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BSSA Reg Lewis Solo & S/car Regs. Centre Officials for 2012. Retiring President’s Address for 2012

The Regs & Entry Form for the BSSA Reg Lewis Trial are BSSA Reg Lewis Trophy Trial Restricted to Club Solo & S/car Trial 18th March 2012 here, thanks to Jan Watkins

We’ve also added the List of Centre Officials, elected & appointed at the Centre AGM.

I’ve extracted from the Board AGM Minutes your retiring President, Chris Fear’s remarks,

“Thank you to clubs for their hospitality during the year. It’s good to know the Centre is on a sound financial footing. Although ,as you know, my main interest is trials it is good to see the Frome Club, led by Jim & Vee, keeping MX alive in the Centre; and also BGRC keeping the flag flying for Grass track. Thank you to both clubs and I hope interest will grow by other clubs organising speed events.

We may be the smallest Centre in the ACU, but I think we make our presence felt at Rugby. I would urge all clubs to encourage younger members to help organising events & come to Board Meetings & put their views forward.

Chris also awarded & presented the Harry Croft Trophy to Theresa Talbot in recognition of all the work she does for the sport in our Centre & beyond.


Centre Fixture List is now available to view/print. NSMSC’s Wynnes Trophy Timed Trial on 11th March: Regs are posted

Evening all!

Right with the help of a prompt from Pete Dury I’ve got off my backside & got a copy of the 2012 Centre Fixture up. Theres already a couple of changes & I’m sure their will be more, but hopefully it will help asst in you planning your sporting year.

We’ve also put up North Somersets’ Restricted to Club Wynnes Trophy Timed Trial Regs & Entry Form click here NSMSC Wynnes Trophy on 11/03/12Regs & Entry  Form for them

Off to ACU Rugby on Saturday for you! We’re told that Licencing has gone without any serious hitches this year? Let me know if you know different & I’ll let them know!

Bye for now: Frank


Trials Championship Tables after Round 2, Results of NSMSC’s Terry Bunn Centre Championship Timed Trial 12/02/12

Hello all,

Pete Dury with his usual efficiency has updated the Points Tables after the James Cup, you can click here ChampTables as at 13/02/12 to see them as an Excel file.

The second No Stop Championship Trial? Certainly No Stop is proving a discussion point, the biggest probably being that their are National & World Championship events still running Stop Permitted. I’d suggest that No Stop favours the smoother riders & isn’t so good for ‘point & shoot’ riders?

I watched the Experts through Section 13 & it was cleanable, just the one clean on Laps 1 & 2, but two on Lap 3 – Gary was clean on each lap & Ricky had it worked out in the end going dab dab clean.

It seemed to me that a riders planning needs to get back to the precautionary principle dab or perhaps the long dabbing pivot turn to ensure you don’t stop in your  enthusiasm to clean the Section. So is it just a matter of getting your head to adjust how you ride sections? Time will tell.

Expert winner Ricky Wiggins lost 34 overall with 5 ‘fives’ & nine ‘dabs’ – but only Section 7 wasn’t cleaned but it was dabbed several times by Experts. So yes it was quite a high scoring Trial, but cleans were possible for all riders on all Routes & all riders had cleans on their scorecards when the Results were collated, so challenging yes, but too difficult no.

Here are the NSMSC’s Centre Championship Terry Bunn Timed Trial Results from Jerry Walters, click here NSMC Terry Bunn TT Results 12/2/12

That’s it for the moment, Frank

Not too long for you we hope, here they are …. James Cup Winner is ….. Ricky Wiggins

It’s been a long old day, some interesting tie breaks to be applied & checked. As usual WWMC want to thank CofC Brian Shuttleworth & Secretary of the Meeting Phyllis Sweeting for their hard work before, during & after the Event. I did wonder if the weather was going to be so dire that we might have to have a contingency for cancellation but the weather was kinder on the day than during the week. Thanks also to Clive Sweeting for computer advice this evening – but any mistakes are ours & ours alone.

