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Scott Trial …. new entrant?

Just got back from a few days away to watch the Scott Trial. We had a look round on Friday & for the first time ever we saw no-one out checking out sections, not even at old favourite Surrender. No local interest at all this year  so we didn’t even go to the start field on Saturday, but because I’d still got stitches from my “ignition system” change & didn’t want to carry a rucksack around we decided to go the long way round & come down the “Barney” road to get there rather that through Reeth & up to Shaw Gutter. We saw Richard Fogg spectating there, doing a recce for an entry & hopefully a ride next year. Rider No 1 was still in front of the field there but John Sunter [No 145] had made up an awful lot of time when he arrived, I hesitate to say an unreasonable amount, but you do wonder how some people are that quick. Although the best hope from our end of the country was Ricky Wiggins at 181 in the programme, he had withdrawn & his place was taken by Anthony Tempest on a 300 Fantic, who also went through so early that we imagine he was started before his 10:00 official time. We saw Tony Rew from SW Centre here as well, & his son Peter [No 106] had broken a throttle cable even before the first section so he was down on time. Two Subs here, the lower easiest & the top Sub difficult with its steep steps & left hand exit. Eric Lejeune looked to be carrying the biggest backpack & was puffing a bit already! Andy Cripps surprisingly fell off & fived the bottom sub – but he was the best of the rest at the end of the day with first Finishers Certificate on 188m/l I don’t know the system as George Morton had lost 188 marks as well but had the last Spoon

Then we had lunch in Langthwaite where I saw Jarvis motoring along the road towards Reeth, presumably a retirement. & went on to Reels Head as there was off road parking [the same as for Underbanks] A couple of loose rocky climbs with the second looking easiest. John Sunter was first through, but Jonatan Richardson who started 20 minutes later was well up. Michael Brown didn’t seem to be in a hurry & I wondered if he was going for a really low observation total?

Then off to Goats where most of the field had gone by the time we got here, on this home run visit there was just one section of jumbled rock which was proving too much for the exhausted riders who couldn’t even pop the front wheel over the first step. Most of these guys were not even attempting to ride through the exit cards to save time. Harriet Peacock, [No 2] who we were told was put out at her start position [I don’t know why – it obviously gives you the best chance of finishing the course] was being minded by a back marker who told her to put the front wheel in & then pulled her back out, was obviously going to be out of time [& was]. I see from the Results that she was given the Best Endeavour Trophy. I don’t know if she was pleased about that or not? Peter Rew came through so he was going to finish but whether he would be in time I wasn’t sure

Fairly local riders, George Edyvean & George Pollard both collected Finishers Certificates, Chris Shorey either retired or was out of time, & Jake Evans-Luter [160m/l] had a good ride for a Spoon & the Herbert Scott Cup for best first timer. Peter Rew will be disappointed as he was 10 minutes off a Finishers Certificate.

Ah yes who was the winner, Jonathan Richardson [2+39 = 41] – I tipped Jonathan for the Pinhard Prize at the last Board Meeting – unless a young road racer is nominated, 2nd James Dabill [9+38 =47] 3rd Ian Austermuhle [12+35 =47] Ah so fastest time takes precedence in tie breaks, that ‘s why Andy Cripps missed a spoon then, Michael Brown [19+36 = 55], Dan Thorpe [36=49 = 85], Wayne braybrooke [36+50 =86], & James Fry [30+57 =87]

So as you can see its close at the sharp end & where was Dougie Lampkin? Didn’t start, that ankle he hurt at the SSDT when showboating kept him out.

So there’s a taste of this years Scott, and to finish on another sad note, today has the funeral of road racer Marco Simoncelli who was taken during the MotoGP at Sepang in Malaysia the day after the Scott

Sadly we have to tell you …….

……. that Ken Hoult, President of Swindon & District Motor Cycle Club, passed away on Friday 21st October around 09:00 hrs. A true motorcyclist, Ken was officiating as the Starter at his Clubs Foxwell Fling Enduro in September when he was taken ill. In past years Ken was heavily involved with the BMF & in motor cycle training as well as his Club.

At present we do not have funeral details, but details will be posted on the Club web-site [qv] & here when we have the information. Our condolences go to Kens family & his friends


Regs for the Selwood & Bradley Cup Championship Trial

We’ve just posted the Regs for this Championship Round. You’ll see it’s a new venue at Chelwood (Frys Bottom) & the word is that it has great potential covering a really large area mostly of woodland with climbs & with streams running through the venue as well!

