ou later on today?  Frank

Goodness, ‘we wuz hacked’, Colin Stenner TT Results posted in Results Page, SSDT,

Hello all: yes its true, had a call this morning from our ‘hosting provider’ to say the site was hacked over the weekend some time. We were redirected to something by  ‘PakCyberPyrates’. All was backup & running by 12:00hrs – excellent proactive service from Clive.

Had anyone noticed? You would have known if you had visited, & I hadn’t posted anything since Thursday – so I hadn’t seen it either.

Still several things I have to bring you up to date with.

First, as they say, it has been brought to my attention that some of you have not been finding where Regs available & Results can be downloaded from easily since I began putting the links IN THE POST whose heading alerted you to them. I am as from now reverting to putting them on the appropriate PAGE. I hope that helps you all.

It’s SSDT week already, apparently nice weather in Fort William yesterday according to Mairie Jenkins. Five clean sheets yesterday, Adam Norris is well up on the Leader Board [14th] having only dropped two. Jerry Cross is 89th O40 & Walter Luft is 77th in the same class. We hope all our ‘lads’ have a good week, I guess perhaps its only Fred Adams who can reasonably still be called a ‘lad’ as he’s still a teenager, He’ll be in that class next year as well. Fred is currently 137th on 42 m/l, Woody Hole is 33rd on 7,[good effort eh]  Scott Cameron is 44th on 13, Mark Cameron 139th on 43, Craig Talbot 146th on 44,  Tony Moulder 170th on 55, Jerry Cross 258 on 117 & Andy Frost 260th on 120 I’ll pick up on other placings for you later on in the week, I don’t see Joe Baker or Keelan Hancock, Keelans older brother Ross is 64th on 20 & Ricky Wiggins is 10th on just a dab. In the Ladies Becky is trailing Emma Bristow by  4 marks 25 to 21 with Katy 3rd on 46. The fourth Lady is Italian? judging by her name S Trentini on 89.

TBC: Frank

Beware – Bike Thieves Are Around Again. Let me know what’s the easiest way for you to find Regs & Results. June’s Board Meeting postponed for a week

Hello all, bad news from Martin Strang, who sent me this mail today

“Frank, just a quick email to ask if you could notify the off road community that the low life bike thieves are still around.

A friend of mine who lives in the Frome area of Somerset had his KTM EXC 530cc 2010 machine stolen during the night just past.

He had the bike for sale & gave his port code to a prospective buyer. The post code was for several houses, & his neighbours garage was also broken into before they found the bike.  Martin.”

Here’s a lesson in Latin for you all – read on – So its not caveat emptor anymore, it’s caveat venditor  [Caveat venditor is Latin for “let the seller beware.”]

Be on your guard in letting anyone know where & what you have in your garage. And make your garage as secure  as possible. Better still alarm it & install CCTV – you can get gadgets that will record when any movement is detected [they will illuminate the camera view area as well if it’s dark.

A number of people have been in touch about the way I’ve been listing Regs & Results {within Posts} rather than in Pages listed in the sidebar.

I’ve just sent Jerry Walters an email that about finding Results [it’s the same for Regs]’ it said —

Jerry – can you try this for me please
1 go to the home page
2 at the top right is an empty box called SEARCH
3  enter  the word    regs   in the box  & click
4 You should see an index of posts which have the word Regs in date order , newest first!
5 You can scroll down the list & click on the one you think you need — ie

And Another! Regs & Entry Form for North Somersets’ Jack Ball Trophy Timed Trial

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

6 click on that one & you should go to that post

7 click on the link on that page

8 you should get the Jack Ball Regs?

It’s pure laziness that I didn’t keep putting the Regs on the page listed in the sidebar – I thought it would be more immediate for guys to get where they wanted to from the Post rather than the Page.

If you have a look & tell me which you think is the ‘best’ way I’ll either go back to putting them on the Page or leave it as it is at the moment.
I’m guessing that I ought to g back to putting Regs & Results on their own pages.

But let me know your thoughts &/or what your guys want me to do

Thanks for letting me know – hadn’t realized I’d made a problem – I thought I was making it simpler/quicker
Please also note the next Wessex Centre Board Meeting will be put back for a week to Tuesday 12th June [blame the Queen – she’s having a Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday, bless her, on the 5th!
I’m not sure but I think I’m developing webbed feet – how about you?  Keep smiling, Frank