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Here’s a lot of stuff – North Somerset: Results for the Jack Ball Trophy held 22nd April, Change of Venue – Colin Stenner Time Trial on May 5th, Regs for the Fowlers & the Weymouth Timed Trials,

North Somerset is a busy Club in May!

Firstly, Jerry Walters has mailed to say: With no end in sight to the current drought busting spell of wet weather, North Somerset Club have decided to move next weekend’s Time Trial from Mannings, Pensford to Malthouse Farm, Chelwood.

As many of you will know, the course at Mannings is very soft and boggy around the stream area even in dry weather, and could become impassable if we get much more rain. In addition, much of the very steep hillside may also become unrideable.

As the weather forcast is for more wet weather in the week ahead we have decided there is little point in leaving it to the last minute before arranging a different venue.

Hopefully we will be able to use Mannings for our 7th July Time Trial.

Cheers:  Jerry’

Tony Colman has sent across the Regs & Entry Form for the Fowlers Time Trial which you can find here NSMSC Fowlers Restricted to Club Timed Trial Regs & Entry Form for 16th May 2012, & the Weymouth Time Trial which are here NSMSC Weymouth Restricted to Club Timed Trial Regs & Entry Form for 26th May 2012.

And Jerry sent the Jack Ball Trophy TT Results which are NSMSC Jack Ball TT Results 22/04/12 here

That’s it! You’re as up to date as can be!      Frank

The View – from Ba House

The “stop:non-stop debate” is warming up nicely. Already in the Centre there’s been a pre-emptive strike which has produced a return of the stopping rules to one club’s Championship, it seems likely that those who stand to lose the most from this change to non-stop will be the ones who will continue to fight the hardest against it, and will seek to get it reversed at their first opportunity. That’s only human, if you’re used to being allowed to ride virtually free-style, having most of your cunning ploys rendered useless, is bound to make you just a bit unhappy.
But this change was not introduced to punish the rule-stretchers, rather we hoped that by forcing everyone to ride properly, our game could start to return to a more civilised situation.The theory was that observing could become virtually risk free,and maybe then more people might be tempted into helping us out. Already there are signs that it might be working. Observing is now much simpler. All you have to do is count up the footing marks and watch for the stop, its boy’s work in comparison to the old way, which was so awful that none of us really knew how to observe it fairly.
Sadly though at the end of the year this happy situation is going to be reviewed, which means that we’ve only got a few more months of sanity left before we return to the full glory of the jumping up and down game. Still it was a brave try.
It’s good to hear that Freddie Adams has got into the Scottish, ( Evidently it took the threat of a visit with fire and sword by his relatives to finally tip the balance ), so all he needs now is to choose the right riding companion. The choice is between someone who gets lost on a regular basis, and head-butts trees, or one who trickles round at a gentler pace and finishes OK every time. I think he’ll go for the headbanger.
Best wishes to young Victoria Payne,who suffered that dreadful injury at the Traders recently. I hope that you recover quickly and that you”ll be out again with us soon.            —                 Ba

I’ll echo some of that, Stop:NoStop – the Kingswood 2 Day event will be NoStop, Delighted Freds’ got an entry to the SSDT & ‘headbanger’ who on earth could that be? We all echo Ba’s get better quickly – it’s not the sort of preparation you need for the British Championship Campaign Victoria has.    —     Frank


Results – BSSA 3rd Alan Brown TT, Regs – BSSA 2hr Glenis Sinclair TT, NSMSC’s Colin Stenner TT Regs, Kingswood Open 2day Trial.

Where shall we start? We’ve several things to update you on.

First up Kingswood have an Open 2day Classic/Twin Shock/non Expert/Youth B & C Trial at Lambs Lair on 23rd & 24th June. Classes for pretty well anything except for unsprung machines. You can find the Regs & Entry Form here Kingswood Open Classic/TS etc Regs & Entry Form 23rd & 24th June 2012

Second up BSSA have the Glenis Sinclair 2hour Time Trial at the same venue on Sunday week 29th April. It’s Restricted to the Club & you can find the Regs & Entry Fom here BSSA Restricted to Club 2 hr ‘Glenis Sinclair ‘ Two hour Timed Trial Regs & Entry Form 29th April 2012

We have more input from Ba with some more tongue in cheek [??] observation on the Trials Scene, that’ll be on a separate page [The View from BaHouse] directly.

Jan has also sent over the BSSA 3rd Alan Brown TT Results 14/04/12 [click to view]

And Tony Colman has done the same for the North Somerset Timed Trial on 5th May NSMSC Colin Stenner Timed Trial, Club Restricted, Regs and Entry Form for 5th May 2012 [click to view]

Updated Trials Champ Tables, Where shall I find the Regs, Regs available for WWMC H&H 17th June, etc etc

Good morning, er sorry, Good afternoon: I hope you all had a good sporting Easter weekend.

