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Stone the Crows, Lightning strikes twice, BSSA’s New Years Day First Alan Brown Trial CANCELLED

Lordy, lordy, lordy.

28/12/12 20:00hrs News Flash

Sorry to pass on the bad news that the BSSA Trial is cancelled, because of the weather the LandOwner has withdrawn permission. We all can understand why. We all know that  the sport relies on the goodwill f our myriad of Landowners, but well words fail me – can anyone remember a BSSA event ever being cancelled?

So sorry guys you’ll have to go shopping or to the pub or watch television or, ah, watch some motor cycling videos!

Lets hope the weather god will be better for us next year

Have a good New Years Eve & a great sporting 2013


URGENT 14:15hrs Tuesday 24th Dec. OH DEAR, ANOTHER CANCELLED EVENT: Thursday’s BSSA ‘Phil Sparkes’ Trial is off



It’s the rain of course. I had to go out this morning & on the way back in I put the Road Closed sign up, before I had walked back 20 metres to the car [I’d walked up to check how deep the water had got since I went out] a car happily drove past the Councils sign to drive through! Wallies!

BTW we are delighted to have a grand daughter, Elena Grace, we’ve been to see her, she’s lovely of course. And we delivered William’s first Kokua ‘balance bike. Second hand of course, small wheels, monoshock PU rear suspension, no brakes, a grass tracker maybe!

Have a great festive season all of you

Best wishes: Frank & Phyllis

Urgent, 08:55hrs Sunday 9th December Knut Trial Cancelled & an Apology from Bath & WoE






MESSAGE ENDS      —     Frank

Apologies from Bath and West of England MC.

Christmas has started early in the Talbot household forced by the cancellation of the Knut earlier today. Traditionally Christmas preparations start after the Knut when we buy and start decorating the tree the Tuesday after the Monday night committee meeting but we’ve bought the tree today and Craig, Gareth and Becky fitted it in the stand and it is twinkling away in the corner of the lounge.
We would like to apologise for the late cancellation of the Knut today, Nipper was putting the Castrol arrows out on the A46 just before 8am and found Grose Lane closed at both ends due to the Fire brigade attending a fire in the Barn at the “old” start area and we therefore had no access to the “New” start field so had no choice but to cancel. We telephoned everyone who had pre entered and put a phone number on their entry form, messaged facebook and the chattering and asked for the word to be spread. Unfortunately we couldn’t get hold of everyone so I am sorry for those who had a wasted journey.
At this stage it isn’t possible to run next weekend at this venue so we have reluctantly decided not to run the Knut this year so we will not be cashing the cheques of those who had already entered.
Our apologies once again and wish you all and your families a Happy Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.
Theresa Talbot
Bath Knut Trophy Trial Secretary

Southern Expert? It’s Alexz Wigg. New Parking for the Knut on Sunday. Centre decides to continue it’s “No Stop’ Trials Championship

Hello all,

I’ve been copied the Results of the Southern Experts. I guess it’s not a surprise that Alexz is this years Southern Solo Expert. More comment later.

I’ve also just been advised by the Bath Club, that they have secured a different parking area for this year that should avoid the difficulties that wet weather can bring for vehicles exiting the venue previously. Please watch for & follow the Castrol arrows from J18 of the M4, you’ll go down the A46 as usual, take the [I think from memory 2nd right hand turn, no it won’t, it’ll be the third] & go on past the little track on the right that you used for the last few years. The new parking area entrance is a little closer to Baths Lansdown Racecourse. If you get to the A420 you’ve gone too far!

The Board met on Tuesday for its monthly Meeting & amongst other matters discussed the format of the Centre Trials Championship for 2013., as has been advised via the usual mechanism. I introduced both the Rider consultation/survey  & the Club consultation/survey & the Chairman invited comments. I was disappointed, but not surprised, that no Riders, who are not Club Delegates, took the opportunity to attend the Board.

