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Did NSMSC Presidents Trial run at Chelwood on Sunday? Yes it Did!

Hi all, did anyone ride the North Somerset Championship Trial on Sunday?

Did it run can anyone tell me?  Several people have asked me & I don’t know the answer.

As the Centre Championship is still to be decided us watchers are getting interested in every Championship Trial

Drop me an email if you know.

Tony Colman says ‘Yes we ran the President’s and got a pretty good entry. It was -6C when we arrived but had warmed up to -2C by the end. Course architect Bill Bailey did a great job and the real heroes were the observers, stood out there for over 4 hours. Very nice to have Becky Cook riding, I did not realise how good she was.’

We’ll post the results up ASAP, but I shan’t be surprised if Becky was first or second overall. She’s a very handy rider up among the top Centre Experts in Centres local to us . Tony’s appreciation of the Observers is well merited. – Our own decision not to go out because of the temperature was wise I think , but those dedicated people who gave you another great days sport must be applauded – Frank

Some of Franks’ Scott Trial 2010 Images

Scott Trial 2010 – Its Roys Rocks & Michael Brown is first man through

Scott Trial 2010 Jonathan Richardson one of the first at Roys Rocks

Tony Moulder was 127 minutes slower than James Dabill to Roys Rocks – Tony completed the course but was out of time

Scott Trial 2010 – Manxman Nigel Crellin with last starter George Morton

Scott Trial 2010 - Chris Pearson creates waves at Booze

More Stuff. Some images from the Scott Trial I’ve been saving up. When I’ve worked out how to put the images where I want them on the page I will! In the meantime enjoy!

Scott Trial 2010 - Sam Ludgate gets it wrong!

Regional T&E Clerk of Course/Steward Licencing Seminars. Regs available in 2011

Provisional dates for your diaries are:

Tuesday January 18th & 25th at Warmley Community Centre starting at 19:30 hrs

Watch this space for further info!  I’m expecting the usual format to apply – ie 3hours or a bit less & we’re done – Frank.

We’ve put up your first set of Regs for next year. Good on you BSSA! On a new page  for 2011.

Remember I said we’d decided to stay indoors on Sunday? We have a Postie in the village who wears shorts most of the time when he’s working. Saw him today & just asked the question as he was still in shorts – the reply was ‘my fingers are freezing’ So that’s it then it’s only your fingers that get cold this weather!

It’s quite nice here in the warm!

Good morning! The onset of this spell of really cold weather on Friday meant that we decided not to go out to Chelwood to see if the Centre Trials Championship would be decided today, So that would be 2 Observers do wn then?

Our lane looks quite icy this morning, the snow late Friday afternoon soon went slushy where vehicles drove along Friday night, but you can imagine it was ice by yesterday [Saturday morning] At leastthere’s less traffic than usual.

But I’ve not been wasting time, the Regs for North Somerset’s Restricted to Club Richard Sage Timed Trial on 19th December have been posted.I’m guessing that we shall have todays North Somerset Presidents Trial Results available to post later on this evening. There’s a comment on the last ‘View from Ba House’ – the obvious way to make trials easier to observe is to return to no stop rules & introduce a new rear tyre specification isn’t it. 4″ x 18′ slicks or 3″ x 18″ with changed rear block pattern – you get the drift. But it won’t happen will it – how could we have ‘exciting’ indoor World Championships without tyres that can grip like glue  or at least like really hot sticky rubber with knife sharp edges?

That’s it for now — Frank

Licencing, National Motorcycle Museum, National Council, Results of today’s Frome Trial

Licencing for Clerks of Course & Stewards boring boring yes I know but its mid November & some of you will have Licences that expire on 31/12/10. So this is to remind you that you’ll need to attend a seminar to have your Licence renewed. In the centre we have about 20 Trials & Enduro, 5 Grass Track & 1 M-X Officials who need to be Licenced again for three years in January.

I can help out for T&E and am planning to run a seminar with one back up date during January at Warmley Community Centre. I know having been to Rugby yesterday for a National Council Meeting that the T&E Seminar will be changing as there will be different emphases on various aspects of the ‘syllabus’ from previous Seminars for next years Licences so please watch this space. Track Racing Seminars are best tackled by contacting Tracey Cossar at Rugby there may be Regional Serminars planned but I’m not aware of dates. Your Club Secretary should be up to speed with things as well.

