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Wilts Border Kington Cup Trial will run on Sunday! & Sunday weeks [9th Jan] Swindon First Club Champ series

Good morning workers – unless you are off until next week?

Good News from Wilts Border the Kington Cup is on for Sunday [2nd Jan]! Their team has been out & about now the weather is a little easier. An ideal way to ease yourself back to normal! We have the Regs up [HINT – look in  Wessex Centre Events 2011 – Regs Available & Entry Forms]

Brett King’s been in touch & says “Hello Frank, I trust you are having a good Christmas. Can you publicise our up and coming Swindon DMC club trials on the centre website please.
The weather has been a nightmare for our sport everywhere, so we are anticipating that a lot of riders are itching to get out with their newly blinged-up steeds. What better than to go to a sensibly marked out Swindon trial??? Details of the trial are as follows:

Sunday 9th January 2011 @ Old Station Yard, Hannington, near Highworth.
Start @ 10.30am.
Signposted off the Blunsdon to Highworth road (Look for the Freke Arms pub on the left and turn left immediately after the pub – go 200 yards towards Hannington – start is on right)
Classes: Expert A, Clubman/Expert AB, Clubman/Inter B, Novice C, YthA, YthB, Over 50, Twinshock
Enter on the day.

We are keen to see more Youth riders at our trials and hence we try to produce sections that cater for all abilities of said age group. As you know, the centre is not blessed with loads of Youth riders, so those that are out there are invaluable. We have a regular but small group that attend our trials, including:
Victoria Payne
Maisie Payne
Ollie Humphris
Bertie Raines
Alec Resek
and more

We’d love to see some more attend though and I hope that you may have a few riders you know who would like to come along. It gets nicely competitive so there is a definite challenge. The sections are all rideable, but never anything dangerous as we want to encourage, not discourage.”

That’s it for the moment: Frank

Soon be 2011! Regs for North Somerset’s Phillips Trophy

Not too much traffic in our single track Lane. Only two wrecked cars that I know about! Pretty sure one was the little car with 4 guys(?) in it that I saw obviously wanting to have fun on the snow & ice. You can easily tell by the way they drive! Our latest car has traction control – the TCS light comes on just after you know you are  spinning the driving wheels! ABS light doesn’t seem to bother its modulating on/off so fast. Still it’s fun if you can be certain there’s nothing round the next bend. Are we the only people – Clive & I – that drive with the window open & the stereo turned off – to hear others – & are also blowing the horn loud & long? Yet again two days ago we were stopped because we anticipated a vehicle around the next bend & watched a large 4×4 sliding towards us out of control, driver oblivious of the world I guess.

Winter mode auto box just seems to stick you in 3rd & 4th gear & gives you a “slow action throttle” More fun using your own skills though! I’d love to have a set of studded tyres though just to find out how they grip (& wear).

Right, we’ve just posted North Somerset’s Phillips Trophy TT Regs, & remember, if you haven’t got your 2011 ACU Licence/Trials Registration card yet, take along this (2010) years one. It’s validity is extended to 14th January because of the troubles the Post is having with the weather!

See you soon: Frank

Haven’t had your 2011 Licence or Trials Registration through yet?

Church  Bells are ringing as I write!

Hope Santa’s brought you just 1 pressy. With Gassser/Sherco or some similar thing stamped on the crate!

The headline? Your 2010 Licence/Trials Registration will be valid  up to 14th January, because of the weather affecting the Post.  If bad weather continues this date may be extended.

Smart work by Rugby HQ

Enjoy today & tomorrow: Frank

Happy Christmas to all & a review of riders results in the Centre Trials Champs from Adam


Hope you and Phyllis are well? Good decision not to attend  the Knut as the trial ran into the late afternoon and I was observing rather than continue my poor spell of brainless riding. Think I got back to the car around 3.45pm, but happy to help and had a great day.

I wanted to ask you to put up a mention on the Wessex website for some of the lads who also had great rides this year, that perhaps have been overlooked. In Colin’s absence Lee Hasall has had a great year and a third is not what he would have hoped for but for a fair period he has led the class and made sure he attended all events and even rode on after smacking full bore into the tree at Compton Greenfield when I did exactly the same thing.