Get your entry in to Mary now, & fix yourselves up with Frome Dinner tickets from Mary as well – £18 for a ticket venues at Standerwick & its on Saturday 3rd December

See you at both?


Bath Clubs Peace Trial Cancelled, New ignition system fitted, Latest Trials Championship Tables etc. Board decision re Trials Championship Rounds

Bath Club News

I’m sorry to have to report that our Peace-Trophy Trial,due to be held on Saturday 5th November,has been cancelled. Unfortunately our usual venue,Rodney Farm,is not available to us at the moment,so we had no alternative but to cancel this year’s event.

We do however hope to run the Knut Trial this year and look forward to seeing you all again on Sunday December 11th.We’re planning to go to our usual venue at Dyrham Woods.More details nearer to the event.     Nipper Allen.

Franks’ News – had a new ignition system fitted last Friday. Thanks to NHS & RUH!

Centre Champion News – Merv Walker is ‘walking away’ with the  ‘C’ Novice class with 6 wins from 6 rounds. It’s extremely unlikely he will be beaten! It also looks most likely that Gary Marshman can take the Expert Class as, if he rides the next three rounds all those scores will count, whereas Ben Lovelace will drop a score if he rides the next three. It looks as if Colins’ Championship run will finish this year, unless some extremely unlikely events happen.

In AB Kevin Hart only need one third place ride to clinch it, although Trevor Ashford Dean Lovelace & Rob Scott are going to sort out the 2nd to 4th places between them I reckon. B class looks as if it’ll be Kevin Miller from Andy Kibby. I won’t embarrass our O/40 & O/50 riders, no I’ve changed my mind, I will! O/40: Mark Talbot leads Colin Bennett & I reckon he’s the favourite & in O/50 it’ll be Martin Strang.

Board Decision re this years Trials Champs:

“Following the October Board Meeting it was agreed that as some of the Wessex Centre Championship Trials have had to be cancelled for 2011 the Championship will be decided by  taking into account the best scores from all but two of the rounds held. Therefore if 10 rounds are held 8 scores will count but if a rider only rides in 6 of the rounds then all six of his scores will count.”





Stork Time

We are delighted to announce the arrival of another future riding star, Alfie Jake Hamblin, whose proud Mum & Dad are Amy & Jason.

Alfie was born yesterday, by Caesarian Section, after a long [36hr] labour at about half past five in the afternoon. As Alfie was a fortnight late & weighed in at 10lbs 2oz I’m sure all our Mums will empathise with Amy.

Our very best wishes to all of them including proud Grandad, Kevin. We look forward to seeing them all at Centre events.


ps & if you read the Wiltshire Times, there are pictures of Grace & Freya Noad in last Fridays edition

More Chatter!

WRT West Wilts Results, they seem to be back on the web!

You can check them here [by clicking], on our Non Championship Trial, Timed Trial, Hare & Hounds & Enduro Results for 2011 Page or on the Clubs website  WWMC H&H Results 02/10/11

Thinking aloud now, I know that we have normally posted Regs & Results on a Page that you have to visit to find the info you want that takes two clicks, whereas, as we’ve done above you can get to the info in just one click. I suppose one click is quicker, but having a Page for a years worth of Regs or Results makes most sense for our aim of providing an Archive of Information about the Centre. So at the end of 2011, we will begin a new Page for ie Non Championship Trial, Timed Trial, Hare & Hounds & Enduro Results for 2012 We are aware some of you out there have found it difficult to navigate to what you want to find, but we think that is because you are used to navigating other sites. For instance how many Banking on line sites work in exactly the same way? We find we get used to ‘knowing’ how to find the interest rate on Bank ‘y’s Accounts & then get frustrated because Bank ‘z’s site doesn’t do it the same way.  Let me know if you agree/disagree or have any ideas for improvements, as the turn of the year s a good time to make changes.

Here’s a question for you, I looked at the Enduro News website last night to see if there was anything up about the West Wilts Event on Sunday. Yes there was, but I then found it was aGallery of about 2500 pictures from the Event, now I don’t know about you but is anyone seriously going to look at all those pictures in case they want to buy one without the MLA Photography plastered across it? Or am I still just  a ‘bof’ who doesn’t understand the point of it all?  


























