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Here you are BSSA’s 2nd Alan Brown TT results & Regs for their Reg Lewis Solo & S/car Trial are posted

Jan Watkins has sent across the Results for BSSA’s 2nd Alan Brown Timed Trial, & the Regs for their Reg Lewis Restricted to Club Solo & S/car Trial. Find them on the appropriate Pages.

Jan says she had to buy a new computer & that’s slowed her down a bit. Know how you feel Jan

Terry Bunn Memorial Centre Championship Timed Trial Results

Good morning.  Apologies to Timed Triallers that this wasn’t posted sooner.

Don’t blame NSMSC, blame me, I’ve been a little busy!

Overall winner was Jason Hamblin, with 7 laps completed, only 6marks  lost on observation + 7 on time. Andy Frost set standard time, & only jason, Scott King, Justin Adams & Martin Lawford, who was R/up, were able to equal Andy’s 7 laps. With over 50 starters it sounds like a good well supported event.

As far as I know there is only the Swindon Clubs Klindt Club Trial onfor you tomorrow!


Revised Results for James Cup, Latest Centre Trials Champ. Tables after the first 3 rounds.

Good evening  to all.

Revised results are now posted for the James Cup. The changes relate to Youth A & Youth B classes, Luke & Josh Golding got confused by the results team, & Oliver Humphris was “forgotten” altogether during the spreadsheet manipulation. That is now corrected & apologies to all three of you for the errors!

Pete Dury has updated the Champ Tables, & comments

2011 Wessex Championship update after Round 3 – The James Cup on Sunday 13th February.

Ben Darch has taken over as Championship leader with a 3 point lead over Kurt Brain with Lee Hassall in 3rd place.

Kevin Hart has a healthy lead in the Clubman Expert Class while Kevin Millar has a 2 point lead over Ant Millar in the Clubman class.

Merv Walker made it 3 wins in a row in the Novice class to take a massive 13 point lead after only 3 rounds.

In the nearly old guys class Mark Talbot holds a 2 point over Colin Bennett and in the really old guys class Steve Hodge holds a slender lead over Brian Shuttlewoth.

As always, please let me know if you spot any mistakes or errors.

Cheers: Pete  [I’ve emboldened the Petes description of the entrants to the O40 & O50 classes – I don’t want to think about how Pete might describe me! What does Methuselah mean?

& Pete asks: Anyone got a tidy 125cc for under a grand?

You did realise that Pete includes the Championship Dates under the “Dates” tab in the workbook didn’t you? I mentioned  in an earlier Post that the Fixture card was missing a couple of asterisks  [they denote Centre Champ Rounds] so Pete’s list is the ‘gospel’ but as always dates can & do change for various reasons during the year so always check! Here endeth that lesson.

I hear that there will certainly be some people –  eg Joanne Coles – with an SSDT Entry who won’t take it up so we expect some people on the Reserve List to be in. So among those well known to us Scott & Mark Cameron, Ricky Wiggins & Craig Talbot might yet be there. Also heard that Craig’s scaphoid hasn’t healed properly & is going to be pinned. Oh dear!

Tony Moulder struggled a bit at the James Cup, but he had time to tell Phyllis that yes he did hear me holler at him – it was intended to be encouragement! – at Roys Rocks in last years Scott Trial but by then the fatigue had set in & nothing made a lot of difference! But at least it registered that someone was on his side.

That’s it for the moment: Frank

West Wilts James Cup Results up now!

Hi all,

The Observers Cards were obviously worse than I thought! Two cards got so soggy they were still indecipherable after drying out out.

But we still got a result!

I suppose we all guessed Ricky Wiggins would be the likely winner, & among the Experts it went Ricky, Adam, Gary Marshman, Ben Darch, Lee Hassall, Ben Skinner, Kurt Brian, Paul Mountstevens & Tony Moulder.

I know I’ve already said you were all heroes, but now results are available, have a look at Youth B results: George Marshman won on the tie break from Harry Bean, both dropping 83, with Lee Bond just 1 mark back & Victoria Payne 5 back from George & Harry. Jamie Knight kept plugging away for a finish, Solly Griffin & Georgina Vincent chose a really difficult venue & conditions for their first West Wilts ride. Keep an eye open for them both in future.

Having watched the exit of Section 15 for a while on the last lap I obviously missed the best Expert ride – Ben Darch made it for two dabs! Over the 3 laps  Adam parted with 5, Ben with 8, Ricky with 11 & Gary with 13 – his best effort being on his last lap – who said it got more difficult during the day?