Rob Scott continued to show his no fuss riding ability and whilst he did downgrade himself it doesn’t take away from the fact that he clearly won the AB’s. In the same class Chris Mitchard has not been able to attend every round due to work and family commitments but when he does ride, what a performance he seems to put in and I am delighted to see him get into the Experts at the ripe old age of 45! I have appreciated his help this year, showing me how to set about the tougher sections and at the tender age of 42 I have no ambitions to follow suit, save to say that I just want to finish in one piece each weekend.

In the B’s Wayne Holmes has made it to the next level although he reliably informs me he will go over 40’s and has even arranged to compete in his own small championship with work colleagues who all ride the B route during the year, good on him. It should be noted he was only upgraded to B’s this year, so a great result.

And what about the C’s? Kevin Miller may be in his 50’s and having another bash at Trials having last ridden in the 80’s but boy oh boy does he make an effort. Who else this year has ridden an average of 8 times per month? Yes, that was 8 times! Now Kev loves his Trials and will ride a mid week event then a Saturday and of course a Sunday. And if on route, a Trial is cancelled he will re-direct his little van and turn up somewhere else just to keep his riding skills honed. Moreover he has won something like four championships, two club and two centre, which is no mean feat. He has ridden up towards Northampton, Birmingham, the South Coast and even London in his search for a ride and even taken in some Nationals to improve his riding. Lets see how he goes in the B’s

Lastly, Terry Potts has made it to the B’s and Terry had his first Trial the same day I did in 2007 at the Kingswood MCC May Bank Holiday Trial at Ozleworth. Thing is Terry had studies to finish and exams to take and then missed a lots of riding with house moves and one thing and another, not least money, but puts in total effort when he can ride, being perhaps a little tough on himself if he thinks he didn’t do his best.

So to the many varied riders with just a million different stories to tell, I for one have enjoyed the year and congratulate us all on another one under the belt. Very well done to all winners and to the masses, big thanks to the organisers and the back room guys and gals who make it all possible.

All the Best & Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. – Adam Colburn.

Frank says ‘Adam, thank you for that critique of our Championships, it’s great to hear from someone who is just out for a days fun, & who puts something back into the sport by helping Organisers when they aren’t riding. Adam’s comments show how you can be competitive amongst your own skill level [that’s why we have the Grading system of course] & I echo his comments about the individual riders he mentions.

On behalf of all those of us that don’t ride but help to make your sport happen, thanks for your thanks. We all like a little pat on the back sometimes!

Have a great festive season all of you: Frank & Phyllis

Bath & WoE’s Thank-you’s. Regional T&E LIcencing Seminars.

Knut Trial 2010
First of all can I express, on behalf of the club, our grateful thanks to all our friends who came out in the bitterly cold weather to observe for us. Without your generous support we couldn’t have run the trial.
This year we were blessed with the biggest entry since the Knut went totally off-road, 92 hardy victims,   which was about 30 more than we had planned for. I expect pretty soon into the day a lot of them were wishing they hadn’t bothered, for unfortunately the course proved to be a very difficult ride this year, much harder than anticipated by the organising team. We usually plan to produce a course of the severity roughly equal to an hour at the Scott trial, but this year it was almost like two. For that we are sorry, but you will be glad to hear that there is a complete defence in place, should you need to know, which will explain everything.
Still, looking on the bright side, there were some good things to come out of it all. For instance the car-parking system worked a treat this year, locking everybody in so no-one could leave early, [weren’t Phyllis & I smart? we’d worked that one out – we guessed we wouldn’t be able to leave early when we got too cold – Frank] consequently the number of  retirements were down to a much more reasonable figure. ( less than 10 per-cent )
But what impressed me the most on the day was the great attitude shown by all the little ones who were riding. They rode like heroes, giving everything their best shot. Well done them. [and Linda Ashfords’ pictures in TMX showcased Lewis & his cousin Victoria Payne  – Frank]
Finally I must thank the Team Talbots, Theresa and Mark for all their hard work. By stepping in to run the trial for us they saved it from an early death. Long may they continue, fingers crossed, for without them we’d be in real trouble. Thanks, you made Bob Burt very happy.

Merry Christmas – Nipper

Regional Trials & Enduro CofC/Steward Licencing Seminars for 2011 – 2013 inc Licences

Please note: Frank Sweeting will be running Seminars on January 18th & 25th at Warmley Community Centre, Bristol. start 19:30 hrs prompt. Please be in touch if you need a Licence or to renew your  Licence.

