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Results of the First No Stop Centre Championship Trial – the Avery Cup

Hi guys,

Here are todays results taken off the Kingswood MCC site Avery Results for 2012

We hope you all had a good day out. Looks as if Gary Marshman has started this new fangled NoStop lark how he finished last seasons old style Stop Permitted Championship – on top with just 4 marks lost. Colin Crease had a relatively bad day with stops in Sections 7 & 11 allowing Kevin Hart the runner up spot on the day with just 9 marks lost.

At the other end of the scale – Youth D class Austin Bartlett topped the entry with 41 m/l, Harry Ridgway was R/up on 75 & Harvey Gilvear was 3rd with 113 m/l. One of these guys was riding his very first trial on a little electric Oset, Harvey I guess? Hope he has along enjoyable time riding in  competition.

It’s bedtime! See you all at the James Cup in a fortnight I hope. Frank


The January View from Ba House, & Who’s this in the Photo

The January View from Ba-House

Over the last year trials in our Centre have been attracting record entries. In December two trials run within a few miles of each other managed to get 90 odd riders each, so it seems likely that the present dire economic-climate is working in our favour,as more new riders move to our still relatively cheap sport from other disciplines. Quite honestly I’m amazed at the situation,I thought that by now our game would have collapsed,with clubs closing and lots of cheap trials bikes around for the elderly to play with, but it’s nice to have been proven wrong yet again.

With the coming of 2012 the Centre is going to run all it’s Championship Rounds as non-stop trials. I don’t know what rules the rest of our trials will be run under, probably most will choose to go non-stop as well, so this could be a lot tidier for everyone. However,though I applaud the intention, what worries me is that we’ve been down this road before and it didn’t work out. Surely the lesson from that experience is that without the consent of all the riders any change to the rules will not stand for long. So has anyone asked them what they think ? I doubt it.

Mind you I recognise that there are problems of communication. The younger riders for instance are only contactable by text, they don’t talk English so we can’t get their opinions, but I’d guess they would be strongly against it, as would the Aces, although as most of our other riders go non-stop anyway they at least should still be fairly content. Let’s hope we can manage this transition without too much grief, but when it ends in tears we should have an alternative plan ready.

This move to non-stop trials comes about because of the awful situation at the British Championship trials, where entries to the main event hardly make double figures.T he supporting classes though attract quite reasonable numbers, so surely it would have been relatively simple to put the situation right. All  they’d need to do is to ease the sections so that all the entry could ride the trial without hurting themselves, and to make things even fairer they should put a stop to this nonsense of a practice day before the trial proper.

But as far as the Centre is concerned the change to non-stop was driven by the need to attract more observers to our trials. In my opinion if we’re serious about this we are going to have to try to offer a much better time for them, which means no unpleasentness from anyone. The one sure way to ensure this happy outcome would be to do as Chris Clark did when observing. If Chris was asked by a rider, “What was that ?”, he would reply, ” What would you like ? ” That would shut them up.

At the last two trials that I’ve been to it’s been very noticeable how confusing the new riders are finding our system of marking out our sections. From what I’ve seen lots of them have no clear idea of where they should go,  and just try to muddle through hoping for the best.So I thought it might be helpful if I try to clarify things for them.

What we do is mark out the basic section using the red and blue gate-markers. At it’s simplest,if you are riding the main-route you ride into the Section Begins gate, ride through all the red and blue gates and go out through the Section Ends gate. We also mark diversions, either with Yellow gates for the Novices, or with White gates for the Experts. These diversions allow Novices to avoid the more risky bits of the section, and the Experts to ride harder than normal stuff.

So if you are a Novice you must ride in through the Section Begins gate and, until the Yellow diversion appears, ride the main route. At the diversion you ride through the Yellow gate, then look to return to the main-route, via the next red and blue gate. You have entered the section when your front-wheel spindle crosses the Start-Line and you have left the section when your front-wheel spindle crosses the Finish-Line. If you’re in any doubt ask the observer or watch where a fellow competitor goes.You’ll save a lot of marks that way.                                                               Ba

Who’s the rider, whats the machine, who are in the background?- Hint it’s at Yate Court in 1979



BSSA 2nd Alan Brown Regs, yesterdays Wells Miller Cup Results. See the later “View”

Hello all,

sorry you’ve been waiting for the 2nd Alan Brown Regs, they got stuck in the ‘ether’/cyberspace some where for a bit. Find them here Second Alan Brown Regs or find them in the usual way in the 2012 Wessex Centre Events: Regs. & Entry Forms page

The Wells Trial Results are here:  or find them in the usual way in the

2012 Events: Results for Trials, Time Trials, Hare & Hounds, & Enduro page Nice to see they had 8 youth riders

Come back later for more words of wisdom in this months ‘The View from Ba House’


Look here for Sunday’s Wells Trial Regs, Terry Bunn Centre TT Champ Regs, & NSMSC TT Results for 08/01/12

Here we are,

click on this link to the Wells web-site Cup 15/01/12.pdf to get the Regs & Entry Form for Sundays Miller Cup, thanks to Steve Thorne

& here for the NSMSC’s Terry Bunn Centre Championship Timed Trial NSMSC Centre Champ Terry Bunn TT 12/02/12 Regs & Entry Form thanks to Tony Colman

& here for the Results of the North Somerset ‘Phillips Trophy Timed Trial’ held last Sunday 8th January NSMSC Phillips Trophy TT Results 08/01/12 courtesy Jerry Walters

That’s it for the moment: Frank


Good News: Wells Trial on Sunday is GO …..

After some doubt about venue availablity I’ve just had this from Steve Thorne:

Hi Frank
Yes we are running the trial this Sunday at Binegar Quarry. I’ll post regs late this evening when I get home.
I’ll get the Regs up later or tomorrow.
ps any views on No Stop Centre Championship Trials? Is it controversial? Let me know

Here’s a few things: ……. West Wilts Dinner ……… BSSA 1st Alan Brown Timed Trial Results …….. Wilts Border Kington Cup Results ……… Wilts Border Championship Border Cup Trial cancelled

Funny old world. I hope the rest of the year is better than the last couple of weeks. Since Christmas I’ve been to two funerals!

Looking on the brighter side I was delighted to hear that Jill Gabriel is now a granny to little , Ira Thomas, so Brian [Shutt.] & Jill now have two grandchildren.

Here’s a reminder for you – the West Wilts Annual Dinner will be at Cumberwell Park again on 3rd February , 19:30hrs for 20:00hrs- we’ll be pleased to see friends old & new  – get your tickets, which are a well subsidised £25 from Babs Phelps on 01225 723158

We’ve posted the New Years Day BSSA 1st Alan Brown Timed Trial Series Solo & Sidecar Results for you

We’ve posted the Wilts Border Kington Cup Results from yesterday, which contain the disappointing news that, due to land issues, their Border Cup Championship Trial is cancelled.

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had an enjoyable New Years Eve, & if you can focus properly – ‘ooh me ‘ead ‘urts?’  –  We wish you all a ‘Happy New Year’!

Two of us who will have a Happy New Year are Becky Cook & Craig Talbot who announced their engagement on Christmas Day. All our best wishes go to both of them.

We’ve got Results from the BSSA Phil Sparkes Trophy Trial   that ran on 27th December, &  Regs for the Wilts Border Kington Cup Club Restricted Trial  click here Wilts Border Kington Cup regs 080112 that’s on Sunday 8th, posted for you.