About 25 minutes of discussion ensued, with many cogent observations made which included recognition of the latest ACU, UEM & FIM stated positions, the known situations in the present Championships in other Centres [but which may be changed for their next Championship Series], the response rate to the Boards survey of Riders and those responses. It reviewed this years Championship to date and the Board was also mindful that it’s decision could only affect its Championship. So everything was debated at length on your behalf

The Board decided that it would retain the current “No Stop” Observation Rule for the 2013 Wessex Centre Trials Championship.

So there you have it. Thanks to all that have made input to the Boards deliberations. It’s been appreciated.

Hope to see you all at the Knut: Frank


Southern Expert anyone? Latest Centre Champs Trials Placings & Timed Trials tie break change. North Somerset Club TT Champ Final Placings, Wells Mike Cornish TT Results, NSMSC Richard Sage TT Regs & Entry Form

Hi everyone,

Haven’t yet discovered the Southern Experts Results, but it’ll be interesting to see how our Wessex guys did. It was an early start [09:30hrs] for first man away, & although it was sunny here in the morning, I’m not sure the ground at Hook Woods would have got any of it through the trees, or if the  slopes face away from morning sun. We’ll see.

Pete Dury has updated his Championship Tables, later than sometimes but I know he’s had some Family things that have taken all his ‘spare’ time lately. Although there’s still the Knut to be run on this Sunday, Pete says:-

“With one round to go, the updated championship tables are attached. As far as I can see, congratulations go to Gary Marshman who is confirmed as the 2012 Wessex Centre Champion for the second year running with Colin Crease as runner up.  [I agree with Pete, even if Colin takes 15 Champ points & Gary got none, it’s still in the bag for Gary – Frank]

Michael Ell has topped the Clubman class with Richard Elliott winning the Over 40 award and Dai Clothier the Over 50 class. Well done guys.

Please let me know if you spot any mistakes – this was all done in a bit of a rush.”

We’ve added the updated Final Trials Class of the TT Champs, to reflect the fact that Jerry Cross took second from Jason Hamblin by virtue of his ‘most wins’ tie break after they both finished with 60 points. Interesting that first & third men Simon [Prideaux] & Jason both rode every Round, whereas second & fourth placed men, Jerry & Andy [Frost] both only rode four of the six.

Turning to Club TT Champs, Jerry Walters says “Following the final round of the North Somerset Club Time Trial Championship at Stanton Wick Lane, congratulations go to new 2012 club champions Pete King in the Trials Class and Andy Frost in the Scrambles Class.

The Trials Class Championship could not have been closer, with Pete and Jason Hamblin both finishing on 75 points. Pete takes the title on the tie breaker, having one 3 Trials against Jason’s 1 win in the series.

Final Championship tables attached.  View these Tables here: NSMSC 2012 Club TT Champs Final Tables

Cheers – Jerry”

I know it’s not luck at all but Jason Hamblin must be rueing his ‘bad luck’ in losing out on a tie break in  his Club & the Centre  TT Champs!

More stuff tomorrow: Frank

The NSMSC RTC Richard Sage  TT Regs & Entry Form on 16 November 2012 are now available in the usual place!

And the Wells Club’s Mike Cornish Timed Trial Results are here Wells Mike CornishTT Results 02/12/12.pdf


N Somersets RT Keedwell TT & Presidents Champ Trial Results, Tonights Licencing Session at Warmley

Hi guys,

I’ve just posted the Presidents Results thanks to Ruth, find them as usual on the Results page

Colin took the win comfortably, from Kurt Brain [good to see you are back Kurt, hopefully fully fit.] We decided not to go mainly because of the weather, for the first time ever we have had Road Closed signs at both ends of our Lane, we were leaving our car down in the Village & walking /wading down to it! Our friends from the South West didn’t make it & as there was  only a Tiverton Club Trial on in their Centre I surmise they would have had flood troubles over the Somerset Levels &/or the M4.

We’ve also posted last, 18th Nov, weeks MSMSA RT Keedwell Club TT Results thanks to Jerry Walters

i don’t know if Pete Dury is on some leave, but I haven’t had any update Tables form him after the Selwood Novice/Bradley Cup Round, If I have some time I’ll do some unofficial places as at 27/11/12.