Pete Dury has updated the Trials Champ Tables, & comments:

“2012 Wessex Centre Championship Update

With 4 rounds gone and nothing now until the Hawkesbury in September the leader in the Championship is the current title holder Gary Marshman by 3 points from Colin Crease. Ben Skinner is in 3rd place and being pushed by Lee Hassall, who is only 1 point behind.

Jason Atwell is clear leader in the Clubman Expert class from Rob Scott with Mark Holmes in 3rd.

The Clubmen class is led Andy Frost by just 1 point from Roy Strong and Ben Squance 3rd.

Leader in the Novice group is Ian Graham from Jonny Janaway and Mike Griffin.

Tim Wheeler is the current Over 40 leader having taken the win in the Traders via a tie break with Colin Bennett. Both had the same number of cleans but Tim had one more 1 mark loss section than Colin. Richard Elliott is currently in the runner up berth with Shelley Redworth in 3rd place.

The Most Senior group is being led by Dave Fry with Martin Strang close behind and Dai Clothier in 3rd.

If you spot any points errors or wrong name spellings etc then please let me know – Pete”

Find the Table here 2012 Centre Trials Champ Tables after 4th Round on08:04:12

Gary Scrivs has mailed to say


When I looked in the Regs Available section on the Wessex web site for the Regs for the Traders the last entry was for the Presidents.Rob Pike said there was link from your script, but it wasn’t the obvious place to look to me !.

Regards: Gary

to which I replied

You’re right.
I started to put a link in the post that had the particular Regs in the heading.
Lazily, – its takes a bit longer to do it as well – I haven’t been putting the Regs in the List of Regs available as well
 You’re the first to mention it
I’ll try to do better.
 My thinking was that you guys could find the Regs straight from the page & save yourselves a little time & make the site more friendly to the user.
Both is best!
 Best wishes: Frank
I did tell you all around New Year time that I was intending to do both & asked for comments/criticism but Gary is the first [?] of you to notice, or more likely the first f you to tell me! Obviously both is best.
I was pleased that I’d got the Traders Results up on Sunday, well before they were on the Valers site though! You win some, you lose some.
West Wilts MC have now got their 17th June H&H Regs available so just click here WWMC Regs & Entry Form, Restricted to Centre Hare & Hounds, Naish Hill 17/06/12
More to follow, its lunch time – Frank


Waiting for todays Traders Results? Here’s current Champ, Gary Marshman in Marys’ Section to keep you amused for the moment. Results now added!!

Here’s the best news of the day, Victoria Payne, as I understand it, has only had a dressing put on her foot. What an accident, she was jumping into Chris Adams Section to inspect & walk it, & jumped onto some buried wire/reinforcing rod? which was part buried & went straight through the sole of her boot & into her foot so that she was impaled onto it. Many thanks to all that helped -especially  Theresa Talbot – & I’m mightily relieved that it doesn’t seem as bad as I feared. Unfortunately the land has been tipped & when there is spring growth in the woods you can’t see things like that.

Anyway here’s Gary with one of his ‘clean’ rides for you to see

Results will be up as soon as I get them  Frank

Here they are! Colin lost 16, Gary 21 & Ben Skinner 46 in the Experts. Click Mendip Vale Traders Trophy Centre Championship Round Results from 8th April 2012  here. For speed I’ve put up the spreadsheet sorted by Grading.

Got home in time to see Tom Booned pedal away with the Paris -Roubaix Spring Classic & Jorge Lorenzo take the Moto GP – a good days two wheeled sport: Frank

West Wilts Hare & Hounds – Confirmed for 17th June, Centre Trials Championship Table amended update

It’s me again! a couple of other things I’ve just thought of:

West Wilts tell me they have finally fixed a date for their first Hare & Hounds of the year at Naish Hill after much headscratching, it’ll be on June 17th & the Regs will be up on the Club website,, as soon as the Permit is available.

Not sure I put up a link to the last Table Pete Dury sent across – apologies if I didn’t – but this link gives the positions before tomorrows Traders Trophy Round    click Centre Trials Championship Tables as at 06/04/12 here


Last call for the Traders, John Stait Championship Timed Trial Results, BSSA 3rd Alan Brown [Centre Champs] Timed Trial – change of Start Time, ACU – Change of Insurance Broker

The Valers have asked me to tell you that they will take entries tomorrow, but please have your Entry Form filled in before you leave home {& bring it with you – Ed.} to save time. You will have 20 ‘proper’ sections to ride twice I’m told!

Jerry Cross has sent across this link to the Wells Clubs website where you can find the John Stait Results, or click Wells Centre TT Champs JohnStait Results from 01/04/12 here.

CHANGE OF START TIME  — Jan Watkins asks me to tell you all that the Start Time for the 3rd Alan Brown Timed Trial has moved from next Saturday morning to early next Saturday evening at 18:00hrs!

