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More Regs & Chatter – Ivan Manning Centre Champ Timed Trial – Current Enduro Champ Tables

Hello all,

Firstly, a corrected  chattering report. Remember some Secretaries of the Meeting were admonished by the Permit Secretary, a couple of weeks ago? Well, you should stop feeling hurt, because Mike Fear has updated his comment, when you’ve done the job for 25 years sometimes you get out of synch. What Mike intended to say was that the National Sporting Code 3.16 now tells you what to do if your event is postponed or cancelled – it isn’t on the back of the latest Permits. So continue to be admonished if you haven’t been telling Mike. So we’ve cleared that one up – as it had been pointed out to me that Mike’s reminder I passed on to you wasn’t correct!

Secondly, I told you that the Maxxis “tube” collapsed at Farleigh last Sunday afternoon – well that is still true – but my comment that I’ve never seen these “tubes” collapse – [Never known them get moved/deflated in any Tour de France coverage so they must be pretty tried & tested technology?] – was updated on Monday – watching the prologue Time Trial in the Enerco Benelux Tour I saw the “tube over the finish line was collapsing. Anyone remember how the Champion Spark Plug was inflated for Farleigh in the old days?

Regs & Entry Forms are now published for NSMSC’s Centre Championship Ivan Manning Timed Trial on 26th September – see the Regs Available page.

Centre Enduro Championship Placings will be posted for you later on today. OK I’ve got that done now – you can find them in Pages – Current Centre Champ Tables as at 09/08/10 if navigation around the site is difficult.

Chattering with our local Policeman [guess who?] since I wrote the above, brought the comment that the Kingswood Enduro was  a good event, so pats on the back for them. His next event is the Dawn to Dusk!

Be seeing you all, keep your feet up to some & wind it open to others: Frank

More Trials Champ Regs. & a nice day at Farleigh

Hello all.

First off, Regs are now available for the Frome & Dist. Club’s Ron Jeffries Trophy Trial which is now Centre Championship Round, [it replaces their Wyndham Haines Trial which was cancelled back in March] Venue is Weston Town Farm down at Wanstrow & its on 12th September. Hope to see you there.

It was a good day at Farleigh, thought I ought to go and see how it’s done “these days”!  I didn’t say in my last “mutter” how dry the track was 7 days ago, I’d had a good look at the straight that takes you to the climbs & drops in the orchard. It was loose dry earth, not even any grass. But the sun shines on the righteous & ACU Events were blessed with heavy rain all day Tuesday , Friday afternoon & again for a lot of Saturday. Come race day the track was in prime condition that straight was nicely firmed up not at all slippy, just grippy. I’d guess at a ca 5k crowd. The spectator mix seemed to be across all age groups & I heard “ordinary punters” saying it wasn’t technical enough ie not enough bumps & jumps – but then in the next breath the comment that Silverstone is a dreadful viewing circuit. I’m not sure I agree about the technical bit, I saw top riders – Josh Coppins, Evgeny Bobreshev – getting the uphill jumps in the orchard all wrong! And don’t you think controlled powersliding round a sweeping bend is a spectacle? Come to think of it uncontrolled powersliding around sweeping bends is pretty interesting too. As expected I saw lots of people [sorry if I didn’t immediately recognise you] I knew young & old. There were Dads remembering Dave  Thorpes epic red mist ride way back when [remember that one?] & Grandads remembering Jeff Smith, Don & Derek Rickman et al even further back. Maybe up in heaven they were talking about the pre war grass tacks? The smaller ones will be remembering Zach Osborne & Tom Church winning races back in 2010 when they get to be Dads with lads I’m sure.

I was concerned when I saw the red flag come out in the orchard after a couple of laps in Race 2 – serious problem needing ambulance on track I guessed. No – a safety issue – the Maxxis tube which spanned the track had collapsed  or moved off its tethers! It shouldn’t happen but it did! Never known them get moved/deflated in any Tour de France coverage so they must be pretty tried & tested technology?

I noticed the start gate was in two halves, not individual gates but fortunately there were no issues at the starts – if a section of an individual gate doesn’t drop its either a malfunction or an attempted “quick” start if half the entry doesn’t get away it has to be called a false start with no exclusions doesn’tg it?s As I often reckon the marshalling left a bit to be desired & I didn’t see a post whacking crew with sledge. Surprised to see a marshal dump his red & yellow flags & walk off to get a sledge, it took longer than a lap of the track & thenwhen he got back bang in posts without the other adjacent marshal covering him with a yellow flag. But that’s being picky.

Overall an excellent day. Oh & Bill Douglas is home & improving.


More Regs Available, another Wessex Centre National Champion expected.

Hello everyone, a busy weekend for some of us.

The Ladies National Trials Championship had a Round run by the Richmond Club up at Reeth. Craig Talbot was on duty minding for current Champion, Becky Cooke. The Paynes had a long trip as well with both ‘our’ young ladies Victoria & Maisie riding. Did think about going up but I’d agreed to put some flyers round at the Kingswood H&H on Saturday afternoon to advertise the West Wilts H&H at Farleigh Castle in October. One or two people asked if Phyllis was with me but no she was at home finishing off, printing out & posting Centre Board Minutes. Matt Ridgway was best Expert & Andy Frost R/up. Ben Shuttleworth was best in his class.Rain midway through the event made it quite slippy & slidey for a while but it dried again & a little bit of dust was being raised by the finish.

