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And Another! Regs & Entry Form for North Somersets’ Jack Ball Trophy Timed Trial

Sorry these have taken  a while to get put up Kevin, but the originals from Tony Coleman got garbled in the ether somehow & Jerry Walters has sent across this set. Nb  the obvious mistake is a Sidecar class – Jerry tells me there isn’t one!

Click  her to download NSMSC Jack Ball Restricted to Club Regs & Entry Fom Jack Ball Trophy  Timed Trial for 22nd April 2012


Good to be back & what a lovely day for the Wyndham Haines Frome Championship Trial

Sorry if you havent had your usual fixes of drivel & News from me, but we’ve been on holiday. Thursday morning we woke up to a couple of centimeters of snow at 05:45hrs & our Boeing’s wings had to be de-iced before take-off from Tromso. Where’s that? Up in Norway well into the Arctic Circle! Got to the Russian Border at Kirkenes as well. The reason was that Phyllis really, really, wanted to see the Northern Lights [Aurora Borealis]. We were concerned after 6 nights out of 8 that we hadn’t seen anything, but we got lucky on the 7th night & were rewarded with a couple of hours of lights. Interestingly although all the photographs taken showed the Lights as green, they seemed like greyish cloud in the night sky to us.

Todays trial was a bit slippy when water was pulled up the stream banks {but nothing like the iced up roads & pavements in Norway – they were so diabolical we had to buy spikes to put on our boots}. Maybe studded tyres would have been the answer today? I checked out some mountain bikes being used in Tromso City & yes they had studded tyres on.

More follows later: Frank

I’ve got BSSA’s Results of the Reg Lewis Trophy Trial [see below] and Regs for their next event 14th April 2012, Chris Wrigley has a thought provoking comment on Stop/NoStop Trials etc etc – You can see Chris’ comment if you go to the ‘And here’s another thing’ I penned a few days ago, but as I’m guessing most of you won’t go back to ‘old news” I’ve added it into todays post as well

HERE YOU ARE, Mary’s been busy & you can look at todays Results by clicking   Frome WyndhamHaines Centre Championship Trial results for 25th March 2012  here. Colin won by a distance from Gary, 18:35, but I did hear Gary admitting to a ‘Senior moment” in Phyllis’ section on the first lap. Gary, you can’t be anywhere near Senior Moments yet? When you are my age maybe! Nice to see Andy Chivers back on the bike. And it was good to see Chloe Cross observing, I hope you all thanked her, I’m sure you did! Thanks to all the other Observers as well, sorry as usual I don’t know all the names but Chris Adams,, I know gave up a ride to observe for you.

HERE ARE THE BSSA REG LEWIS TT RESULTS   click BSSA’s Reg Lewis Trophy Trial Results  from 18th March 2012 here


Hi Frank , long time no see.. As regards stop or no stop rules as everyone knows an awful lot of discussion & hot air has been expended. Some of the most compelling observations in all of it are;
1 that those whom it affects . (apart from the observers) are the young riders who generally don’t want to go back to no stop rules.
2 The second point is that the same youngsters have never learned or practiced line riding (no stop) techniques which although lamentable can’t be ignored because it puts them at a disadvantage relative to thier older competition.
3 Trials everywhere else in the world has evolved like every other sport and we can’t ignore that. Stop = 5 was for when it was a test of whether the bike would get up a hill or not…this remained relevant for nigh on a hundred years but it is not the case nowadays, sections in trials are for the riders to compete to see who can overcome the obstacles… riders who can execute the new techniques best are generally the most competitive!
4 Sorry to write this out longhand but many of us who have enjoyed the old game for too many years are unaffected and therefore don’t comprehend this form of competition or recognise it as trials.
5 The youngsters are the future. They understand the problems of time constraints and observing caused by current stop permitted rules. It would seem that rather than using a sledgehammer to crack this nut a few small changes both in the rules and the section marking would allow us all to enjoy one sport together.
6 It would perhaps be a good idea to make the primary thrust of CofC Licencing seminars concerned with section plotting to cater for all levels of ability.
7 The Rules [and being able to look them up and interpret them] together with the Insurance, Health and Safety (which has a negative effect on everything we do in this modern age) aspects should be a secondary part of the whole picture?Thanks Chris, well put hopefully others will be along later to put in their two pennorths of comment or wisdom. Lets be having you – Frank

