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Franks still rambling!

Morning all.

2 updates for you today:

  • NSMSC’s Regs & Entry Form for their Fowlers Trophy RTClub Timed Trial  – one of the popular Wednesday evening events.
  • A link to the Results of the West Wilts Hare & Hounds at Naish Hill last Saturday
  • I presume you will navigate your way to them easily? put in a comment if you can’t or need some guidance

The West Wilts event was a great days sport which could have easily coped with a bigger Entry. A £35 Entry fee for a 3 hour event is a real bargain in these cash strapped times – every-one else seems to have a £45 fee. The dry weather made for dust in the open ground parts of the Course, but the infamous woods were much dryer than usual. Several parts of the course had different lines available – the shortest most difficult that Experts chose & the longer but easier one for riders who are less confident in their ability – a excellent innovation by the Club.

NOW THEN – having got your attention – it’s very nearly SSDT time – so we hope for good rides from all our Centre Runners who include the WWMC Club Team of Adam Norris/Mark Cameron/Scott Cameron, Craig [minder] Talbot & Becky Cooke. You readers will obviously be commenting that I’ve forgotten  X,Y & Z – but I’m just testing you to see who it is that makes a comment to tell me! I hear that our near neighbour Steve Saunders has deferred to Father Time & entered the pre65 jamboree on a Triumph. It isn’t a trick little Cub either but a proper twin – can anyone tell me if it’s a 350 or a 500.

Sorry to say we shan’t be up there, cos we’re saving up for our Summer Hols – which so far hasn’t found any convenient motor sport to make a detour for, – but lets hope for better weather than last year. So have a good week to all the supporters who will be up there for the action.

See you soon: Frank

Good Morning All – what’s newly posted today

This morning Ba gives you his view about “the problem with Trials Observers is”

You’ve Results posted for the February & March N Somerset Timed Trials

You’ve the latest Trials Championship Tables following the Traders Trophy

& you’ve the Wells’ John Stait Trophy Centre Champ Timed Trial Results.

Then you can find Brett Kings’  Corinium Report  & the Results

There’s a link posted that’ll take you to the Swindon Club’s all new Blog

So Keep on Looking & Keep on Sending “Stuff”                  —           Frank

The April 2010 View from Ba House

Mendip Vale’s  Traders Trophy turned out to be a super event, with a nice warm sunny day. I was given a lovely section to observe, a proper straight climb over loose rocks finishing off with a very slippery rooted bank then a flat dry exit, it was just about perfect.

As is usual there were lots of spectators wandering about with nothing to do, but sadly the club still struggled to find enough observers. Later in the day Rob Pike turned up to watch Tom ride my section. He told me that he’d had to give up his ride, because they were so short on observers, and he had just started to tell me about his new road bike when we were interrupted by the arrival of two riders, who wanted a serious word with him. It was Ben Bramwell and his mate and evidently they both had a bit of a cob on for one said to Pikey, “Your observers are rubbish.” I stopped listening at that point,  (I didn’t want to hear again the usual nonsense about being robbed of victory by those vicious and incompetent observers), but it did trigger a memory of a similar situation which took place many years ago.

It was in the Kickham Trial, an old Wessex-Centre National, which started from the Jolly Collier at Camerton. I was helping Dick Green with the sidecars and because of a shortage of observers three of us were conducting them round as a mob. Anyway it rained cats and dogs, which made all the sections just about impossible to ride, so by the time we’d got to Pipehouse the entire entry had become  totally exhausted. They were a pathetic sight, fifty broken men all lying about, half way through the toughest trial for years, and it was looking like they weren’t going to finish in daylight. Well after a bit of a meeting they decided that the only course open to them was to have a word with Dick, to try and persuade him to ease things off. So they appointed a spokesman and off he went to see Mr Green.

I followed on and I heard what was said. Spokesman, “Dick the trial is getting to be near impossible and we’ll never finish in the light at this rate. Could you please consider altering things to make it all a bit easier?” Quite a nice reasonable little speech I thought, if a little risky considering Dicks bad temper. And so it proved for when his answer came back it was quite poetic.”  I Didn’t !!!!!!!!!!!! ask you to come here. So if you don’t like it you can all !!!!!!!!!!!! off now.”

I’m with Mr Green. Too many A class riders these days think they can do as they please. They should stay away if they won’t behave.   Ba

British Sidecar Grand-Prix – Langrish 18/04/10

Shown below are Wessex Centre runners Dan & Joe Millard on their way to 13th spot at the Veranda during the first race. Best of the Brits were Stuart Brown/Luke Peters with a first race 10th & a second race 9th. Our other local runner, Rich Jenkins/Pete Girling didn’t qualify for the first race, but got a ride in the second. They never looked comfortable & may not have been fit , choosing not to go for the jumps [maybe rear shock problems] & pulling out mid race when around 19th when they seemed to lose power up the final hill before the start/finish line

Haven’t any time to post further at the moment, I hope to get Trials Champ Tables posted tomorrow together with a raft of other results etc.

Oh & it’s time for a quick review of Centre & other Runners entered in the Scottish Six Days Trial. – Have you read Mairi’s riposte to the doubter who wondered if the ballot for Entries was all above board?

See you soon : Frank

More Rambling from Frank:

Well the BGRC Grass track didn’t run on Good Friday –  yet more rain meant that the working party & Officials just went out & took the track down on race day. I didn’t even give a thought to the Frome Moto-X on Monday being cancelled though – Heavy snow on the Wednesday before caused Jim Webb to call it off as it stopped track preparation. Don’t forget though you can go to Langrish this coming Sunday & see World Championship Moto-X & root for a British victory & a good result for Dan & Joe Millard & other local drivers/passengers.

Now then: the Regs  & Entry Forms are now posted for NSMSC’s Two Hour Jack Ball Chase Timed Trial on this Sunday [18th April] AND their Colin Stenner Timed Trial on Saturday 1st of May – find them on the obvious Page?

Franks Ramblings:

Hi all, happy Easter, nice to see all you God fearing people who had obviously been to Church before todays ‘Traders’. It’s much too early for the results as I write – yes yes I know Mick Perry will already have rung up asking for them. However Section 18 was fairly easy on all three routes even though it was taking ‘5’s’ from some of the Experts – nice to see Darren Snell supporting Mendip again. And talking of supporting, Adam Colburn was at the Belmont Estate with his spares van before riding the trial – not making a fortune but nice to see the initiative. He’s intending to take the van to all the events he rides I believe.

Now then I made a comment about Craig Talbots minding duties the other day & it didn’t go any better at the Cheadle 2nd Ladies Champs round either for Becky Cook [26m/l]- beaten into 2nd place again by Joanne Coles [19m/l] but I’m pleased to report that when the going gets tough, the tough get going & at yesterdays Ladies European Champs Round in Italy Becky was R/up to Laia Sainz.

Hope to get some more info fed back from Craig soon.

Did I tell you Maisie Payne won the first Girls ‘B’ class Champ Round – think I did – well she’s done it again in the 2nd Round. Does any-one know if the BGRC grass track ran on Friday?

See you again soon