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Franks Ramblings!

Good morning everyone. Rambling begins!

Kingswood’s 1st Summer Series Results from yesterday, 28th March, are now available [on the Non Championship Wessex Trial Results for 2010 Page] A revision is now, 31st March,  posted – 2 riders were missed off originally!

Didn’t get TMX until yesterday, oh dear, Joanne Coles 1m/l beat Becky Cook 7m/l at the Ladies Champ round at Basingstoke – Craig Talbot’s malign minding influence maybe, no probably not, obviously an “easy” trial & three sections[?] went wrong for her. Great result for Maisie Payne though 1st in “C” class Champs & cousin Victoria had 5th in her first ride in the “B” class Champ. Go for it Ladies.

BGRC – Sundays racing postponed to Good Friday?

BGRC made a decision during Saturdays heavy late afternoon rain to postpone the scheduled racing on Sunday 28th March. Although Youth racing went ahead Saturday afternoon there were problems with entry/exit from the venue – & vehicles were having to be towed in & out onto the busy main road. The Club apologises to anyone who made the journey to find the Meeting was off. A big disappointment for all as the track was in prime condition. However the landowner has allowed the track to be left up in the hope that the meeting will go ahead shortly

Stp Press: Subject to medical cover being available, racing is rescheduled for Good Friday 3rd of April, that’s Friday week.


The March 2010 View from Ba House

The Wallace was a bit of a let-down this year. Usually it’s so dangerous that you can expect to see lots of crashes from all and sundry, but this time the sections were so easy that they wouldn’t have terrified me if I’d been riding. So what happened, why the boring trial? Well evidently the organisers had a visit from the Berkshire Safety Police just prior to the event and they put the frighteners on. You don’t argue with that lot.
The Colmore was much more like it, all the big hills at Dovedale were in as usual and I had a really entertaining time watching the “two stone riders” flying up into the sky past the ends cards. It was while I was there that I had this strange conversation with a young rider that I’ve never seen before. He had made his attempt on the hill using the technique, as seen in all the best trials DVD’s, of revving the nuts off the engine, in fourth gear with the clutch in, then releasing the clutch and aiming for the top. Unfortunately his brand new engine hadn’t taken too kindly to this treatment and had siezed solid on him. He came back down the hill, came to a stop nearby and then took up the Richard Fogg recovery position.
After a few minutes he collected himself and started to kick the engine over, but it wouldn’t fire and with each kick he was getting more angry. Really,I suppose I should have moved away at this point, but I tried to help him out by suggesting that he might try starting the bike with the choke on. Bingo, it ran but as soon as the choke was off it stopped again. “Why is it doing that?”, he asked. “I don’t know, maybe the carb is empty. Take the carb off and have a look”. “Oh I can’t be bothered with all that stuff”, was his reply and he marched off looking for his dad.
At the time I thought his behaviour to be off the wall, but the more I’ve thought about it the more I’ve come to realise that he wasn’t that unusual in not being in the least bit interested in the mechanics or maintainance of his motorcycle. Most young riders around today are like that. What they are interested in is the look and presentation of their bike and the position of those all important stickers, but nothing else. If it goes wrong that’s dad’s job and he’s to blame if it can’t be fixed. Unfortunately the result of this situation is that it is producing a generation of bike wreckers, with absolutely no concept of mechanical feel or sympathy for their machines.
I suppose that this would be OK if all the bikes were built like brick-privies but modern trials bikes aren’t made like that. They are all built these days to be as light as possible and can be very fragile in the wrong hands. An already dicy situation is likely soon to be made even worse, if the reports of the latest designs due for production are to be believed. It looks like at least two makers are vying with each other to find the most stupid place to put the fuel tank, one choosing inside the back mudguard and the other low down in front of the engine. I dread to think what will happen when Joe Public gets his hands on these. I think to be safe I’ll stand well back behind a tree when they turn up.
Last month we welcomed to her post our new Centre-Secretary, Theresa Talbot, who won the ballot by a landslide. There’s an old saw that says, ” If you want a job done quickly and well then give it to someone who’s already busy”. She keeps quite busy. There’s a house to run, Wilts-Border club to oversee, stewarding and observing, running a four-person trials team, IC Church flowers, Mothers’ Union, Womens’ Institute and President of the Foxham and Kington-Langley Smallholders Association. There’s another old saw that says, “If you’re of a nervous diposition don’t argue with a busy person”.  So trust me if Mrs Talbot says it’s wednesday then it’s wednesday.                                Ba

