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Happy Christmas, Regs available, Looking forward to a successful sporting New Year, Timed Trial results & Centre Championship Table

Just had a call asking if I know Jan Watkins number, wrt BSSA’s 1st Alan Brown TT, yes I do, it’s wrong in todays TMX. The correct number for Jan is 0772 5630459

It’s the last working day before the Christmas break for many people today, & we’ve got a number of things to post up for you all, but first off ,

Have a good Christmas everyone!

Frank would like to thank all of you that have sent me Regs, Results, Tables, the View from ….  or even just made comments or criticisms.

We try to post all of them unless they are libellous, defamatory or untrue to our knowledge! We hope the Centre’s website has been a help to you, because that’s its ‘raison d’etre’ We’ve tried to post Centre Championship Results as soon as the provisional results have been sent to us as our statistics show that many of you visit the site on Sunday evenings. I think we’ve managed that.

Now onto the important stuff:

We’ve posted the North Somerset Richard Sage Electrical Time Trial Results from last Sunday 18/12/11. click here to see them N S’set Richard Sage TT 18/12/11 Thanks to Jerry Walters.

Still on Timed Trials, Tony Colman has collated the Season’s Results for you, & proclaims Jason Hamblin best [again] on Trials tyres [by a country mile, even though it looks as if he had trouble in the last Round as he only managed 5 laps as against the 8 laps winner, Bryan Tucker did] On Scrambles tyres  best was Andy Frost who won the 4 events he rode You can find them on the ‘Centre Champ Points Tables for 2011, 2010’ Page

The first Trials Championship Round, Kingswoods Avery Cup Trial Regs are now available click Here or find them on the appropriate Page

North Somerset get their 2012 season underway with the Phillips Trophy Timed Trial on 8th January, Tony Colman has sent across the Regs & Entry Form. Find them  Here or find them on the appropriate Page.

Ho ho ho ……  Ho ho ho ……. Ho ho ho………    Frank


Here’s a few more things for you!

We’ve published the BSSA 1st Alan Brown Timed Trial Series Regs on the 2012 Page. Alternatively, click here   BSSA Restricted To Club 1st Alan Brown Timed Trial Series 1st January 2012 to see them.

We’ve also published the West Wilts Championship James Cup Trial Regs on the 2012 Page. Go there or click here WWMC Centre Champs James Cup 12th February 2012 to see them.

Pete Dury has sent over the final Centre Champ Trials Tables for 2012, & we’ve posted them in the usual place!

Nipper Allen says:

Knut Trial. 

On behalf of all of us in the Bath Club can I say thank you to everyone who turned up on the day to observe for us. We do really appreciate your help for without it there would be no trial.

We had a new Leader this year and she came armed with an official note from the Mighty One that said that we must obey every order without question. Well we had to go along with it, for no-one felt brave enough to complain, and as it turned out I think she did a proper job.

The course proved to be very rideable and everyone got a move on for a change, so the event was over well before the rain arrived.

Well done all and thank you.                    Nipper Allen. Hon.Sec.Bath Club.

Results for the Knut!

Good morning all.

Sorry we didn’t posst the Results last night but our server was down & had to be restored. I expect you all saw the message that I did.

Let me make the tea & i’ll have them posted for you

As last year a joker got played in the Knut. This year Jake Evans Luter played joker. Jake came saw & conquered  & won the Expert Class. That win decided the R/Up Expert spot  as he pushed Colin Crease into 2nd place on the day so Colin only grabbed 12 Championship points.  Colin needed to win on the day to pass Ben Lovelaces’s Championship points haul of 86, his 12 left him 3 short on 84. Ben had a bad day only managing 8th on the rebuilt GG, maybe he was running it in & sparing the motor a bit?

Right, I’ve made the tea & the Results are up there for you.

What a great entry you made, the promised rain didn’t arrive on time, although the few spots made the ground polish up at the top of my Section 6 so the exit began to steal a few marks. Considering the queues that built up at my section, the event ran quickly, I think we were on the way home by ten to three, & most of the entry had gone before us.Thanks to the pushing team that helped cars & vans out of the parking field.

