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More Regs available: “Drillman” is very coy!

Tuesday already: We’ve posted the Regs & Entry Form for the North Somerset Restricted to Club Gordon Brown 2hr Time Trial on 24th October.

Had some fun yesterday with Drillman who has been critical of information put on the website. He – I imagine it’s a he not a she – is whingeing [I think] that he finds it hard to know what Events are running & where. He was really rather ungrateful that we told you yesterday the Brockley Cup has a date change.

Drillman is one of those people who just want to criticise, well we don’t mind criticism, we’re all for free speech – come to a Board Meeting – discussion is very vigorous at times. But when we challenge Drillman to say who he is there’s a very very loud silence. How do we know? – because we asked him  who he was –  not once but twice, So the adult conversation we could have had about improving communications won’t happen.

We know this guy has sniped at  Club website coordinators as well, again he’s been too coy to say who he is, so we shall ignore further comments from Drillman until he is willing stand up & be counted.


Natterjack British Championship Enduro 25/26-09-10: News of Centre Riders

Our roving reporter, Brain Shuttleworth sent us this

“West Wilts Team Members Tyson Maytom-Jones [9th Expert 1st Expert E3]  and Dan Beavan [16th Expert 8th Expert E2/2] did have good rides at the Natterjack but I know Andy Frost had a puncture or his tyre came of the rim before the last special test which obviously affected his times. Andy was lying 5th on Day 1. He was also out on a new Yamaha for the first time. [Andys last special test took him 3minutes longer than any of his previous ones]
Ben Shuttleworth [31st Clubman 18th E2/2] had problems with his rear suspension not working 100% which slowed him down for his last three special tests on the Sunday. On further inspection after the event we found that the rear suspension bracket had cracked and one side of it was detatched from the frame. He was lucky that it didn’t come away completely and give him a jolt in his ”crown jewels”
Good experience for him though, and yes, more focus on special test times is needed.
Greg Hodge [Kingswood] rode on the Saturday finishing in 18th place, but gave it a miss on Sunday because his knees and ankles were giving him some discomfort. Liam Wooster [Swindon] also finished both days in Sportsman Class finishing 13th overall. A good result for his first Timecard Enduro.”

That’s dealt with the youngsters & to give balance to his coverage  Brian says “I spoke with the Clerk of Course ( Major Mike Tizard ) on the Saturday who said that he was an old friend of Brian Dark and was stationed in Speedwell Bristol some years ago. Apparently they did some of the major long distance trials in and around the Wessex Centre at that time.” {I dare say that “some” is actually decades ago – Ed.}

You can find a more general report & complete results on


Monday, 27th September 2010

What’s New?

Posted this morning:

Yesterdays Kingswood Championship Trials Results.

Reminder: Wilts Border “Endeavour” Trial is on Sunday.

Notification of Date  Change for the ‘Valers’ Brockley Cup Trial: it’s been put back a week from 24th to 31st October [so it clashes with Kingswood’s 3rd Resticted to Club!].

Regs for the above not posted as Permit No not supplied! – but I think you can take it that both events will be permitted.

Whats New?

Posted this afternoon: up to the minute Centre Trials Championship Tables – thanks to Pete Dury.

Pete says: Colin has moved moved back into the championship lead after yesterdays trial. Otherwise all other class leaders maintained their places.

Well done to Fred Adams on fourth place in his first ever adult championship event [hear hear – Ed.] and to Dad (Chris) on winning the C class (Ian Cobb rode out of class)

Also well done to Rob Hilton winning the AB class – life in the old dog yet eh?

As usual, let me know if I’ve drop any clangers (other than all those five’s yesterday).

Pete then had to update & revise the tables because  – well listen to Pete

I have had to revise the B class points for yesterdays round as I have since received information that Craig Mawlam changed route after lap 1 and therefore the points awarded to him have been removed. All other points scores in the B class have been amended to suit.

In case there are any other queries regarding points awarded in the original update, the following riders were not awarded any championship points –

Craig Mawlam – changed route during trial
Charlie Newman – informed secretary that he would ride out of class by choice
Shaun Sweeting – rode round 4 in the C class
Ian Cobb – rode round 4 in the AB class
Steve Usher – rode round 2 in the AB class
M Tull – rode round 1 in the C class
A Gee – rode round 3 & 4 in the C class

Riders are not permitted to change class mid championship (even if they move up a class)

As a consequence, the winner of the B class was Rob Pitman and the winner of the C class was Chris (the tank) Adams. — Pete

That’s it for the moment: Frank

Sums in my head

Taken to task by a “chattering” reader today re my post yesterday – I’ll tell you why in a minute – but We’re really pleased – someone ‘out there’ wants to know what we’re chattering about! And another thing – I asked about former Centre Trials Champions – well we have at least  2 more readers! They have suggested that these four guys have been our Solo Trials Champs. Any-one agree?