And now for the next lot of Stuff. Wells Championship TT this coming weekend, Errington Cup Trials Champ Round also on Sunday,WWMC H&H Results, Latest Trials Championships Points Tables etc etc

Now you’ve digested the earlier post this morning we have:

The latest Trials Championship Tables from Pete Dury

The West Wilts Hare & Hounds Results. Thanks to C of C Brian Shuttleworth & Secretary, Tom Gerken, I think all you riders had a good day? All the comments I heard about the event were complimentary. A lot of work goes into these events & our thanks go to the dedicated band of workers before & after the event & to the Travelling Marshals who were mainly Kingswood & WWMC members who were kept busy but mainly I think recovering breakdowns. The only problem I noticed was that 1 of the 2 lanes of timing went down. I checked our instructions for using the transponder system, you are asked to ‘swipe’ your right wrist over the  fixed scanner an inch or two from it. A rider took it into his head to swipe the scanner with what was more like a right hook straight at it, I gather, so that was why it went down, clearly the system failed its. ‘idiot test’, C’est la Vie. Weren’t we lucky with the weather? Ladies soaking up the sun, small children – there seemed to be a creche with all the Lego, toys & reading cards I saw in the pit – good to see Jack [Broadway] & Hayden [I’ve been corrected how to spell his name , I used to work with a Welshman called Haydn so sorry Ben sorry Abby or should that be Abbie?] Shuttleworth. Won’t seem like 10 minutes before they they are riding themselves!

We hope & intend to be back next year & look forward to seeing you all then! BTW Daryl Bolter was best performance (I would think that wasn’t a surprise?), but Dan Price had an excellent result being R/up

Stet – I havent posted Results as I can’t link to them this morning possibly a site problem.

Don’t forget we’ve got the next Centre Championship Wells Presidnts Trophy Timed Trial on Sunday, so get your entry off to Steve Thorne ASAP. Regs are posted  here & on Wells’ own website. Steve says “The Wells club are holding their Presdents Timed Trial on Sunday 9 October at 10:30am. The venue is Rookham Old Mine Site on the Old Bristol Road near Wells, postcode BA5 3AP. After the timed trial there will also be some sections set out for beginner youth riders. As it’s no longer possible for us to let our kids ride around and play at an event, this will be an opportunity to formally enter them and let them ride some sections. Please note all youth riders must be supervised at all times by a responsble adult or will be instructed to stop riding. This won’t be of much interest to experienced youth riders and will be on a no award basis.  Contact Steve Thorne 07775802273”

I think the Youth Beginners  Trial is a great idea, no cut throat competition but letting newcomers do what they want to do, ride their bikes, in a semi structured way with no pressures, but also within our Rules so that proper Insurance is in place. The only way to get the hang of it is by getting in ‘bike time’ & we all know what a range of ability there is across youth riders of all ages.

Don’t forget the West Wilts Trials Champ Round at Errington Sands is on Sunday as well, & Phyllis is waiting for your Entry!



Well I’ve been busy busy!

Those things I said I had to tell you about! There have been working parties at Farleigh on Wednesday Friday & Saturday & the Event yesterday. Afterwards we had been invited round to Clive for Dinner which was very welcome, then I checked the Results for our [WWMC] event were up – they were when I looked around 10:00pm & I also found there were several notes I need to draw your attention that came in on Sunday evening. Now I’ve got my own essential admin up to date I can make a start.

FROME CLUB DINNER Put this one in your Diary , Mary says 

“Hi Frank

Just to let you know our dinner dance will be on Saturday December 03rd at the usual venue at Frome Market, tickets are £18 (a real bargain). Could you put an entry in the gazette for me please. Any one interested please contact me on 01761 435035.

Many thanks”

Only £18:00? That is a bargain, isn’t it the Club is certainly paying you back for your support of their Events at that price, I should ring Mary now.

Now to videos: Fraser Dickin has some footage of the Hawkesbury & says:

I was testing out a helmet-mounted video camera (which is very similar, if not identical, to the one Chris Wrigley has) at today’s trial. I edited and uploaded some footage of me doing the yellow route sections which I’ve put here:
The reason I started at section 8 including some footage of “the off” is here:

I mentioned our International Lady Rider:

You can watch her here:

Trial 3 jours de l'Ardèche 2011 Trial 3 jours de l’Ardèche 2011

About this video:
“Cette première édition a été un vrai réussite sur tous les aspects : Organisation, interzone, tracé des zones, repas !!!”

Frank says: As one of the “bof “brigade I rather liked the background music, can anyone tell me who/what it is?

& in just a moment I’ll have posted the NSMSC Ivan Manning Trophy TT results from 25th September

Further stuff follows in a separate post: Frank