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Doh! WWMC Regs for 2nd October Enduro & 9th October Trial now posted

The Secretary of the Meeting asked me to print off the West Wilts Errington Cup Centre Championship Trial Regs a few days ago, as she’s had one entry for ages . So I went to the Centre website to download & print them. Guess what, they aren’t posted there & neither are the WWMC Hare & Hounds Regs for Farleigh Castle. Checked my emails – don’t see them in there either. Inspiration, look on the Clubs website. Ah there they are, obviously some miscommunication [missed communication] somewhere! Anyway both sets of Regs are now posted.

I’d suggest that you get your Entry to the Farleigh Hare & Hounds off ASAP to Tom Gerken as this will be a pretty popular  Event I reckon. I know October seems a long way away but time will fly!

BTW if you’re close by & want some Victoria Plums we’re picking them now – £1/kilo – in aid of Dorothy House Hospice in Winsley. Great for plum crumble, jam or just to eat raw. See you soon – Frank

Fromes’ Ron Jefferies Trophy Trial Cancelled

Hello all,

I’ve just had a message from Mary who says “Due to unforseen circumstances with events and family that weekend Tom and I
have decided to cancel the trial.”

Please ignore the announcements you will see in TMX’s Regs available & whats on – because it isn’t! I’ve also taken the Regs off the website.

Back to the decorating! – Frank

Inter Centre Team Trial, Ross T. hangs up his Boots, Shelly R. takes over his entry, North Somerset TattooTime Results

Hi everyone, several new things to tell you about.

The Youth team for the Inter Centre Team Trial [ICTT], managed by Theresa Talbot consists of Gareth Talbot, Josh Golding, Ollie Humphris, Tom Culliford and Victoria Payne. All are representing the Centre for the first time except for Josh Golding, I’m not expecting them to challenge for victory, but congratulate them all on being selected & hope they have an enjoyable event!

Had a mail from the former Ross Thurlow the other day I should share with you, —  “Hi Frank, its Ross Thurlow or rather it ‘was’ Ross Thurlow! I have some news for you which will make interesting reading in the Gazette. I have been troubled by an inner conflict for many years and finally I have taken the necessary steps to resolve this. I have been diagnosed with ‘late onset gender dysphoria’ which basically means I am a woman trapped in a mans body. I am having hormone treatment at the London gender identity clinic and am in transition to becoming a full physical woman. As a condition of my treatment by the NHS I am required to live, work and play 100% full time as a woman and as such I have now changed my name by deed poll to Shelly Redworth. I have an ACU competition licence in this new name and intend to ride competitions in my new role. As a result of the hormones I am losing muscle mass and thus strength so I am finding it impossible to ride at my previous level so I will probably ride ‘over 40’ I feel that I should let the local trials community know the score as obviously for me this is a stressfull time and I would rather have people know the facts rather than hearsay and gossip! Kind regards Shelly.”

Frank says, “Welcome Shelly, we look forward to having you around the Trials scene, the blokes had better mind their  p’s & q’s when Shelly & our other ladies are around!”

More on the ICTT – our Sidecar team is No. 126 Jon Tuck/Matt Sparkes, 127 Steve Radford/Mike Redstone, 128 Dave Tuck/Steve Chandler & 129 Andy Scrivens/Martin Lawford, Providing they get there intact & all finish they will be strong contenders – it would be great if they can pull it off

Finally this afternoon, we’ve posted the North Somerset TattoTime Timed Trial Results courtesy Jerry Walters

The decorating is progressing, slowly, at least I’m not inside wanting to be outside in the sunshine, as it’s still cold, wet & miserable where we are — Frank

Those Regs are up! And some comment & suggestions from Frank

As promised we’ve posted up the Frome Ron Jefferies Centre Championship Trial Regs, the North Somerset RT Keedwell Timed Trial Regs, & the Blackman TT results I found I’d already posted [brain fade I suppose!]

Sunbeams’ Greybeards is a handicap event btw – if you are 40 you’re handicapped 30ml,  with a zero ml handicap if you’re 70 or over any machine is eligible. If you want to make a weekend of it the Sunbeam Club is running a British bike & twin shock [including foreigners] at the same venue the day before, you can camp at the venue as well. Let me know if you any more info.

The decorating is coming on slowly, two walls have to be transformed from matt black to a much paler colour

My understanding  now is that Tyson went out on day two of the ISDE after speeding on the public highway, many riders were stopped by the Polis I gather & some riders had their driving licences impounded! The suggestion seems to be that the time schedules were too tight  – nb there was a similar problem at this years  SSDT where the time allowed for a purely road section back to Fort William was insufficient, & riders were allowed extra work time next morning. Paul Edmondson got his 17th Gold – what a record, it seems like only yesterday when he’d be at the Bristol Dirt Bike Show on his unicycle! Brother Lee finished 7th overall & 4th in the C1 class, & of the 14 women starters 7 finished.