Jon Tuck, Dave Jeffries, Gary Marshman & Rob Wrigley are the names in the frame.

Right then, my thinking aloud about Becky Cooke Ladies Champ chances, I got it wrong. Now I’ve read the Championship Rules I’ll correct myself If Becky wins the last Round she WILL be Champion again. If she wins Joanne cannot be better than second, both Ladies will discard one score, so bothe will have 4 wins & 3 seconds, the tie break is then best performance in the last Round, so in my scenario Becky would be Champ again.

We can’t go to the IoW to support Becky – because of [our] West Wilts Centre Trials Championship Errington Cup – but our appointed Centre Steward has pulled out to be part of Becky’s on site Back up!

Good day out at Easter Compton today it was really dry there with plenty of grip = lots of happy faces at the finish. Results to follow when available.

Lets also hope the West Wilts team have had a good day at the Natterjack final BEC Round, I think our guys for this Round are Dan Beavan, Ben Shuttleworth & Tyson Maytom-Jones. Not sure if Freddie Broadway has a functional bike or not at the moment. I’ll let you know when I have a Report

Keep your feet up or have quick special tests: Frank

Do you want the Good news or the Bad news first?

Right: we’ll do the Good news first.

Maisie Payne IS the girls “B” Class National Champion. She has the luxury of choosing whether or not to ride the last Round in the Isle of Wight, but without any inside knowledge, I expect her to ride. Congratulations to her from all in the Centre, it’s very well deserved.

This bit is neither good or bad, as its  info. Becky Cook – who has ‘connections’ with the Centre of course, is currently leading the Ladies National Championship with just her ‘Home’ round in the Isle of Wight to go. Having cleaned up last weekend at Horsforth, where rival Joanne Coles was a no-show, she has a 14 point lead over Joanne but will discard a score after the last Round, so Joanne will be Champion if she finishes no lower than 2nd in the final Round. It’s most unlikely she won’t place first or second, but a DNF? Becky has her points on the board already, so it it will be a nervy day for Joanne I think.

Now the bad news, in spite of all the effort that the West Wilts Club have put into the Hare & Hounds at Farleigh Castle scheduled  for 17th October, their trials & tribulations this season continue. This week a bombshell dropped on the Club when permission to use the land was withdrawn, due to land management considerations entirely unconnected with motor sports. The Club apologises to everyone who had already entered & to all of you that were getting round to it.

Don’t forget the Wilts Border Endeavour RTClub Trial on 3rd October It’ll start at 10.30, entries close at the start –  The Piggeries, Stanton St Quintin, 1 mile from Jct 17 M4 . Contact the Secretary Mrs Theresa Talbot 01249 720342 Please park with consideration for other road users as there will be no parking in the field.

I’ve posted the Results of the BSSA’s Brian Hudson Memorial Timed Trial held last weekend – thanks for those Jan. [see Non Championship Results] & the Regs for their 5th Alan Brown Centre Restricted Timed Trial on 3rd October – Thanks again Jan. [see Regs available]

And I’ve posted the Regs & Entry Form for Kingswood’s 3rd Club Series Trial on 31/10/10

See you tomorrow at Elmington Manor Farm? A Centre Championship Trial remember.

Regards: Frank

Todays “stuff”, Chris Wrigley does some more ‘foreign corresponding’ & Regs for the Championship Errington Cup Trial

Chris Wrigley writes:

