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N Somersets’ Blackman TT Results, Swindon’s Maslin Trophy Club Trial – Date Change

Hello all,

just a couple of things for you, we’ve added the Blackman Trophy Results for you, I see Jason Hamblin was winner again! but Andy Frost pushed him by setting standard time & was only docked two 3’s on observation  whereas Mark lost 1 on time & was clean on observation. As Andy was in the scrambler class which is normally a significant handicap as far as being overall winner  is concerned finishing as the Runner up sounds a very good effort to me. Jasons’ brother Mark  was 2nd in the trials class & 3rd overall being docked a 5 in section 6 & gave away 3 on time to Andy to lose 8 overall. R/up in the scrambler class was Andy Scudamore who at the end of the day had lost 49.

Keith Wooster has asked me to confirm the Maslin Trophy has been put back by a week, from the 4th August to the 11th, & that TMX has got it correct in its’ Regs available section. The Club web-site is currently still showing the date it has been changed from!

That’s it for now – Frank

What’s New, Monday 18th July

Hello all,

We’ve added Results for North Somersets’ Smokehouse 2day Timed Trial on 9th & 10th July as 1st Day & 2nd Day inc. the Overall. A Hamblin benefit? Jason was the winner & Mark the runner up

You’ll also find their [NSMSC’s] TattooTime Chase Club Restricted Timed Trial Regs for the 13th of August.

That alert about Bike Thieves we put up a few days ago got National Coverage in Fridays TMX I noticed, but be on your guard just in case.

We hear fom West Wilts that both Ian & Ben Shuttleworth didn’t make the second day of the Knighton Round of the British Enduro Championship in Radnor Forest. Ian with injuries sustained when a driver turning right across him & into the drivers side of his van after the first days conclusion, & Ben with mechanical bike trouble. Tyson Maytom-Jones would have been disappointed with his 11th & 12th places.

That’s it for the moment. Frank

Watch Out: Thieves Are Active in the Bath Area

Hi everyone.

Please check out your bike storage security, & keep your eyes & ears open for any info about all or any of the 3 bikes noted below. If you notice anything like this on Ebay or get offered anything like this ,again, John would like to know

John’s  a Swindon {& other local Clubs} member & wants to alert others in the area & is offering a substantial reward for info leading to recovery & conviction of the lowlife.

John had three bikes stolen on Thursday night, July 1st, from his garage in the Bath area.  It was a detached garage, the thieves broke into the roof to disable the alarm then broke open the garage door. A fairly unusual collection of bikes was taken which can be easily identified.

1983 red Yamaha XT550. It has a huge  red Acerbis plastic desert tank, red Acerbis rear mudguard,  Frame and engine number 5YR136057.

1988 Yamaha YZ250WR. Very unusual enduro bike, with big plastic tank.  Frame number JYA3RBW05KA000977, engine number 3RB-000977.

1982 Fantic 200. Almost entirely standard, and therefore unusual, but in superb condition. Original footrests, original black plastic sump guard, Frame number FM19641OM.

Trowbridge police are handling the case who can be contacted on 0845 4087000, log number 71, Friday July 1st, Pc 994.

John can be contacted on 01249 465229, please ask for John, & will pay a £500 reward for information which leads to recovery of the bikes and the apprehension of the thieves

Theres more detailed identification details available –  let the Police know, John Know, or ask me – Ed.


Give me a minute & I’ll have you all updated! ACU General Secretary visits Centre Board Meeting.

Normal Service will be resumed shortly. Just had a week looking after William during the day [his day starts at 06:00hrs & stops about 19:30hrs at his bedtime. It’s been a long time since we were last changing babies! He’s not quite crawling yet but is mobile – turn your back & he’s gone!

In a jiffy I’ll have posted up the Results of the Wells Clubs Lawford Timed Trial & Youth Trial from 25th June & the Regs & Entry Form for North Somersets Wednesday evening 20th July Timed Trial.

Last Tuesdays Board Meeting welcomed Gary Thompson who had asked to attend. Pleased to say it was a two way Meeting with questions asked of & answered by Gary. He has by the way been appointed CofC for the IoM TT next year so as he says ‘no pressure there then’ Talking of the TT, Ken Lywood thanked the Board for giving him two VIP day tickets for this years TT – he enjoyed it. So I think we can say that Kensmany years of Service to the Wessex Centre was suitably recognised.

We dispatched our routine business swiftly, and agreed to make a donation to BGRC tto help defray the costs of Trophies for the Schoolboy National Grass Track Finals they are hosting. Four Clubs had made comments about the ‘on line’ issue of Licences/Trials Registration. Gary has summarised these & Directors will discuss & consult further.

Gary brought the bad news that we are on track to make a thumping great loss this year, due to the Permit income being much reduced from last year. Directors are addressing this issue urgently.

The things riders apparently get away with & that Organisers overlook or ignore continues to stagger me, Gary instanced one Rider who had been riding without a Trials Registration for 18 months! No Problem? No it wasn’t until he had a fall during a Trial & apparently cracked/broke a couple of ribs. The guy died in hospital the day after the Event. So we [Gary] has to explain away to the Police why our well documented procedure of checking Licences had been circumvented by this rider. I wouldn’t wish to have been an Official at that Event, there may well be repercussions. You have been warned!

Sorry to hear that Aaron Poolman has broken a leg, & that he will miss his ACU Team ride in the upcoming ISDE.

Pleased to hear Becky Cook has regained her Ladies Trials Championship with a Round to go