You can click here  JamesCup2012 – Results for the Results

No we’re off to do the washing up!

See you at the Wyndham Haines: Frank

ps your Observers today were: Chris Kelly 1, Chris adams 2, Jon Milne 3, Nicola Golding 4, Nipper Allen 5&6, Theresa Talbot 7, Ian Shuttleworth 8&9, Mike Fear 10, Chris Fear 11, Fred Rowcliffe 12, Phyllis 13, Tom Crease 14&15

Here’s the BSSA 2nd Alan Brown TT Results from 05/02/12, & the Frome Wyndham Haines Centre Championship Trial Regs for 23/03/12, & by the way we’ve got several entries in the Scottish

Hello again! Jan Watkins has sent over the 2nd Alan Brown TT Results click here  BSSA 2nd Alan Brown Timed Trial  Results 5th February 2012 for them.

Mary Crease has sent the Frome Wyndham Haines Trophy Centre Championship Trial Regs which you can click Frome’s Wyndham Haines Trophy  Centre Championship Trial 25th March 2012 here for.

I see Andy Frost has got a ‘first timer’ entry in the Scottish so his previous recconnaisances of the SSDT have convinced him that ‘I can do that’ He’s hoping to ride with Jerry Cross who’s a third timer?. Other Centre notables include Adam Norris as usual & Scott Cameron, I’d guess Mark [Cameron] has put himself on the Reserve list.

I see there’s a strong representation from our friends down the road in SW Centre, RIcky Wiggins, Joe & Mark Baker, George & Rob Pollard, father & son Tony & Peter Rew. Ross & Keelan Hancock & Tony Moulder are there too. Best wishes for an enjoyable week without mechanicals or electricals to all of you.

Hope to see a lot of you on Sunday at WWMC’s James Cup, forty of you have entered so far & CofC Brian Shuttleworth & his team [of two] were out sizing it up today in the cold!

Keep your feet up & stay warm – Frank

Where to start? Centre AGM I think!

Hello all, as you know the Board held its AGM on Tuesday evening. Great excitement!

For the first time in aeons  there were elections. Yes, there were more nominations than vacancies for the posts of President & Vice Chairman, & all the nominees allowed their names to go forward, so the tellers had work to do.

As a Result, Your Board now looks like this: President, Keith Wooster, Vice Presidents: Martyn Bracey, Denys Plaster, Phil Steadman, Frank Sweeting & Chris Fear the retiring President. Your Chairman is Keith Wooster, Vice Chairmen Mike Fear & Frank Sweeting, Honorary Treasurer Clive Chapman, Secretary Theresa Talbot, Assistant Secretary Phyllis Sweeting, Permit Secretary Mike Fear, National Council Delegate Frank Sweeting. Martyn Bracey is both Awards Secretary & Benevolent Fund Representative. Frank Sweeting doubles up [trebles up?]  as Web Site Administrator.

Outgoing President Chris Fear said that she’d enjoyed her year & encouraged younger guys to involve themselves more in organising events [cos when us old codgers shuffle off up there, or maybe to the warmer place below?, you won’t have any events to ride – Ed.] & also to come to Board Meetings. She presented the Harry Croft Trophy to Theresa Talbot.

Team Managers for the Inter Centre Team Trial are Tom Crease solo, Martyn Bracey sidecar & Theresa Talbot youth. The Accounts showed we [well in my opinion – Ed.] spent £2165 supporting our three teams last year in Mid Wales last year

And talking of Trophies, Martyn Bracey had the Centre Trial Championship Trophy which has now been updated with the 2011 Champion, Gary Marshman’s name together with all of former Champion Colin Crease’s victory years. An extra base has had to be put on the Trophy to get them all in & allow some breathing space for the future! It was rumoured that Gary will be presented with it at the West Wilts Centre Champs Trial on Sunday.

More to follow: Frank