“This year our normal trials holidays were disrupted by the “greens” and old age on Ms. Coutard’s part. We had re organised the boat once so just decided to go and support Mike  Fear who was riding in an international classic bike trial at Arbecy near Vessouls in France. On arriving we found Craig Mawlam taking the sun and sipping a beer which is always a good start to a weekends trialing. Craig immediately offered to lend me a bike and not surprisingly I immediately accepted.
The bike is a very rare possibly even unique model called a Kato, it turns out that it was the development machine of a kato San who was driving the development of Yamaha TY175 trials in Japan. It was a really well balanced and finished bike but not quite up to my (over) weight and size, we assumed that Kato san was about five foot two and weighed about 9 stones. Having not ridden a twin shock since they went out of fashion ( a long time ago!) it took me some time to realize that these bikes need to be ridden with more precise technique than modern bikes to get anything out of them (a department I seem to be progressively lacking in). The sections were long and very interesting, the days were long and HOT,  Mikes No. 2 Cub melted just at the end of Saturday and it proved to be terminal wear on the oil pump. Despite working into late evening there was nothing to be done so Mike had to call it a day. As I had discovered the value of the bike by now and was starting to wilt by midday Sunday,  I knocked it on the head before I did some irreparable damage to this lovely little bike that Craig had so generously let me ride. Big thank you to Craig and apologies for sneaking off in the night, we were worried about being bogged down in the field as it started raining hard in the early hours of Monday.
From there we motored on in convoy with Mike & Christine to get to a friends house in time to rest for a day before heading off for a Rando in Andorra. A Rando is general term for a ride in the great outdoors and boy did we have some great rides in Andorra. There is an official trials park in Andorra but we have a friend who lives there and he wanted to show us his playground! Andorra – the word originated from Endore, (Catalan for way)  – as this tiny country apart from going around the sides is the only way to motor between France and Spain, not surprisingly it is effectively a series of passes and very deep valleys so the rides consisted of very steep climbs. Friday we did two tankfulls ; ca. 40km all off road and effectively continuous sections (certainly by our local standards) we got up to about 1800 metres. It was fantastic for all of us including Janet who struggled in a few places. Some of the views were breathtaking. In the evening we entertained Josep & Marie Jo (our Andorran friends) and got off to bed by 10 pm as we were planning the main event for Saturday.
Janet wisely decided that she would be better off shopping with Marie Jo and Joel so it was just the the fellas who set off at 9 am carrying 5 litres each of spare fuel and 3 litres each of water. The ride was to take us to a summit for lunch at 2,800m. (ca.8,500 feet!) altitude over a lateral distance of about 10 k.  What a ride it turned out to be, I’ve done most rides talked about in trials circles but this was the ultimate test of trials bike and rider there were several sections ( and I mean sections) of several hundred metres where it was continuous rock steps and pivot turns. We got to the the summit by 1pm , finished  the last of our water, ate our sandwich filled up with the last of our petrol and watched the wildlife; mountain goats, marmots, [do you readers know what a marmot is? Ed.] a herd of cattle & fortunately no bears.
We set off to find a herd of “wild” horses (let out to roam in summer months) we found them and in particular one who was stuck in a bog up to his shoulders. It had clearly been there for several days waiting to die  and there was no way we could pull it out so we we finally persuaded it to drink (from Papys helmet)  and set off to find a telephone signal, which we eventually did, and called the police who organized a helicopter rescue for this lucky beast. By now around 4.30 pm we were out of fuel. water, food and energy so we decided to retrace our steps back down. We finally got off the mountain and visited another friend of Josephs for fuel and water, this guy turns out to be a bike mad dentist who spends all his spare (and there was clearly plenty) cash on his bike collection; over 60 bikes including Ariels, BSA’s, Cubs, Ossa, Bultacos, Montesa’s etc etc all in concours condition. We had to leave him by 8pm as it was getting dark and we still had a tank full of fuel to get back to our campsite (for those who fill up every lap of our local trials a tank full is between 25/30 km). By time we had got home, scoffed some Pasta, changed my rear tyre (IRC’s can’t hack it in those conditions; mine was shot) it was time for bed as the Sunday ride was planned to be a doddle by comparison. Sunday we set off early again with Janet. 5 litres fuel each, food and water on our backs for our pleasant ride;….It turned out to be yet another “ride of deliverance” ending up with Josep feeling so guilty he sported a restaurant meal with plenty of drinks for 7 that evening. Later in the same holiday whilst riding in France we met another old friend who had just come home from a Rando on Corsica, 5 days guided through all the best mountain rides with support truck and hotels in evenings  so you can guess what our plans for next year are?
Regards: Chris

Wow Chris! thanks for that – you are making a lot of people envious! Thanks for sharing your holiday with us. Our own European adventure this year didn’t involve any 2 or 4 wheel sport. But we did make a point of seeing the French Przewalski [wild] horses in their conservation reserve

Why was it good not to see bears? I don’t reckon they would have eaten you! I’m sure the brown bears are shy but what a wonderful thing it would be to see brown bears in the wild after they’ve nearly been hunted to death, or taken from the wild as cubs to be made to dance so their “owners” could make money. Fortunately public opinion now sees how cruel that was.

