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Here’s the latest ‘View from Ba House”…

A few weeks ago I got a present from ACU Headquarters, a lovely certificate that said our club was now licensed to run motor cycle events on their behalf. Mind you It’s been a long time coming,but at least  now the really serious event organisers will be getting the recognition they deserve. Personally I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the present set-up ,because it tends to attract the wrong sort, ( willing amateurs,lacking proper business sense, running events on a shoe-string.) What we need are more hard-nosed managers, able to maximise earnings for our sport, and then maybe we can all be paid the proper rate for our involvement. And when the certificate runs out, in a few years time, I’m sure none of us will mind paying the ACU a fee to renew it.

The 100th Anniversary Scottish went off well. The organisers did just enough to make it special, and  everyone watching must have enjoyed their week. The No 1 Wessex team, the two Ians and Andy Noad, had a wonderful time, all finishing more or less alright, although Ian Shuttleworth collected more bruises than was good for him. By the end of the week he had so much strapping on his rib-cage that he couldn’t bend down properly. Sadly,it seems that this will be their swan-song, because they’ll all be off doing other things from now on.

Our team,( Team Titanic ), had a bad week.We were again without our real leader,who had stayed home to look after the dog, and both our riders were carrying injuries which precluded any chance of a  decent result, so the main aim was for them to finish the week without further grief. However even that proved to be over-optimistic when on Thursday Craig went off the track at speed, near Fersit, head-butted the only decent-sized tree for miles, and knocked himself out.Becky meanwhile, drove more slowly, stayed safe and finished the trial in good order.

I had a good week. Once my chambermaiding duties were over, ( washing and dressing the team ), the rest of the day was my own. Friday was the best day for me. I went with Chris and Janet to Kingairloch, did two hours bog-walking ,watched the section, listened to Harry Lampkin give a southern teenage Prima-Donna a proper telling off, walked down to the road, then got picked up by the team van just in time to join in the White-Van Grand-Prix. ( Now that is dangerous, but you do get to see a lot of sections in a very short time.)

The trial itself was decided on Town-Hall- Brae when Alex Wigg’s chain came off and the resultant five lost him the trial. The new Shercos seem to have a problem with chains, and I’m surprised theyr’e not yet looking for a cure. Still before you can solve a problem, you have to admit that you have a problem.

When I got back from Scotland I volunteered to help with the British-Championship-Sidecar-Round, held at Lamb’s-Lair and Chelwood and run by BSSA. One good thing about watching sidecar trials is that the entry tends to go around mob-handed, so there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy the action. What strikes me most about them is how much they mirror our trials. Their courses now have become all nadgery and they hop up, down and sideways, just like our solos do. Sadly though their game is dying, for they had only four outfits riding the hard route in a total entry of just nineteen.

Still it looks like the ACU Headquarters recognise that there’s a serious problem, because they sent John Collins along to visit the event, and at a meeting afterwards he asked for suggestions on how the sidecars could be saved. For me it was quite a depressing discussion because ,as is usual, no good way forward was identified.

I can’t understand why they didn’t ask me. I could have put them right. It’s all the ACU’s fault. They should never have removed the sidecars from the solos in British-Championship events in the first place. At the time it seemed the right way, trials were going crazy, and old type sidecars couldn’t be accommodated, but now they are much like modern solos and they would all fit in a lot better. At the moment even the solo championship is in trouble, with small entries and small crowds. A return of the sidecars could only   improve matters for everyone,in my opinion.    ………………….      BA


Wells & Dist, Youth Trial & Timed Trial Date changed to this Saturday June 25th, More from our man in Corsica

Steve Thorne says

Hi Frank

It’s looking like the start time for the youth might be delayed slightly to 3.30pm

HI Frank – The Wells club has changed the date of it’s June event, the Lawford Timed Trial which will now be held at 6pm on Saturday 25 June at 6pm. The venue is Emborough Ponds and in the afternoon on the same day there will also be some sections set out for beginner youth riders. The start time for the youth event will be at 2.30pm and it will be a non-timed opportunity for young beginners to have a ride prior to the adult event. – Cheers: Steve

I havent posted the Regs/Entry Forms yet as I’m really busy but wanted you to be in the know ASAP