So now we look forward to next years Championship


Nipper Allen says “Don’t forget the Knut on Sunday”

Knut Trial 2011

Just a reminder that we will be running the Knut Trial on Sunday 11th December at the usual place, Dyrham Woods, just off the A46 North of Pennsylvania. From Junction 18 (Bath) take the A46 South past Dyrham Park, then at the top of a small hill just past the Tollgate Cafe turn right, then almost immediately go right into the start. From Bath take the A46 North through Pennsylvania, then take the first left, then almost immediately go right into the start.

This year the Knut will decide who comes runner-up to Gary Marshman in the Wessex Championship, it’s between Ben Lovelace and Colin Crease,so that should make it interesting. I understand that Bob and Herbie are planning a 15 section course with two routes in most of them. The Dyhram Woods course usually has lots of long hills, so if you’re still wondering what flat-out in third feels like on your bike come along and find out, you might get to like it.

It looks like we will be struggling even more than usual for observers this year. Bath Classic are running on the same day as us so we reckon to be short of at least half our normal team. If anyone can spare us the time to observe, you will be made most welcome and you should have an entertaining day.

Look forward to seeing you there, Nipper Allen.

Trials Championship goes ‘No Stop’ for 2012!

Hot from last nights Board Meeting.

The Wessex Centre Trials Championship for 2012 has adopted the No Stop Observation Rules.

The Board hopes that the adoption of this marking system will encourage non riders at events to volunteer to observe by reducing the pressure applied to Observers by a minority of riders & connected persons to change or alter their decisions.

In making this decision the Board noted that some well established experienced Observers had stopped volunteering to observe during the current season because of the constant questioning of their decisions, and that  a number of Championship trials did not have a full complement of Observers.

Frank’s note: Let’s hope the minority ‘get the message’ & that none of our regular Observers take the decision to ‘retire from active duty’ in future. Riders must always remember that Observers are out for an enjoyable days sport as much as you are, without Observers your days sport will be diminished. As I always point out, I have never yet heard a rider suggest I have got a decision incorrect & that I scrub out the ‘three’ I recorded & change it for a five, as a rider you win some, you lose some!

FYI TSR34 ‘Offensive Behaviour’ specifically mentions ‘arguing’ with an Observer or other Official, a yellow card may be shown to the rider or connected person, the rider is then liable for disqualification by the Clerk of the Course!

We’ve several Updates/Regs/Results for you all: Please see below for the List! And the Southern Expert Solo Winner is: Alexz Wigg

Updates are available for the Trials Championship Tables & the NSMSC’s Presidents Trial Results

Regs are available for the Valers Turkey Team Trial 17th December & the NSMSC Richard Sage Electrical Timed Trial the day after

Results are available for the Southern Experts Trial & the Wells Mike Cornish Timed Trial both held on the 4th December


Looked at the ‘Sexperts’ Results yesterday.

You can find them here

The Sexperts had a small but classy Expert Entry, & Alexz Wigg looked a fairly comfortable winner, I think I’m surprised that Ricky Wiggins only placed 6th. I suppose Ricky being 6th underlines the quality of the solo entry, Alexz, Joe, Ross & Sam are all former ‘Sexpert’ Winners & I when I think about it,  Ben Morphett is the only one of the top 6 who I haven’t positively watched [& known who it was] riding sections so he has to go on my notional one to watch list!.The battle I anticipated between Becky Cooke & Emma Bristow didn’t happen as Emma & James Fry didn’t start. I also noticed that Ben & Dean Lovelace were non starters as well, but as I heard rumours that all was not well with Ben’s bike at the NSMSC Presidents two Sundays ago so that’s probably the reason for that.

Steve Thorne has mailed over the link for the Wells Trials Club’s Mike Cornish Timed Trial Results that ran last week-end  & you can find them here

Ruth has issued revised Results for the  NSMSC’s Presidents Trial, this affects only the Sidecar Results, Solos are unaffected. You can find the update in the usual place

Pete Dury claims to have made a mistake with his O40 class list after the Presidents, but we can’t spot it, however in deference to Pete we have posted his latest version in the usual place. Ah yes, we’ve spotted it, Championship points incorrectly allocated initially. The revision is posted in the usual place!

Andy Leahy  reminds me that Mendip Vale’s renowned  Turkey Team Trial takes place on Saturday 17th December. Many of you will have seen  Gary’s write up in TMX last Friday. We’ve got the Regs & Entry Form are posted in the usual place.

