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Stop Press: Video available from Avery Cup Trial

Hi again guys, just another thought & a link to video from yesterday.

While I was doing my lap on foot I noticed Fraser Dickin observing one of the in & out of one of the two ditch sections AND using a camera while the riders were going through. A man who needs corroborative evidence for his observing decisions I wondered. Fraser has uploaded half an hours video & you can watch it here

I noticed Chris Wrigley also had a helmet cam on at the start.


It’s Kurt Brain! Sometimes you have to wait for things. A couple of suggestions. Centre AGM tomorrow!

My request for info was promptly answered by Phil Marsh, Thanks Phil!

Kurt, I find, has form on two wheels – he’s been a topclass mountainbike downhiller in the UK & abroad & been a motocrosser. He comes from Dursley, & is an ace at bike trials. I see that last year he rode as a Clubman Expert in the Western Centre Trials Champs. Hope to see him again at more Wessex Centre Trials together with Ben & Nicky Toms?

Lets run a couple of things past you all: someone suggested we had a for sale Page. That wouldn’t be a problem but I don’t know how often it would be used? We’re quite happy to put an ad. for your present pride & joy, or your last years graphics(!) up in one of these posts – it could be tagged to a ‘for sale’ category so you could search.

Another suggestion has been that we list Observers names with Trial Results. Again we would be quite happy to do that if we are provided with the information. The rationale for this suggestion is that Riders recognize & know some of our Observers but not all of them. I know that most of you thank each Sections Observer on your last lap, but would like to thank them all by name. Listing their names might help that aim.

Let me know what you think?

Sunday at the Avery was the first time I’d seen Rob & son Lewis Scott riding together. It’s been a long wait for Rob to see Lewis want to ride competitively. We remember Lewis having one or two rides as a ‘D’ class youth, but he didn’t take to it then. Now he’s seen the light? We hope he has fun & maybe he’ll work out what he’s missed this last 10 years or so. good to see them both. Who next, Lewis Cameron perhaps?

Centre AGM tomorrow remember: all are welcome – if you haven’t primed your Board Delegates with what you think is wrong, or even right, with the ways things are run come along & have your say. You mightn’t take the Board with you but you’ll have got it off your chest!

Keep your feet up: Frank

Here are the Avery Results from today!

Now I’m Chattering, right, Ben Darch did win, but Lee Hassall wasn’t 2nd, K Brain was runner up, if I knew “the Brains” first name I’d use it, but I don’t. Someone will tell me I’m sure. As I didn’t catch up with the Experts & didn’t see an Entry List I had to guess the likely winners & chose to watch potential winners Ben & Lee on their last lap at Sections 3 – 6 inc., the ones that might have been the sections to take marks.

Quickly looking at the other Results, I reckon Paul Mountevens rode the Expert route & not the AB route? The Over 40 route was obviously hotly contested with Mark Talbot coming out on top. Richard Elliot had a rear wheel bearing collapse at the end of lap 2 & had to limp round his last one to get his finish.  Kevin Miller had a good result [3rd] in B class, his first Championship trial since being upgraded.

Kevin Hart has asked me, via the Contact the Editor link, when our Championship Rounds are. I’ll try & get the Centre Fixture List posted up soon as I can. Pete Cullimore has been working like a Trojan to get it printed for us & it’s available today. You should be able to get one by asking your Club Secretary. If you join West Wilts, Phyllis will send you one with your Club Membership Card, but I don’t know how many other Clubs do the same!  Frank

Bored with tennis? Watch Biathlon? Go to the Avery Cup Trial!

Hi everyone, its 16:00 hrs & we’ve just got back from the Avery Cup Trial. It might have been Andy Murray’s day in Aus. We started watching the Mens Final at home, Murray might have a chance Djokovic has a a lot of strapping on his knee – ligament trouble? might help Andy if he can keep on stretching him,  but Duty Called! Kept listening in the car & Murray drops the first set to Djokovic 4:6.  As Chris Fear said – I thought Phyllis will stay at home to watch the tennis, – but no as duty had called. Trial Finishes around 15:00 hrs. Got home & what shall we do shall we find  the result or watch it tomorrow as a replay. Lets find out as we’re bound to be told on almost any TV or Radio programme. Quick check, its not on  a loop on any Freeserve channels or Eurosport. Eurosport has ladies with guns – Biathlon. Do commentators ever consider what they are saying?  We both hear “the French women are very solid in the prone position” I keep quiet, Phyllis begins to chuckle I explain I have no experience of french ladies in any …… Go to BBC’s Text Sports headlines – Murray crushed by Djokovic. Say no more, straight sets not even a tie break

So: A lovely day out at the Avery it was cold but sunny, 92 entrants – hence lateish finish Sections rode fairly easily it seemed & much better than staying at home watching Andy Murray losing comprehensively. Fortunately the cold wind that can freeze Observers at IRP didn’t blow so thank you to all 13 of them & especially the Ladies amongst them.