Well, the Traders is always a great day out … but not sure about the new venue? NSMSC Wynnes Trophy Timed Trial Results from Sunday

Of course it’s only my opinion, but the Mendip Vale Traders Trophy is one of, if not the highlight, of the Wessex Trials Calendar.
Just had a message from Rob Pike, who says
Good Afternoon Frank,
Thanks for putting the Traders regs on the web site, can you also point out please that we are planning a 2 lap event with 20 sections per lap as we’ve done in the past at Belmont and Shipham.
Obviously these sections will need to be manned so we are looking for as many willing observers as possible to make the Traders as good a day out as it has always been.
As a way to try and encourage the riders to bring along an observer we are offering a free entry to our next club trial at the end of April
Many Thanks.
I have to say I did wonder how the guys were going to put on an event worthy of the Traders at this new [for the Traders] venue. So now I’m reassured that it will be of the usual quality. Look forward to seeing you all at Frys’ Bottom.
Jerry Walters has sent through the Results of North Somersets’ Timed Trial held on Sunday, find them NSMSC Wynnes Trophy Timed Trial Results 11th March 2012 here. Interesting result, Pete King was the winner losing 14 – including two on time whereas R/Up Jason Hamblin was lost none on time but was taken for 15 on observation. I see that Andy Scrivens & Martin Lawford were both in action taking time out from Sidecar Observation Trials.  Jerry Cross & Andy Frost were getting in some practice before the SSDT,  Quite a lot of names I know & recognise including Steve Bather , Luke & Alan Stringer & some I don’t like Mark Copeland & Callum Hacker among an entry of 57. More power to the Clubs elbow!
See you soon: Frank

And here’s another thing …..

Boring old Board Meetings!

Quite some time was spent at the last Board Meeting talking about a Facebook discussion amongst Riders about the No-stop Observation Rules. I have to confess it that Facebook is a ‘closed Book’ to me, but I’m impressed that there were so many comments – something like 80 I gathered. So the Board agreed it would hold an open forum later on in the Championship year so that views can be expressed & debated etc.

I suppose that Boring old Board Meetings are the reason that active riders don’t volunteer to be Club delegates to the Board?

Look forward to seeing loads of people at that Meeing whenever it’s arranged for.

I know we hear lots of rumours at second & third hand & its always best to completely ignore them but I chuckled when I heard about one of the top riders who said he wouldn’t bother to ride the British Championships if they went No-stop. Apparently the Importer of his current mount looked up when he made this statement & told him he’d best send his works bikes back then!

So none of you are alone in thinking No-stop Observation is controversial, but Organisers have always had the option of choosing Stop-permitted or No-stop observation for their Events ever since stop permitted observation began. And the best two Events in the country – the SSDT & the Scott Trial run as No-stop events don’t they? Makes you think doesn’t it?

Opinions for publication welcomed. As usual anonymous comments will be ignored but requests for anonymity will be respected.       Frank.

Regs are available for the Traders! Unauthorized riding at Uley. More on Electric Bikes etc

Andy Leahy has sent across the Regs & Entry Form for Mendips Centre Championship Traders Trophy Trial, find them here  Mendip Vale’s Centre Trials Championship Traders Trophy Regs & Entry Form 8th April 2012  So your Easter Day ride will be at Frys Bottom at Chelwood! See you all there I hope

Remember I mentioned Class E electric bikes  in a recent Post? Well at Tuesday’s Board Meeting We were told the 2012 Handbook  was subject to its first amendment which was related to Electric Bikes, their power outputs & which capacity classes they are allowed to ride in. All Clubs have been circulated with this clarification if you need more info!