Pete Dury has issued a correction to the Trials Championship Tables after the Wyndham Haines Round – he awarded Craig Talbots points to Craig Bond in error – the previous link I gave now gives the corrected Tables

Lastly, I think that Club Secretaries will have been circulated, by Gary Thompson, about the change of Insurance Broker to the ACU – it’s now Locktons again as Doodson’s have resigned [?]. Probably the most important thing to say is that you’ll need to give your Landowners the latest ‘Landowner Indemnity’ sheet for any future event if they ask you for it. Details will be circulated to Club Secretaries with the April Board Minutes

Wow, that’s it for now I think – back out to the garden  & hope to see lots of you tomorrow – Frank

ps don’t forget the Frome Moto-X on Monday with a British Sidecar Champs. Round – lets hope Dan & Joe Millard , & Richard Jenkins/Dan Chamberlain go well without the sorts of problems both crews had at Pernes les Fontaines last weekend


My, doesn’t time fly?

It’s a week since I have told you anything new, so this will help bring you up to speed!

Last Friday was long day, 2 days previously we had a note to say the wife of a work colleague & friend had passed away & that the funeral was in Worthing. Now its probably 15 years since we saw them last but we ‘keep in touch’ with Christmas cards, & it’s nearly 40 years since we worked together. So off we went not expecting to know anyone at the funeral except Keith. When we began to go into the Service we tagged onto the end of the queue & I noticed one mourner dressed in ‘Teddy Boy’ gear {Fred Rowcliffe will know what I mean} crepe soles drainpipes shoestring tie long hair [by the standard of the 60’s} & sideburns. The odd man out I thought, but people come in all shapes, sizes & packaging don’t they. Whats this got to do with motorcycles you say? Well after the service this guy wanders over & says “You used to drive my van to Grasstracks” Frantically I put the brain into gear & called up a name from 40 years ago. You must be Rich. I said, fortunately I remembered correctly. Yes I drove Rich’s van, with Keith & I being Rich & his passengers pit crew to a number of grass tracks. That was in the days when you got hold of a Triumph twin engine stuck in E3134 cams  – engine done! Knocked up an outfit chassis in the shed choice of right hand or left hand chair in the South East & you were good to go! Happy days! Rich like us has kept his interest in two wheels & has done the concours thing, & still does road runs. An unexpected pleasure & what a pleasant remembrance!

Yesterday, it was alarm on for 06:30 for a Trustee Meeting in Burlington House in Piccadilly, vast crowds waiting for the David Hockney exhibition to open & back home by 19;45 just in time to see Chelsea/Benfica. What was Petr Czech doing when they scored! Not a lot from what I saw!

OK here’s something up to date about bikes. The Centre has been sent Entry Forms for an Inter Centre pre 1975 British Bike Team Trial. This event is on 04/06/12 with Entries closing on 20/05/12. There will be 4 riders per Team & it’s all on private land [no roadwork] Each Team needs a Manager & an Observer. Tuesdays Board Meeting agreed to support a Centre Team if there is interest & standard Centre Expenses would be made available to the Team Manager. If there is anyone out there who wants to get involved get in touch with Theresa, our Centre Secretary, as she will fill you in with the details.

This is important information for Event Organisers, please read & act accordingly. this is taken from an email circulated by ACU General Secretary, Gary Thompson, on Monday 2nd April

“Due to varying circumstances beyond our control, Doodson who were the ACU’s appointed Brokers with effect 1st January 2012, resigned from this position on 14th March.

Over the last couple of weeks, discussions have taken place with Locktons Motorsport Risk Services, who have now been re-appointed as our Brokers.

I have attached a copy of the Key Facts documents and copies of the indemnification letters to cover events held under Basic and Premier insurance.

The rates of insurance issued last November remains in place and I can confirm there are no fluctuations in the insurance premiums to be paid by our Organising Clubs.  A copy of the Insurance Matrix outlining Insurance premiums for the various disciplines is attached for ease.

Please be assured that the change of Brokers does not result in any interruption in the insurance cover provided by the ACU.”

If you have to provide your Landowner with evidence of the Clubs cover for indemnifying any Landowner claims you need the up to date Locktons not the useless Doodson piece of paper. The ‘pieces of paper will be circulated to Club Secretaries with the March Board Minutes.

A big four day sporting week end is coming up & I’ll remind you about the Traders Centre Championship Trial on Sunday, Rob Pike tells me you’ll get 2 laps of  20 or 21, maybe 22 sections & the Valers will appreciate any help with Observing, if you are a rider who provides an Observer, you’ll even get a ‘free’ Entry to the Valers Trial on 29th April – but of course you had to be entered by yesterday. I expect the usual suspects will turn out to observe but there aren’t 22 of them in the Centre! So please help out if you can.

More to come when I’ve got a few more minute: Frank