It’s nearly Christmas – I must do this before I forget!

Welcome to all our site visitors, thanks for visting us.

It’s nearly a year now since we slayed the Dinosaurs & moved to a Web Based way of  giving riders & other interested people information about Sporting Motor Cycling, & we stopped using that old fashioned paper, the “Gazette”

Of course we didn’t please everyone by doing that, Tradition dies hard.

So what did we set out to do, did we achieve it & how can we improve?

Well we wanted to make details of all Wessex Centre ACU Events available free of charge to all Riders – previously we sold the Gazette but those who paid didn’t get any advantage because Clubs accept Entries on the day without using Entry Forms printed in the Gazette. So a freely available website solved that one. It’s much fairer.

It’s also gathered together in one place [the website] Pages that have individual Clubs Events Listed – There’s even a Page that has the Centre Fixture List on it – but I don’t suppose anyone looks at it – because it’s always likely that Events have to change dates as soon as its printed!

That’s why we wanted to be able to tell you about Event changes such as cancellations postponements etc. as soon as they are known. We’ve managed to do that as well we think.

We particularly wanted to be able to give you somewhere that you could go & find Results for the Event you’d just ridden within our Centre. The website has let us do that. On its Pages”  you can find Event Results grouped by Club or Championship evants. Results are uploaded usually the same day as they are produced by the Club Secretary. We think we ‘ve done that quite well. We know that on Mondays more people visit the site & we think that’s when you’re checking out your ride the previous day. We hope that’s especially helpful to the Clubs who don’t have their own website &  that it’s a benefit for Clubs that  the Centre offers.

We didn’t know how you riders would take to it but overall we think you’ve appreciated it – but we ‘ve had our share of brickbats too so we know we’re not pleasing all of you all of the time!

The Knut Trial at the weekend you has produced not only one of the most successful Trials for the Centre this Year in terms of the number of Riders that entered,  but the most frustration with actually finding the Results – we’re thinking about that. It produced a Final Trials Championship Event that’s had you on the edge of your seats waiting for the Official Results too. So we’ve been delighted with your interest in the closest Championship we’ve ever had. Real Nailbiting Stuff.

Now for the applause from me. None of the useful stuff would be up there without the help of Club Secretaries, Event Secretaries of the Meeting, The [it’s too few] Guys that make regular contributions. The Centre Recorders, The Guys & Ladies who make irregular contributions. I wish we had a few more Contributors like Ba don’t you?

Remember as well, we have two National Trials Champions, that’s three people resident in the Centre – I’ll leave you to check out who they are if you don’t know – its recorded elsewhere on the web-site.

Enough Mutter for now, Have a Terrific Festive Season and a great sporting 2011: Frank

Centre Trials Championships & the New Champion – its Colin by the narrowest of Margins

Hi everyone, just had a comment that I’ve put below

Terry says:

Hi Frank, just a quick comment on what the Bristol Evening post has written. While it’s nice to see trials covered in the local papers they have stated that Ben Darch is the new centre champ!. Both Ben and Colin are great guys and I was enjoying seeing how the championship played out (with no favouritism either way). However I’m with you when you stated that Colin retains his title by virtue of most second places. So who is right? Has someone jumped the gun when handing out the title to Ben?  Anyway that’s my quick point. Thanks for all your great coverage of events and results (online), it has saved many a tree from the printer.

Terry is correct – somewhere some-one has jumped to an incorrect conclusion. As soon as I can, the Final Trials Championship Table will be posted for you all to peruse. You may have already seen a copy directly from Pete Dury the Centre Trials Recorder. Colin has retained his Championship by the narrowest of margins. The second Championship tie break had to be used – most number of second places. In individual Trials they had to be separated three times when they tied on marks lost. It’s history now but if Ben had ridden one more of our trials, finished & scored points he would have been ……….

Can any other Centre Champion past or present match Colins record of total & consecutive Championships? I doubt it. If you know differently please let us know!

OK we’ve now uploaded the Final Trials Championship Tables for you, and Pete comments

“Championship Final Positions”

‘Congratulations to Colin Crease who has won the Championship for the 17th time (11th time on the trot) by virtue of a tie break going down to the most runner-up spots through the year having scored the same points as Ben Darch and the same amount of wins. Third place goes to Lee Hassall.