Enough from me: I know you want to look at your own score.

Keep your feet up: Frank

What a day at the West Wilts James Cup Trial!

I hope you’ve all got home & have dried out a bit now. I reckon you Riders were all Heroes!

And your Observers were Super Heroes.

F.Y.I.      Here’s a list of them, Phyllis Sweeting, Nicola Golding , Jonathan Milne, Fred Rowcliffe, Dave Ratcliffe, Colin Hassall, Trevor Hilton, Theresa Talbot, Tom Crease, Mary Crease, Ian Shuttleworth, Stuart Jobbins, Steve Usher, & Chris Kelly . I know all of you appreciated their standing out for hours because I heard lots of you thanking them.

Another terrific entry for a Centre Championship Trial – 87 with 3 non starters. There was a bit of queueing bit with the weather making things more difficult than intended I know but that’s how it is when it’s a small venue. Good to see quite a lot of you back at the Barge in Bradford afterwards. The Valers were last to leave!

Results? Deciphering Observers cards is going to be difficult as a lot will need drying out first, so I’m not expecting them to be available until tomorrow. As soon as I have them I’ll get them up for you. I still think that if it hadn’t been wet the Expert winner would have been in single figures, so I’ll stick my neck out & reckon that there will be an expert estimating his score at <20 marks lost . What the Observers cards will say though may be different! We’ll have to wait & see.

A proper trial though, showing off the remarkable skill within the Expert class & strength [because lusty footing was needed] & skill shown in all of the other classes. I watched Ricky Wiggins slide back down the mud face of section 15 on his third lap to five & then Adam Norris, just managing to get out for  a three with some really powerful footing, so I knew how daunting the exit was for some of the rest of you!

Next Championship Trial is the Frome Club’s Wyndham Haines on 13th March

See you soon Frank

Todays Border Cup Results [06/02/11] are here for you!

Hi Guys & Ladies,

Team Talbot have worked wonders with Results- They are now posted for you.

You may now have a Centre Fixture card, will you all note that although the Mendip Traders, 24th April & the Frome Ron Jeffries, 11th September are not starred in it, they should have been. So BOTH THESE EVENTS ARE Centre Trials Championship Rounds.

I thought the winner today might be on 10 or less. Guess what? Colin, having done the 18:00 – 06:00 shift last night/this morning still came home the winner on just 8 m/l. If work lets him ride many rounds those other guys will have to work hard to usurp his title.

Hope to see you all again next Sunday at the West Wilts James Cup trial


We’ve held the AGM for 2011 & Maisie Payne was presented with a Rose Bowl.

Right then, there’s a list of people you are lumbered with until next time [!] on a Page called ‘Centre Officials’ under the About parent page.

We’re delighted that Chris Fear was elected as your President – in case you didn’t know –  she does a lot of work behind the scenes to help the Centre to run smoothly, as well as the work she does for the Kingswood Club.

The outgoing President has the award of the Harry Croft Trophy in his gift, & he chose to award it to Ken Lywood, the man who has held the Centrte Finances under control for more years than he cares to remember. In recent years the trophy has seemed to have been awarded to the person who has made most contribution to motor cycling in the Centre in the previous year, but Ken tells me that originally it was intended to be an award to the young person who made the biggest contribution!

We welcome our new Treasurer, Clive Chapman, a member of the Swindon Club & wish him well in his task.

Mention of young people leads me on to tell you that  Phil Steadman on behalf of the Centre made a special award of a Rose Bowl to Maisie Payne to mark her winning the 2010 Girls National ‘C’ class Trials Championship. It’s good to see a Wessex rider reminding the country that we have some pretty darn good riders living in our Centre. There was a big bunch of flowers to put in it as well!

West Wilts needs Observers for Sunday week!

Hi guys,

West Wilts MC is running a Wessex Centre Championship trial at Becky Addy Woods, Upper Westwood, Nr Bradford on Avon on Sunday February 13th at 10.30 am.
We are planning to have up to 15 sections over 3 laps and we are in desperate need for observers on the day. If you are free and willing to help out with observing can you either contact me on 07803 134161 or turn up on the day at around 10.00am.
Becky Addy Woods is a great venue and a Wessex Championship Round with 15 sections ( 3 routes ) will make this a really good trial for all classes of riders.

Regs are available on the website, & Chris Kelly is waiting for your Entries.

Brian Shuttleworth
Clerk of Course