I’m sure everyone knows that we [motorcyclists] don’t have the best ‘image’ with the public at large. I’m sure that all of us in our own way try to keep our activities ‘off the radar’ as much as possible, but the fact remains that Trail Riding & unauthorized riding on private land jeopardizes our  legitimate & permitted sport.
We’ved just had the following email forwarded to us from Rugby, to whom the Uley Parish Council sent the following:
‘I am contacting In the hope you may be able to help regarding the use of Motorbikes using footpaths.
Within the parish of Uley, Gloucestershire, we have woods known locally as Elcombe woods. This is within an area of outstanding natural beauty, hence full of wildlife and used by walkers.
It is attracting motorcyclists on what looks like motocross or scrambling bikes. We have put up notices but not had any luck. I understand that it is unlikely to be a member of your association but would appreciate help in ‘getting the word out’ to your members that this area cannot be used by motorbikes in the hope that it will filter through to those responsible.
Kind regards
Shani Baker
Clerk to Uley Parish Council’
Pleased to say that this is not suggesting that any of our Clubs or riders are involved, but, to help ourselves & the Sport, if you are aware of anyone riding their bikes in Elcombe Woods, maybe you would ‘have a quiet word to point out that they have been or will be noticed & that local people are very concerned & might be able to throw spanners in the works of properly organised & permitted competitions
Here endeth todays lesson! … Frank

Quick SSDT update – Good news for Craig & Fred!

Good News,

Craig Talbot & Fred Adams are both in after their Reserve Listings were moved onto the Entry List.

I know you may be lucky if you go up without an Entry & may be able to take over a  “no show ” Entry, but then you aren’t in the Programme. So much better to be in, & know you have a ride before you go.

Good luck to both! Frank

Yes, Yes, I know its Monday! But we were out all day & it was late when we got back in after the Trial we went to! Here are the Wilts Border Salutation Novice Trial Results, The John Stait Centre Championship Timed Trial Regs & the Andy Cheeseman National Sidecar Championship Trial Results etc. etc.

Theresa Talbot has mailed results of the Wits Border Salutation Novice Trial & says “As you can see we had 9 riders but managed 10 observers so all sections manned!. {See the Results: all those stalwart Observers are named thanks to all of them, we can’t run without them can we?] The weather was very wet and cold but not as bad as the Colmore Cup where Craig, Becky and Ian Fortune were home back by 2.30 as that Trial was cancelled after the start as the sections & the weather became too bad with snow on the ground and the blizzard forcing the trial to be abandoned. So it sounds as if we had the best weather down at Bovey Tracey – where the rain stopped before the start & there was just one shower of 10 minutes or so of hail – but we were up at 05:55 & drove down in two & a half hours of heavy rain & didn’t get back in until 22:00hrs!
Find the Saluation Novice Results here: Wilts Border Salutation Novice Trial – Results 04/03/12
Jerry Cross reminds us all that the 2nd Round of the Centre Timed Trials Championship, the John Stait is running on 1st of April, find the Regs here , & don’t forget the Regs for the which is a Youth Beginners Trial on the same day & at the same venue [Rookham} for classes B,C,D & E only on the same day.

Class E is for electric bikes whose riders will be at least 4 years old on the date of the event & whose birthdays fall between 01/01/06 & 31/12/08, their machine’s Engine power is limited to 2bhp at the back wheel. Your slightly older boy or girl ie ‘D’ class cadets can ride electric bikes with twice the power, 4bhp!

As I said, we were down in Bovey Tracey yesterday where I was National Steward at the 3rd Luscombe Suzuki Leeds British/ACU Sidecar Trials Championship Round run by the West of England Club, with Andy Cheeseman as CofC. Our local interest had Phil Sparkes/Roger Tuck 3rd in Class C – the Clubmans Championship & David Tuck/Steve Chandler & Andy Scrivs’/Martin Lawford 3rd & 4th respectively in  Class B, – the  Intermediate Championship with both crews losing 42 but most cleans prevailed [26 to 24] in the 40 sections total. The Championship Rules for this Series specify a total length of 15 – 30 miles to be covered in one or two laps. The Andy Cheeseman achieved this with a one lap Route comprising 6 Groups with 40 Sections, we had a problem with the Route Marking [it had disappeared in places] but we weren’t alone, at last half the entry arrived at Group 4 without having been anywhere near Group 3 (!) & as usual riding half the Sections took 2/3 of the 6 hour limit. But everyone I spoke to said it had been a cracking event, & with printed Provisional Results available at 17:00hrs half an hour after the last finisher came in, the paperwork was very slickly organised.

See you soon: Frank