I was up in Birmingham last weekend & after I’d finished I dived into the National Motor Cycle Museum for a bit. I’ve been ther a few times but there are so many bikes you can’t take it all in during one trip. Did you know for instance that the Co-op used to sell its own range of bikes? I didn’t. Did you know there was an engineer down in Southampton who designed & built his own 125cc 4stroke & rode it in the TT [best result 8th] It’s worth a trip! I’ve got a few photos that I might get a photoquiz out of when I find time.

Had a good day out at Elmington Manor today 21/11/12 for the Frome Centre Championship Trial. Elmington Manor Farm, is of course where National Sidecar Expert Champions Jon Tuck & Matt Sparkes practice. The practice so well that this year is [I think] Jon & Matt’s 4th consecutive year as Champions, & they’ve gone into retirement. The final flourish was the final Championship Round [that they didn’t even need to go to as they had already wrapped up the Championship] which they won – oop North by pipping Robin & Sam Luscombe for the win.

Congratulations again  Jon & Matt  from all of us in the Centre

Thanks to all the Observers & Officials that turned out for you, I think there were only 2 Sections? that didn’t have an Observer for at least part of the Trial. And thanks to all you riders for supporting the Wessex Centre Championships when you could have gone to the Hurran in the Western Centre after it was changed to a date that clashed with us. Ben Darch & Colin Crease seem to be making a habit of losing equal marks at the end of the Trial – they did it again today with both of them losing 32 although Colin beat Ben when the tie break TSR 23a – most cleans – was applied. Neither of them won the Expert class though, former Champion Gary Marshman only parted with 18 all day & 10 of those were in Section 2 which he couldn’t clean all day. That particular triumph went to Lee Hassall on lap 1 & Colin on lap 2. Mary has sent Results through & they are now posted on the Centre Championship Results 2009, 2010 Page

More to follow when I’ve checked out something following several comments I’ve had from you riders both before todays trial & from one of our o50 riders & Regional CofC’s after the Wilts Border Championship Round which he didn’t attend. Watch this Space! So I’ll finish for now by reminding you of the Southern Experts the week after next call Chris Mawer on 07710211913 if you fancy a ride & he’ll squeeze you in [even though the closing date is tomorrow]

See you soon at the Knut perhaps? Frank

Here’s the ‘stuff’

Afternoon all.

We should now have Posted:

The Final Centre Championship Timed Trial Table for  2010 & as Tony Colman says: “Jason Hamblin is the clear winner, scoring well in all rounds. He has also won the North Somerset MSC time trial championship so has done the double.”

The Centre Championship Trials Table after 8 Rounds & as Pete Dury says: “Her’s the latest update after Sunday’s Wilts Border Autumn Trophy. Well done to the Wilts Border team who manage to find something different every time at Draycott.

There have been a few queries about the points awarded to riders with the same marks lost each round. The championship rules (last revised in 2002) state that in the event of ties the riders will be awarded the maximum points with the subsequent points disregarded e.g. joint winners both get 15 points and then 3rd place gets 10 points as normal.

There were quite a few riders in this round that have not been awarded any points due to having ridden previous rounds in a different class. The same applies to a couple of previous Expert class riders that cannot be awarded points riding as B class riders. Once an Expert your only options are the AB class or the O40/O50 class.

If you have any queries or spot any mistakes then please let me know.”

The last BSSA TT results – the 6th Alan Brown on 31/10/10 are available as is the BSSA Phil Sparkes Trophy Trial Regs for that after Christmas thrash around Scars Wood on 27th December.

ps that new variation for Experts in Nippers section, No 2, at the Autumn Trophy on Sunday made you think didn’t it? Bet you are all pleased Becky Cooke saw its potential. Andy Noad more or less faceplanted the vertical face on one lap when the front wheel didn’t lift at all & just ‘stopped’ ,  fortunately teeth & wedding tackle were all unharmed! I did see a lovely clean by Lee Hassall on lap 3 & as Nipper said at the time ‘the difficult bit is doing the same thing next lap” Lee couldn’t!. I missed the only other clean, by Ben Darch, on his 4th lap. Ben had the best aggregate ride on that section only losing 7 whereas Colin Crease & Lee both lost 8.