Talking of Farleigh, we hope that Bill Douglas, the man you need to talk to if you want to run at Farleigh, & a WWMC VP, is soon out of RUH & recovers soon after an emergency op. last week. Sunday we went to Farleigh Castle for a falconry display [really interesting & well worth while] in the Castle & bumped into WWMC member Paul Robinson & Judith who works for English Heritage but at Stonehenge, not Farleigh. We parked where the  GP Pits were in the good old days & the West Devon Club’s Ladies were doing a brilliant [white] job painting the track posts. Don’t forget the Maxxis MX Champ Round is on Sunday.

Back to Ladies Trials: I’m fairly certain that Maisie Payne has wrapped up the “C” class Championship with 2 Round to go, so we send our congratulations to her it’s never easy to win in Yorkshire but a clean last lap did the job. Victoria is still pegging away having moved up to “B” class this year, I suspect she’ll get a lot more Championship points next year.

In the Ladies Championship we’re hearing that Joanne Coles is rather upset that she has been Runner Up [to Becky Cooke] in both the last two rounds. They have admittedly been very close with equal marks lost at the finish of the event, but Joanne has lost both on the tie break! At the end of the day it’s what is recorded by those judges of Fact, the Observers, on their Observer cards that is important, not what  other parties, or parties having an interest in a particular riders performance, thought they saw. I expect you will all remember seeing an England goal in the Worl Cup, I did, except it wasn’t a goal because the Ref & his Assistant didn’t see it. A video replay confirmed to me what I saw [I was an party with an interest in that decision] but it still wasn’t a goal was it?

Oh yes, those newly posted Regs & Entry Form? North Somerset are running their RT Keedwell Timed Trial on 5th September

See you soon: Frank

Tea Leaves & Another Wessex Centre National Champion!

Listen up, this is important. The thieves are out there & busy.

Mathew Roberts has had his Garage broken into last night & his pride & joy has been nicked together with other things. Nightmare!

If you hear about a 4stroke Sherco Trials bike going cheap or any whispers, or just see someone riding a similar bike please give it the once-over – it might be Mathews. Please get in touch with me in the first instance. A reward for information leading to recovery is offered.

The new British Cross Country Expert Champion is  ——  West Wilts member, Tyson Maytom-Jones. I notice that Seb Dexter is 9th Expert & Simon Prideaux is =11th in the Clubman Elite Class. So our congratulations to them in the, inaugural year, I think of these Championships. FYI, Daryl Bolter is the Championship Class winner.

Back on your Bikes – it’s the Wessex Enduro Champ Round  H&H at Abbottside tomorrow [entries close tomorrow evening] & put this date in your Diary now – the next (last) Round will be another H&H this time run by West Wilts at the legendary Farleigh Castle on Sunday 17th October.


Slapped Wrists – Attention: Event Secretaries

The Centre held it’s August Board Meeting last night.

Mike Fear, the Permit Secretary, drew attention to the fact that he IS NOT being advised if a Permitted Event is postponed or cancelled. That’s one of the duties of each & every Event Secretary.

Events get cancelled or postponed for many reasons but the Permit that he issues is the document that ensures Event Insurance will be in place. If the Event doesn’t run the system breaks down – The Permit Secretary is blithely unaware & he cant tell the  Treasurer who is waiting for the money to come in, Rugby chases the Centre for it etc. A right “Horlicks”!

Please help Mike by telling him within 24 hours of a cancellation or postponement – you’ll also be able to claim back your Permit Fee.

Here endeth the Lesson.


They keep on coming! BSSA’s Timed Trial on 19th September Regs & Entry Form. See CW’s comment on Monday’s Muttering

CW’s got it all sussed & posted a comment on my last mutter. Find out about another of his [& Janets] international exploits – this time at Gueret [in D23 if you understand Departement numbering – it’s also roughly in the middle of France -Frank]   360 Riders signed on – that’s a big event by any standards.

Don’t forget the Brian Hudson Memorial 2 hour Timed Trial – you’ll find the Regs & Entry Form on the Regs available Page!


More Regs & Entry Forms for you! AND a new “View” from our resident sage Ba

G’morning all. Hope you all had a good week-ends sport.

The View from Ba House in May/June is now posted – I didn’t realize Jerry Cross had problems from Day 1 up in Scotland – Oh well he’ll have to enter again next year, he’ll crack it then I’m sure.

Don’t Forget: Kingswood’s Abbottside Enduro on Saturday – you’ve just got time to get your Entry in (closes tomorrow) & there’s Transponder Timing This Year!

Entry Forms & Regs are also posted for North Somerset’s 2 hour TattoTime Chase on Saturday 14th August, & the Kingswood Clubs’ Centre Trials Championship Hawkesbury Trophy Trial on 21st September.

See you there: Frank