Rob Scott was the winner of the ‘AB’ Clubman Expert class with Chris Mitchard in 2nd and Trevor Ashford 3rd.

Congratulations go to Rob Pitman, Steve Fogg and Wayne Holmes in the ‘B’ class who are all promoted to the ‘AB’ Clubman Expert class for next year.

And congratulations also to Kevin Miller, Terry Potts and Duncan Trickett who all gain promotion to the ‘B’ intermediate class for 2011.

Colin Bennett won the Over40 class with Dave Best & Chris Wrigley in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

No surprise in the oVer 50 class with Martin Strang running out comfortably as the Over 50 Champion with Gary Scrivens in 2nd and Vic Moran in third.

Well done to all.

Let me know if you spot any errors or have any queries


Thanks to Pete for sorting out many anomalies in original results during the year – most caused by Riders entering different events in different classes, to end up with the coherent set of Tables you now have. I hear Pete may ride a few more Trials next year to keep an eye on you all – Frank

Knut Results Posted

Hi there, we’ve just posted the Results for the Knut for you. An excellent entry 92 of you, for what was obviously an excellent trial! More Mutter later.

Mutter Mutter. Ok its 17:03 & i think I’ve got the Knut Results in a form that reasonably intelligible. They should print out on 1 side of A4. As received it was 6 sides of A4 & no identifier as to which Trial etc.

The Trials & tribulations of the Editor!. As I know you guys { & girls}want to see the Results ASAP I do tend to rely on info that can be immediately posted without me having to play around with the info I receive. Shades of JD & his {very occasional} TMX rants. I have noticed some correspondents from without the Centre commenting that their report/results/pictures don’t always get into TMX. Well, believe me, I understand where JD comes from deadlines & time constraints don’t allow for TMX staff to rewrite or rework reports.

Like most things Rules don’t always get followed! Different computer programmes don’t always speak to each other & the one Universal is, maybe, that .pdf files can be read by everyone as Acrobat Reader is a free download

Wow – since the stuff above & below was posted about an hour ago we’ve sorted out that the different Excel programme versions between sender and receiver do actually change the way the information is presented – it left the Secretary of the Meeting with the Results on 1 side of A4 & came out here on 6 sheets of A4 (!) So that shows we guessed rightly it was to do with programmes not speaking the same language to each other We’re trying a different way to see if .pdf’s can ensure  what leaves there gets here in the way it was sent!

Remember your Feedback about the site is invaluable – Gary Scrivs & Brett King have both been in touch regarding the Knut Results & I hope that all the rest of you can find them now easily & in a form that’s understandable!

A last little taster, of the next Mutter, for you. We’ve been waiting for a volunteer Centre Treasurer for how many years now? And what does the Centre Board do? Does it ever do anything other than meet talk & forget everything till the next Board? – Well yes it does but that’s for another day.

Keep you feet up: Frank

Frank Mutters: Knut Trial & Centre Trials Champion

Good evening to all our readers.

I’ve just seen the Results of todays Knut Trial, thanks to Theresa. Sorry we weren’t there to help but we decided it was going to be jolly cold up there Observing for maybe 4 hours.

During the week I’d worked out that if Ben Darch won todays Knut, Colin would retain his  Championship as long as he finished no lower than 7th. That sounded like Colin for Champ unless he had a mechanical & a DNF.

It wasn’t that simple, Steve Saunders entered, so Steve Saunders won [No surprise there then] on 22 m/l, Ben Darch was Runner up on 69 m/l & Colin had the phone call to say that things were happening with Rowena & the baby after he’d ridden 7 sections. So Colin didn’t score points today, & Ben took away 12 points & Colin none today. That by my reckoning puts them equal on 89 Championship points each!

Now my reckoning has to be confirmed when the Official Champ Tables are published – I’ve got a thing about this – incorrect info being published on the web & not being corrected – The Wye Valley Trevor Hunt National has incorrect Results up   with excluded riders featuring, & last weeks Southern Experts Results on the Organising Clubs website doesn’t mention Sam Haslam, who TMX has as the winner – But I reckon Colin retains his Championship by virtue of his three 2nd places to Ben’s two 2nd places!

Let’s hope & expect that Colin & Rowena have more good news soon – I’ll let you all know

We’ll post up Knut Results tomorrow as it’s our bedtime now – Frank