Phyllis said it was jolly cold for your feet after four hours & reckons some of you Riders need to find friends or family that will come out & Observe so you can enjoy your sport long after us ‘oldies’ can’t be bothered anymore or have keeled over anyway. How about it guys?

See you soon: Frank

Bath’s Peace Trial & Wilts Border’s Autumn Trophy Championship Results

We’ve added Results for the Bath & WoE Peace Trial held yesterday, & today’s Wilts Border Autumn Trophy for you. Close call in the Experts today: Ben Darch & Colin Crease tied on m/l but Ben had 32 to 31 cleans to take top spot!

WARNING – Bike thieves are at work, Tim Wheeler & Ben Darch have both had bikes stolen recently.  You can’t be too careful with your pride & joy. I hear that the thieves are grinding off Frame & Engine No’s pretty well straight away so make sure you’ve got some other special ID for your bike.

More ‘stuff ‘ tomorrow – Frank

A New View [from Ba-House]

The View from Ba-House

Sometimes you don’t mind being proved wrong,so it’s good to see that my opinion, that the A class in Wessex trials was doomed, was way off the mark. No sooner had I written that no-one seemed to want to ride it, than at the next trial all the riders who had left for good returned .Colin Crease escaped over the wire, Andy Noad and Ian Fortune were issued with passes to ride by their leaders, and Jonathon Bees returned after a long absence. So it’s not dead after all and Lee Hassall has got some real competition again.

The situation on the organising side is not so rosy, for in all the trials I’ve visited this year it has been the same old story, not enough observers. Nothing new in that, I suppose, but this year has been particularly bad with as few as three willing observers available at the start of some trials.

So why will nobody observe these days? I think it’s because it ain’t no fun anymore. If you go observing you’ve got to watch at least three different routes, be aware of all the latest rule changes, and be prepared to take a bit of verbal abuse from some of the better riders. If your observing a four-lap trial, with fifty riders, that’s four hundred decisions, which can make your brain hurt. (When I was little you would only have to watch a hundred or so go up a simple hill, and if they stopped they fell over. It was boy’s work in comparison.) So,at the risk of being proved wrong twice in a lifetime ,I don’t think we’re ever going to solve this problem, we’re going to have to live with it.

At the moment we’re making the best of a bad job, by leaving the riders to self-mark the sections that aren’t manned. It’s obviously open to abuse by the cheats amongst the entry, but at least we get a result of sorts to which nobody seems to object. If we continue to use this strategy, which we will until something better comes along, then I’ve got two suggestions that might help make it run smoother.

First of all we could stop the unpleasantness, between observer and rider ,by making it an offence for the rider to try to discuss his mark with the observer. Secondly we could ensure that all the sections marked by the riders are the real easy ones,thereby lowering the effect of their “over- generous” decisions to the result.

When I started riding in trials they were organised as all-day affairs, with single-lap routes of thirty miles and more. Most of the pleasure came from riding the route, going to places you’d never seen before, and the sections were there just to add spice to the day. Modern trials are held in one small area and are over in about two hours. That’s what people want, the motorcycling equivalent of a round of golf, and home before three. So perhaps we should take a cue from our golfing friends and seek to run the majority of our trials like a round of golf. We could take the rider’s money at the start, point him towards the first section and let him get on with it. For the organiser there’d be no observers to find,  no results to post,and it would be a nice little earner for the club or individual.

But we need not abandon competitive trials altogether. We could still organise one once a month during the Winter for those who  want to compete, and we should maybe return once again to the better old ways. We could make them single-route, non-stop and put in as many sections as is possible, but we  need only count those sections that have been observed by an official. Just to make it really fair we ought to stop the riders from walking in the sections,thereby lessening the effects of all that gardening that goes on.

PS. There’s a chance I could be wrong again, I’ve just come back from a closed-to-club trial and they had plenty of observers. Still there you are, being a prophet has always been a bit dodgy.                                   Ba