The Trial Result? Much too early to say, but unofficially I think Ben Darch took it from Lee Hassall comfortably if the marks they think they lost are those on the Observers cards. I’ll post the results when I have them, but it may be tomorrow morning as Clive is cooking dinner for us this evening.

I was asked why I hadn’t mentioned Paul Mountstevens as a Centre rider with an entry for the SSDT. Quick as a flash I said ‘not a Centre Resident at the moment” – but we all wish him good luck up in Scotland anyway. Saw Jack Benton sporting a black eye & just back from Aus, broke but happy & planning his next away year already, just walking the dog today. And lots of other people, Jon Bees’s three small ones with Granny & Grandad, a wee 3week old one, an Oset electric bike. Yes it was much better than staying at home.   Frank & Phyllis

Remember the next 2 Sundays have Championship Trial Rounds as well.

Struggling for Observers! The January 2011 View from Ba House

Chris Wrigley’s been in touch, KIngswood are being pro-active for the Centre Champ Avery Cup Trial & he says:

‘Hi Frank, regards the Avery trial next Sunday, it looks like we are going to be struggling for observers even more so than usual as there are a couple of other events on, If anybody wants to volunteer or turn up to help out they will be most welcome. Dave Benton COC has limited the number of sections to 10 (due to anticipated problems with “manning” them) despite finding a new bit of land so we have 4 brand new sections (2 of which will be sure to take some marks) and have been able to spread it all out a bit.’

So if you are entering, please help out by providing an Observer – your days sport depends on them

The View from Ba-House
Congratulations once more to Colin Crease,who won our Centre Championship again,even though last year’s competition was beset with extra distractions.What with missing trials by having to work most Sundays and becoming a dad,he did well to win it this time.
It’s been a worrying period these last few weeks with a spate of unrelated accidents causing pain and suffering to four of our best-known riders.One broke his wrist while practising,falling backwards off a step,another caught his eyebrows and nose-hair on fire fettling his bike,then one split his finger driving into a rock and the last one bruised his ribs trying to execute a low level vertical loop.I’ve looked into the detail of each incident,in my capacity as self-appointed Health and Safety Officer,and I have reached these conclusions.
In the first case the rider had ignored the golden rule,” Never practice with a better rider.It’s bad for your confidence and it always ends in tears.” Second case. Anyone who is capable of catching his head on fire should never again be allowed near flammable liquids.Third case.This elderly rider has continuing problems with spacial awareness.I first noticed this last year at the Knut,when I saw him ride into a tree which he had forgotten about.It would probably be best if someone rode round with him in future to show him the way.In the last case,which I witnessed at first-hand, there were signs that a fierce determination to succeed had over-ridden the self-preservation reflex.To continue with the plan of full throttle in fourth gear,when coming to a halt,was the mistake that caused the accident.Mind you if I’d been riding I would have stopped just past the Begins Cards,then looked down at the engine.That’s the better plan.
This year marks the one hundredth anniversary of the running of the first Scottish-Six-Days-Trial and although at the moment the details are sketchy,it looks like the organisers intend to make this the best Scottish week ever.From what I can gather,on the Saturday before the trial,fifty really old-fogey,(1905-1912 Vintage ) motorbikes will set off from Edinburgh and ride to Fort-William to arrive in time to head the parade of competitors up the High Street on Sunday.On Tuesday there will be a fly-by of the last Vulcan,flying down the Great-Glen past Laggan-Locks,in remembrance of the days when David Tye used to bring his flight of RAF Vulcans past us at low level in salute.What a sight that will be.There are also plans to replace Town-Hall-Brae,known locally as “Herbie’s sorrow”,with a section in the centre of the High-Street,which will be used at the end of each day.That’s a great idea,it’ll generate a lot of interest, but the highlight surely will be Gordon Jackson,on his AJS,riding up Grey-Mare’s Ridge once more,to the place where he had his one dab total to win the trial.
With the New Year upon us it would be nice if,in this Centre,we could finally kill off all this jumping up and down nonsense in our trials.I’d like to think that someone would make a start and agree to run all their events in 2011 as non-stoppers,but no-one wants to be the first to return to sanity.When it comes to it Uncle Albert said it right at the Knut,” That aint riding ”   Ba

Centre Trials Champs – Border Cup Regs available. Other chatter. Mendip’s Winterhead Results

Morning all.

The Centre Trials Champs begin next Sunday with the Avery, then on consecutive  Sundays the Border & James Cups so by the middle of next month we may have a feel for how it might go. With Champion Colin Crease maybe less committed than in the past is it time for some-one new at the top? We shall see, perhaps Colin will be able to ride all Rounds, if he does I wouldn’t bet against him. I guesss though that Ben Darch will want to ride all our Rounds & he will push hard to be Champion.