And now for something completely different, how about going to the Vintage Club sprint meeting at Wroughton next Sunday signing on from 08:30, first timed run ca 11:00hrs, there are 26 classes with just the one Vintage class[ up to 30/12/45 are eligible] ranging up to unblown over 2litre machines and road legal machines – could be fun.

Also, don’t forget, the Bristol Grass Racing Combine are hosting the National Youth Grass Track Champs at their track at Hullavington on 3rd September

See you at the Ron Jefferies? – Frank



Several news items for you! Welcome to Grace & Freya. Greetings from Chris & Janet. Tyson out of ISDE

Hi all,

been busy decorating & theres’s still quite a bit of work to do, so if you have felt neglected you know why.

First off, the Frome ‘Ron Jefferies’ Trial has had to be moved forward a week to the 4th September so please take that on board & get your Entry in to Mary Crease asap. Regs will be up by Monday if not before.

The reason the Ron Jefferies has been moved is that it’s original date has been usurped by the Inter Centre Team Trial which is at Lllanfyllin in Mid Wales Centre on 10th youth/sidecar & 11th Adult solo of September, as Tom ,our Team Manager , & Mary can’t be in two places at once they have fortunately been able to move the Frome date forward. Our team is Colin Crease, Craig Talbot, Lee Hassall & two new team members, Fred Adams & Kurt Brain, lets hope the Cof C ‘s take on board the T&E C’ttee exhortation to make sections suitable for ‘ordinary’ Centre riders. There will also be a 1 minute time allowance for actually riding the section.

Additionally we have entered a youth team & a sidecar team & I’ll give you names as soon as I have them.

What else needs to be posted up?  The ‘Greybeards’ this year is being run off road in Kent at Horsmonden, with an open permit on 4th September so if you are over 40 you are eligible!

And a third event on 4th September is the North Somerset RT Keedwell restricted to Club Timed Trial Regs up by Monday if not before! I’ve got their Blackman Trophy Timed Trial Results to post as well!

Who are Grace & Freya? – they are Andy Noad & Lucy’s identical twins who are now about 10days old. Congratulations to Lucy & Andy

It’s ISDE time & I see West Wilts member Jenny Hodgkins is there for the fortieth time, as the ACU website says “Then to watch Jenny with her clip board is an education in itself with all their time allowances’ on keeping a watchful eye of anything up to 6 to 8 riders, when they should leave and go and check in for the day she is so good at doing this job, but she has had some good training this will be her 40th ISDE looking after various teams a sterling effort Jenny.” I don’t know if Tyson Maytom-Jones  is still in or not, he was reported as being in on time on the first day, but I can’t find him in the start list for day 5 [today ] Afternote  – Tyson went out on TC38 on day 2 I’ve found on the FIM website

We’ve another brief missive form our Francophiles Chris & Janet. Chris reports —- p”Hi Frank just got back to Guys house after 3 weeks on the road (trials professionals now…except we have to pay!)  I think everybody knows of if not about the 4 days of Cruise (or Sardent) I found it a bit tough on the S3 route it’s pretty daunting to be faced with big (and when I say big I mean big) rocks 80 odd different sections over 4 days have to walk every one! and they’re not mickey mouse sections. We then went on up to the Haut Vosges taking the touristic route via the Jura and Alsace regions. We went to a trials “school” at La Bresse where you can camp and ride on typical European standard sections (it’s all a bit different to Wessex Centre.) 15 euros a night to camp with electric water sauna showers etc… 8 euros a day to ride with pressure washer at end of day;.. the guy who runs it is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about trials.. thoroughly reccomended for a weeks trialling holiday and about 5 hours from Calais. We then went to the 3 days of Haut Vosges trial at Vagney just 25 k down the road. This was for me the best of the three classic trials we have so far done this year 72 sections , 100 k /day of interzone with practically no sight of tarmac (when you do get to ride a bit of road it’s a blessed relief!), the sections have generally 3 different routes with mix and match available also… there is something for everybody. Again they like to use rocks in abundance fortunatly grippy granite ones here. Janet was on podium for 3rd time in 3 trials. I came 32 out of 70 odd in my S3 class rode with Charles Coutard was very interesting all round with 4 course meals at every lunch stop ..excellent regional food with of course wine on the table. Back now to to our regime of practicing every other day. thats all for now Hi to all trials friends.”

That’s it for now, it’s past my bedtime! Frank