I’m running the last Regional T&E Licencing Seminar to night at Warmley & you can attend ‘last minute’ if you let me know before 17:00hrs



Mike Cornish TT Regs for 2nd December posted. Final Centre Champs Trial – Knut Trophy Regs available. Regional Licencing Seminars


We’ve just posted the Regs & Entry Forms for both the Wells Mike Cornish Club Timed Trial on the 2nd December & for the Knut Centre Champ Trial on 9th December. I’m sure you will read the Knut Regs carefully carefully & enter before the 6th December closing date. It’ll cost you several quid more if you turn up wanting to enter on the day.

Very pleased at the number of us that attended the Licencing Seminar last Wednesday, without you the sport couldn’t happen. You’ve still got time to get in touch to book tomorrow weeks session at Warmley just give me a call!


Frome’s Selwood Novice/Bradley Cup Centre Championship Trial Result. Timed Trial Championship Rules.

Hi guys,

Must rush Phyllis has just said dinners ready, Results posted in the usual place, Gary was the man today together with Rob Scott, James Dean. Richard Elliott, Jerry Glover, Dai Clothier & youth riders in their classes respectively,

Hope I’ve got it posted OK for you, I’ll look again  after dinner US GP permitting.

OK dinner over, yep the results for today are where I had put them. What a great day today, I didn’t get at all cold, Phyllis was in lovely sunshine all day, & thanks for your ‘Thanks for Observings. It was genuinely a pleasure.

Collected our TMX today, & after we got home I quickly scanned it, & I see the FIM has gone No Stop for outdoor trials next year, I think that probably removes the arguments over Stop/NoStop as NoStop  will be what all you aspiring World Champ riders need to practice  [Well Michael Brown, Dibs, Alexz, Jack Shepherd etc] & will want to ride in your Centre Champs?

Remember there was a tie on points for 2nd place in the T.Trial Champs! Some digging around in the Centre Archive has found the 1982 ‘Sun Life” Timed Trial Championship Rules – as it happens Phyllis had a set that she  used when she had to attribute the correct Championship points at the Tanner Trudge.

These Rules tell us that ties on points are settled in favour of the driver firstly with the most wins, if that does not resolve the tie it moves on to the driver with most seconds etc. If these tie breaks still don’t break the tie then the driver with the fastest time in the last Championship Timed Trial takes precedence. Is that clear? I shall make a point of including these Rules in the handouts that Regional CofC/Steward Seminars receive.

So after 30 years the Rules have had to be read again!!!


ps Fernando wins F1 Drivers Championship after Sebastien has alternator failure [next weeks Headline perhaps?] & don’t forget the North Somerset “Presidents” Trial next Sunday

ACU National Council Yesterday 17/11/12

Good morning all, & its lovely & sunny here now after the early morning frost. Hope there will be some sunshine at the Frome Championship Trial today at Frys Bottom.

The disappointing news at Rugby yesterday is that the MSA [Motor Sports Association] has proved intractable over their requirement to obtain their authorisation for Trials which use the Public Highway. In spite of the considerable effort & several Meetings that the Directors & ACU staff have had with the current MSA ‘Big Chief” we haven’t got anywhere. The outcome of this is that, as it is unlawful to run an event using the public road without MSA authorisation, ACU permits for such events will not be available unless you have the MSA Authorisation. You can’t get around it by organising non ACU permitted events either as it applies all events, whoever is the organiser.

I know you will say well we haven’t done this or that for years & maybe you haven’t had to, but it seems it has been a question of a ‘blind eye’ being turned to it in the past, & now the new ‘Big Chief’ [who has been with MSA for 23years already] has taken a strict view of his responsibilities.

So beware, you will need to obtain Authorisation. You should be able to find help on the process to obtain Authorisation via the ACU website [look

at the  MSA Authorisation Process page. Debbie Walmsley at Rugby can also help if you talk to her. I think you will find that the first time is the worst! if you run an annual event the second time will be easier & eventually it’ll be second nature [but an unwelcome necessity just the same]

See you in an hour or so: Frank