And now for something completely different

Hi Frank ..don’t remember where I got to in my memoirs !.. My ruddy bike conked out.. turned out to be HT coil… Dherby Moto (near Geneva) send stator and CDI unit  (warranty replacements) on 24 hour courier  the service here from bike shops puts our shops to shame!..any way there was some malcomrehension and they diddn’t sent HT coil .the mechanic for the Rando ( google Michael Pizzano) Jean scoured the island and founs an HT coil from a DT yamaha we fitted it and bingo  off we went again..some of the rides were a little on the hard/dangerous side for me ( well out of my comfort Zone..don’t tell  my mum) we were up to 2400 mtrs high on the edge of mountains etc etc. In all we covered 500 kilometers in 5 days (8 hour days)the off piste riding was much harder than eg the ride up Blackwater in Scotland..I would say that the riding in general was as tough as the Scottish as the goat traick on the mountains were effectively continous sections all granite rock with descents so horrendous that we all including Mika (Pizzano) had to demount and manhandle the bikes down several times.. a superb experience for trials riders generally and excellent value for money all inclusive 4 night at 3 star hotels.. excellent food all you can eat plus the last hotel was only one without pool & Jacuzzi but the old lady who ran it wa just like your mum all home cooked more .etc.etc…  5 lunchstop pic nics included 680 euros. We have to go to Dherby Motos (near Geneva c. 2 hours from here) on Teusday now to get my bike sorted ..we fitted new stator and cdi but had to give back the Ht coil that we borrowed so we will just take the bike as is to the shop and they will fix it ..all under questions asked no problem. Our next competitive event here is 4 days of Cruise followed by 3 days of Haut Vosges.. we will take a week to trundle over to Cruise (google ATC st. Christophe) via the Cevennes and then  2 weeks via the Jura and Alsace to get up to Vosges, Jant is entered in both these events ..we understand that the Haut Vosges interzone is pretty tough so fingers crossed that she can manage… if it’s like Corsica ..extreme ..where it is all you can do to get by at times nobody will have any reseves of stamina to help her so we may have un Gros problem. We start riding again on thursday in Guy’s playground ..Gorges de Ardeche.. trials here are really differnt  as are the riders at 3 jours D Ardeche we were all camped up with free electric .water toilets etc. and proffesional riders came over for aperatifs and we rode each other bikes..I wanted thier opinions on my mods to steering etc.. realy nice  guys Loris Gubain Quilloum ??? I sponsor (footrests only) the winner of the trial and 4 times French Champion..Jerome Bethune..he is a real Charcter and  puts on a good show for the public is normal practice here for the pros to put on a show/demonstration after the trial for the benifit of the locals and of course to entertain the riders whilst waiting for the results and prizegiving..all is done before the event is over..i.e the remis prix/podium is an integra;l part of the trial it is considered bad manners to go home early. Have loads of video but no photos ..may be able to scrounge some from the other guys to email. All best

Thanks Chris for the update. They do it differently over there don’t they.

Again I haven tried to tidy Chris’s mail for the same reason but I can imagine it’s difficult to get all the spellings etc right when the suns pouring down & you can’t really see the laptop screen very well but I thought you’d all want to be kept up to date – Frank


David Knight MBE, & more ‘Stuff’

Hi all,

What do we have to say for ourselves this morning?  — Well, we all have to congratulate David Knight on the award of his MBE, – most of us can only dream about having his ability to ride bikes quickly- & must be pleased that his ability & success have been recognised.

We’ve also posted up the BSSA 4th Alan Brown T. Trial Results, the BSSA 2hour Brian Hudson T. Trial Regs & Entry Forms,  the amended N Somerset Weymouth Trophy Results & the West Wilts Hare & Hounds Results.

Remind me to tell you about my conversation with Gordon Jackson some time.

See you soon:   Frank

News from Corse – from Chris W & Janet H. MotoGiro d’Italia. ACU consultation on introduction of an online Competition Licence/Trials Registration system.

Hi Frank, a quick report from the mountains of Corsica.

What a beautiful Island. Arrived monday 7 am,  riding in mountains by 9 am.  Used up 12 litres of fuel exclusively on tracks and trails up to 2400 m [ca 7500′ Ed.] high First hotel fantastic with pool ,jaccuzzi, etc, food excellent. My bike died today, we think it is electrical so a replacement stator ,coil and cd [? Ed.]are on 24 hr delivery from Dherby moto. I have to say this shop puts any and all uk trials shops to shame with the service and choice, [eat your heart out BVM? – Ed.] It’s the biggest trials outlet in europe. tomorrow I have to sit it out by the pool or in the jacussi ,sauna, or bar this hotel is also very good.