Back to 2 wheel sport. I’ve posted the Regs & Entry Form for the West Wilts Errington Cup Centre Championship Trial. Secretary Chris Kelly will be waiting for your Entry!


For a change: Franks Shouting

Hi all,

Listen up.

WE are now Granny & Grandad to Alan & Helens’ William who came to the world at 5:31pm today.

Now we can go to the Trevor Hunt National Trial which starts at Longtown tomorrow at 09:30 without wondering whether they have the [mobile phone] technology in the wilds of Wales

We are of course delighted for all of them:  Frank & Phyllis

Here’s one I made Earlier

Hi all – I’ve had this up my sleeve for a bit now.

Here especially for you oldies is a list of the Centres Trials Champions since the year dot. Dot began in 1950. The eagle eyed will see that I’m missing a few years – if anyone can fill in the gaps I will revise the List.

You’ll find it on the new “Wessex Trials Champions” Page.

If anyone can find or have a stab at creating a similar list for Scrambles – I don’t know if there has ever been a Moto-X Centre Championship? – I’ll publish that as well


More Mutter: Latest Trials Champ Tables

Good afternoon,

What do we have for your delight today? The latest Trials Champ tables from Pete Dury of course. You know how to find them of course?

Have you come across internet radio station ‘Biker fm’? They’ve done an interview with West Wilts member, Freddie Broadway, about Enduros. I gather they will be at the twin shock MX meeting at Farleigh Castle this weekend as well.

Sorry to hear another of the West Wilts Enduro riders, Dan Price has had a nasty off resulting in plaster, crutches – the usual sort of thing, still he’s talking of being back on the bike next month – bones mend quicker when you’re young don’t they.

I notice youngsters Jack Pontin & Liam Wooster both rode the Swindon Clubs’ Foxwell Fling time card Enduro at Cirencester Park on Sunday. Doesn’t seem like yesterday they were still riding Schoolboy Trials. Good to see they are “Following Fathers Footsteps”

Don’t watch much television, but Eurosport has been broadcasting snooker from Beijing in the afternoons when I am programmed to switch on for the Vuelta. Similarly my ears pricked up just as I was going to switch off breakfast TV as something called Helicopter Heroes was on & Phyllis heard ‘pre 65 trials, the last thing I’d want would be cameramen all round as I was strapped to the stretcher with a splintered thigh & the oxygen mask on – I presumed it was at Back Cowm Quarry up near Rochdale. I think the point of the programme is to show us all what stupid dangerous things people do that can & do go wrong!

Off to a Classic Road Trial on Sunday

See you around: Frank

Had a good weekend? Trials of an Observer!

Hi there all of you. Just about to post up the Results of yesterdays Frome Ron Jefferies Centre Championship Trial.

You’ll see Ben Darch  l was 3rd expert? I think that was actually Ben Bramwell, but I haven’t been able to check that out with Mary yet.

Very pleasant day, & Railtrack have made up the roadway into the venue for us! as they have been doing a loy of “Civils” work on the railway embankment.

Managed to have a chat with eventual winner Ricky Wiggins, who has entered next months Scott Trial, so we shall see him up there. He said he was getting a lot of help from Talon & Rob Sartin which he was most appreciative of.

I was disappointed to hear a lot of effing & blinding at one stage from a couple of guys who were loudly complaining about the ability of an Observer on one section.  Just as well our two young lady  “B” & “C” class National Youth Championship contenders  weren’t within earshot. Would you believe it, they  were chuntering about Observers knowing the Rules, so I was greatly surprised when on a subsequent lap the first of these two guys fived my section & then proceeded to pick up handfuls of leaves & moss & distribute it along a greasy climb not once but twice, right in front of me, & just before his mate rode the section. I had to point out that he was interfering with the section with the object of giving his mate an advantage, as he had an interest in his mates performance. It didn’t appear that he was aware of that Rule!

Later on I was told the Observer whose decision they disputed had even been told they had the ride in question on Video as evidence! – in a blatant attempt to get the Observer to change the decision!  Readers of my mutterings will remember that there has been similar widely noticed “we’ve got it on video” incidents in British Championship Trials. Most Riders of course respect the Observers decision & appreciate their days sport is facilitated by all these volunteers. Credit however to the 2 guys , they thanked me for observing on their last lap!

Hope to have the Swindon Enduro Results available for you soon too.

Keep smiling: Frank