The Centre Enduro Championships have, to be honest, were a bit of a damp squib last year with more several planned Rounds being cancelled due to poor entries or problems with available venues. Factoring in that several “likely lads” were also doing other Championships which means date clashes were a problem – quite apart from the fact that the likely lads supporters who have the knowhow & drive to put on our Centre Events don’t have many spare weekends either I hope you can understand the difficulties. For this year there are only 2 Enduros & 3 H&H’s on the Centre Fixture List & a 2011 Championship is a little “up in the air”. I hope we will resolve this at the next Board Meeting.

Gary Scrivens is getting the Valers website added to the list of links available directly from the ACU web-site. Having had a quick look this morning I notice there are other Centre Clubs which are also not found via ACU. If Clubs want their sites added, let me know & we can get it fixed for you – obviously if Rugby hasn’t been askedyou wouldn’t expect a link would you?

You saw it here first! Eddie Lejeune (& his brothers) confirmed entries for the SSDT! Remember the report we had last year that it was quite likely – well the ballot favoured them. Never been quite sure about Laia Sanz – after seeing the World Champion having her bike kickstarted for her by her Minders, but this year she was best Lady & finished around 45th two wheeler in the Dakar Rally – I know she had a top class mentor [quiz – who was he?] before & during the Rallye Raid but its still a great achievement, & if the reports that she wasn’t credited with all of the time she spent stopped at an injured rider are correct, then that is unfortunate whether or not it would have affected her ultimate position.

Just in! Rob Pike has mailed over the Valers  Winterhead Trial results from yesterday. Slightly disappointing Entry, but fair weather & enjoyable.

That’s it for the moment, see you at the Avery: Frank

SSDT. Wells’ MIller Cup on Sunday

Hi everyone, a couple of things.

Have you looked at the provisional SSDT Entry List? No I thought not!

Great to see that three “likely lads”, Ian Fortune, Andy Noad & Ian Shuttleworth are all in this year, the Centenary year. I know Ian Shutt has been trying to get in for several years now, so it’s a wish come true. Now they all need to get in bike time, training, less beer etc. cos it’ll be a tough week whatever the weather. Good luck to all three.

Stalwart, Adam Norris, will be back for his annual Holiday in the Highlands, & of course Adam needs good luck as well even though he is very experienced & a man who has often been on the daily leaderboard. I think these four are the only Centre residents to be on the first entry list. Craig Talbot isn’t in, although Becky Cook is.

Dont forget the Wells Miller Cup Restricted to Centre Trial on Sunday. Find the Regs & Entry Form here:

What’s New? Upcoming T&E Licencing Seminars: Dates & Attendance Lists. More Regs Available. Gazzer Says:-

FYI, here are the lists of delegates to the T&E Seminars at Warmley by date & Club:

18th Jan 2011 delegates

NSMSC: Paul Manning, Jim Sharpe, Jerry Walters, Andy Jeffries, Andy Frost, BSSA: Phil Sparkes, Kingswood: Steve Hodge, Mark Bennett, Dave Benton, Chris Wrigley, Wells: Steve Thorne, Martin Lawford, Jerry Cross, Mendip: Rob Pike, Andy Leahy. Wilts Border: Mark Talbot, Colin Sawyer, Neil Blackmore
25th January 2011 delegates
Kingswood: Pete Culliford, Nicola Golding, Tim Frost, Mike Fear, Chris Fear, BMCC: Phil Steadman, Alan Mountstevens,

We’ve just posted up for you the Rgs & Entry Forms for the First Centre Championship Trial – the Kingswood Avery Cup on 30th January. Wonder if we might have a new Centre Champion this year?

And Gazzer says “Every Cloud”, as they say and as a result of the cancellation of the infamous “Turkey Trial”, due to snow just before Christmas, the Mendip Vale Trials Organising Team get the opportunity to use the venue for their first event of 2011 –  the Winterhead Trial on 23rd January 2011.
The action takes place at Churchill Rocks, signposted on the A38, at Churchill south of Bristol. Start time 10.30 and enter on the day.
The course will be entirely off road and cater for all abilities, from Expert through to Beginners over three routes.”

The Regs are now posted for you, but I wonder what happened to the Turkey? It might just have unfrozen inthe last few days? – Frank

New Stuff! Results & Entry Forms, Centre AGM Reminder!

Right then,

we’ve added Results of the BSSA [last year] Phil Sparkes Trophy on 27/12/10 & the BSSA’s 1st Alan Brown 01/01/11 thanks to Jan Watkins.

We’ve added Regs & Entry Forms for the 3rd Round of the Centre Trials Champs on 13/02/11 West Wilts’ James Cup & also BSSA’s Club 2nd Alan Brown Timed Trial Series which is on 30/01/11.

Reminder to all: the Centre AGM will be held at Warmley Community Centre at 20:00hrs on Tuesday 1st February. All are welcome – this is where your Club Delegates vote in your Centre President, Chairman, Treasurer, Treasurer & others. I’m pleased to say the Centre intends to make a presentation to Maisie Payne – one of our reigning British Trials Champions at the AGM.Well deserved recognition in my opinion.