We are being guided by a paris dakar & enduro rider called Michael Pissano and spannnered by his mechanic.. bivouac lunch stops refuelling ad hoc..thoroughly reccomend this deal as it is about same offroad mileage as the Scottish with the sections built into the tracks. Exceptional panorama’s weather 28 at 2400 mtrs, sunny with a violent thunderstorm for 30 mins today. We also did a 3 day trial in Ardeche very very good videos etc on Janet on podium as usual.Sorry about spelling etc I just cant see this screen too well. Better get to sleep now 0815 start tomorrow so will breakfast with the guys. all good company I was in tears of laughter at dinner tonight. Best regards to all trials mates at home will keep posting. Chris

At the last Board Meeting all Clubs were reminded that ACU Rugby has issued a consultation document about online Competition LicenceaTrials Registration. Directors say its [an online Licence application Form which will take your Fee by debit or credit card]going to happen for next year & will be in place by 01/11/11. The current paper system will continue in parellel. The Centre urges all Clubs to consider the consultation document & respond directly to Gary Thompson. FYI the document was sent [I don’t know if paper copies were sent or not] to all Club Secretaries, Gary wants response by 30/06/11 thats just a fortnight away now.

West Wilts are responding as the system that will be introduced does not in the Clubs opinion meet the need of Clubs – it might suit Rugby, but not us as a Club. We suspect your Club will find the same. If you need a copy of the document ask Keith Wooster, Theresa Talbot or myself.

‘New’ Centre Treasurer Clive Chapman had just got back from the MotoGiro d’Italia a six day Rally in surprise surprise Italy on his 175cc MotoGuzzi Lodola together with a lot of other Brits. Have a look at for  the route & results.


More “Stuff” – from the Kingswood & North Somerset Clubs

The NSMSC’s Weymouth Trophy Timed Trial Results from Saturday evening 4th June are now available on the ‘Results’ page

We’ve posted the Regs & Entry Form for Kingswoods 2day Summer Social Trial which is on the Saturday & Sunday 2nd & 3rd July at Lambs Lair.

Interesting Event this one – its being held as an Open Event – so as long as you’ve a Trials Registration or Competition Licence you don’t have to a member of the Kingswood Club or a member of a Centre Club. There’s just 2 Routes – Sportsman for Novice Adult, Youth B, O 50 & Twinshocks – & – Gentleman for Youth C O60 & pre 70 British bikes (but not suitable for rigid machines). Regs tell you its Self Observing in groups of 4 or 5 riders Why not give it a go?

Then we’ve put up the NSMSC’s Rgs & Entry Form for the 2 day “The Valley Smokehouse” Timed Trial on 9th & 10th July. There’s an Entry Limit of 60 for these so make sure you get in early

We’ve also put up the Regs & Entry Form for (another) Kingswoods’ Abbotside H&H Enduro on 31st July.

Better get your Entry in early for this one as well because there’s a limit of 120 on the Entry & it’s a popular event!


BSSA Timed Trial, Saturday 11th June – Venue changed, Start Time put back.!

Jan Watkins has mailed something urgent

Hi Frank,
As you know we were to be at Filers Wood, but unfortunately Mr Filer has cows in the field and so we have had to change to  Scars Wood, Lulsgate, also Martin has just informed me he now requires a change of start time from 5.00 pm to 6.00pm.
Regards: Jan

So get yourselves to Scarrs Wood at Lulsgate for a 18:00hrs start on Saturday. Frank


Chattering is delighted to announce a new generation of Shuttleworths!

Yes, Ben Shuttleworth is a Dad! Abbie , of course had the difficult bit to do & apart from being a 10 days or so late all went well & young Haydn weighed in about 71/2lbs at 23:30 on Friday night at RUH in Bath. As is the way of things these days little Haydn was home at 2:30am this morning & all are well. We look forward to seeing Abbie & Haydn at events very soon.

Continuing with the future, we’ve just seen the latest picture of our own grandson, William, who now sports two top teeth & a cherubic smile!

Watch this space for further ‘happy events’ announcements later on in the year. We hear there are three more Mums to be!  – Frank

Glenis Sinclair TTrial Results etc

Hi all,

Summers back again, wow today was a scorcher wasn’t it.

Thanks to Jan Watkins we’ve added the Results of the BSSA 2hour Timed Trial.

There’s more stuff to upload – the Tuck/Cross S/car National Results from last Sunday, John & Matt won btw, the Regs etc for Kingswoods H&H Enduro on 31st July & their 2day Social Trial on 2nd & 3rd of July – but its past my cocoa time & its an early start tomorrow for the West Wilts Working Party at Naish Hill for our Hare & Hounds & Sundays going to be a long busy day as Scrutineering starts at 09:30hrs.

If you want a ride, get in touch with Kay Gerken as we’re accepting entries on the day unless or until the Entry is full.

See you Sunday I hope: btw congrats to Aran Poolman on being selected for the ISDE Trophy Team for Finland – Frank

ps We hear the TT Mountain Course was closed for several hours today as a result of a Practice crash – heres hoping it wasn’t serious but I fear the worst just from the time the Course was closed. Dangerous stuff Road Racing in my opinion