North Somerset wrap up their years events with the Richard Sage Electrical Restricted to Club Timed Trial the day after the Turkey Team on the 18th. Again we’ve posted the Regs & Entry Form in the usual place.

That’s it for the moment, Fromes’ Dinner & Disco last Saturday, Board Meeting tonight, T&E CofC & Steward Seminar to run Thursday, Knut Trial on Sunday. it never ends does it? Keeps us all out of mischief though!  Frank


Trials Champ Tables after the NSMSC Presidents Trophy on 27th November. Gary Marshman confirmed as Champion 2011!

The latest update on the Centre Trials Championship is now posted in the usual place for you.

As I suggested earlier Pete has confirmed Gary as our Champion

Here’s Pete’s commentary

With just one round left congratulations go to Gary Marshman on joining the elite band of riders who have won the Wessex Centre Championship. It’s now between Ben Lovelace & Colin Crease as to who takes the runner up spot.

As reported after the last round, Kevin Hart is the Clubman Expert Champion but the runner up spot won’t be decided until the last round with Rob Scott, Dean Lovelace & Trevor Ashford all in with a shout of becoming runner-up.

The Clubmen class winner is still to be decided with Kevin Miller & Andrew Kibby only 5 points apart. Kevin needs to finish ahead of Andrew to clinch the class win. Regardless of who wins, both riders will be promoted to the Clubmen Expert class for next year with George Papageorgiou looking likely to join them.

With Merv Walker easily the winner of the Novice Class by winning every round he rode it leaves the runner up spot between Michael Ell & Andrew Humpris. Whatever happens, all 3 riders are promoted to the Clubman class for next year.

The Over 40 class has been decided with Mark Talbot taking the overall win preventing Colin Bennett from making it two in a row although I’m still awaiting sight of Mark’s birth certificate as proof that he is in fact over 40!

With Martin Strang confirmed as the Over 50 class winner for the 4th year in a row there are 5 contenders for the runner up spot.

Cheers — Pete Dury

Frank says: first of all don’t forget it’s the Frome Dinner at Standerwick on Saturday. Secondly Pete says Ben & Colin still have to sort out who will be r/up to Gary. This is how I see it, if Ben & Colin both ride the Knut, any points Colin scores will add to his total. If Colin won he would have  a total of 87 points, Ben currently has 86 Championship points,if Ben finishes 3rd [which gains 10 Championship points] or better he would  end up with 88 points or more, as he would have had to discard one  8 point score.

I reckon the odds must be on Ben, don’t you?

See you at the Knut Championship Finale!

This is what you want to see?? NSMSC’s Presidents Trophy Results are posted

Right, we’ve just received the provisional results of yesterdays Trial. Its posted as a .pdf on the Centre Championship Trials & Timed Trials Page

The Experts were very close: Current Champion Colin Crease won on 9m/l, pushing Gary Marshman [12m/l] into R/Up place, Kurt Brain pushed very hard but dropped 13m to be 3rd, & Ben Lovelace fived the last Section to lose 17 in total for his 4th place. As last week we’ll leave Pete Dury to do his magic with all the Champ Tables for you & I’ll post them when we have them

Quite a day, quite a championship battle. My quick back of a fag packet calculation makes Gary our Expert champion this year , as now I believe his points total cannot be bettered by any of the other runners. He would also add any points he may take from riding the Knut, as he wouldn’t’t have to discard any.

Gary was our Centre Champion once before decades ago, back in 1990


Sorry – we haven’t seen the Presidents Results yet

As you know we didn’t get to the Presidents yesterday as we were on babysitting duty.

BTW –  William is now walking when he has a couple of Mums or Dads fingers to hold onto & enjoys opening & closing doors -trouble is you don’t know where he is when he’s pushed it too & he’s the other side!

I know you are waiting for the Results to be posted, & more of you than have ever visited the Centre Website in one day before yesterday,144 of you, came to look for the Results yesterday, but I didn’t have them yesterday.

We’ve contacted the Secretary of the Meeting today & the situation is this, the provisional Results have been worked out but there is an anomaly which needs resolution before they are published.

So if you would be patient for a little longer I hope to have been sent them later on this Monday evening   — Frank