Chasing Women!


As many of you will already know I will be minding for Becky Cook this year in all the World, European and British championship trials and asked Frank if he would like me to tell you about the behind the scenes goings on.

As a BVM sponsored rider I’d met Becky there a few times when she visited while en route to Nationals. She first asked me if I would be interested in minding for her after the last British Championship trial in Kent last autumn after I had helped her on her last lap after I’d finished the trial. Her usual minder Peter Archer couldn’t make it that weekend and had already told her that he was unable to commit to 2010. She originally asked if I could help at World and European trials. After talking with Mark Kemp, everyone at work, Mum and Dad I decided to take the job on and Mind for her at the British Woman’s, British Championship Trials as well as the European and World rounds.

I started preparing by getting some tips from my dad after he minded for me in last year’s British championship trials but soon gave up that idea after remembering things like “TYRE LEFT, GOOD NOW TWO TYRES RIGHT”, and another time while lined up for a big step Dad tried to climb on to the top to catch me but he couldn’t manage it and slid back down and left  me to it !!!  At the time it wasn’t funny but thinking back now I can’t help but laugh at the old man.

I’ve been out practising with Becky every weekend this year training hard to try and help her achieve her goal of becoming World Champion; we have been trying out Cardo blue tooth headsets, as used by many of the top riders at World events. At World Championship level this year the rider will not be able to walk the sections on the day of the trial so we think it will help us with any last minute changes of line etc.

The National trials season has started with the Wallace and Colmore but my first proper minding job will be the first two Woman’s British Championship trials at Basingstoke, this Sunday 21st March and Cheadle then its off to a slightly more exotic Italian Euro round over Easter, I’ll bring you up to date again when I can.

Craig Talbot

March 2010

Hilary Lywood: RIP.

Frank says:

I’m sorry to say that Hilary, Kens wife, passed away on Monday evening 15th March,in Southmead Hospital, a few days after a fall. I don’t need to tell you but I will that Ken has been involved in the West Wilts Club for at least 55 years, he’s still  the Centre’s bookkeeper & has been the ACU’s Chairman. You have to be past the first flush of youth to remember Hilary as a Secretary of the Meeting at events, but we offer our condolences to Ken, & Kay & Pat & the rest of their families.

Please contact me for the funeral details [address on the “Contact the Editor” Page]

Track Racing – Saturday & Sunday – just off the M4 – J17

Bristol Grass Racing Combine are starting off the Wessex Centre season at Hangar Farm Lower Stanton St Quintin on Saturday 20th with a youth event followed by an Adult + youth event on Sunday 21st. Venue is Hangar Farm at Lower Stanton St Quintin & Sundays’ Racing begins at 13:00hrs &  for satnav people, input SN14 6HG.

Grass addicts can then get down to the South West Centre on the following Sunday 28th March as our friends in the Somerton Club in South West Centre  run the first round of the SW Centre Champs.


Gary Scrivs. says:

Forget the trip to the Garden Centre this Easter, as the Mendip Vale Trials Team, who have the reputation for organising possibly the best event in the Wessex centre with their Traders Trophy trial, are returning to their excellent new venue just south of Bristol on 4th April. Used for the first time last year, the venue was voted tops by all the competitors and they have been welcomed back by the enthusiastic land owner. This however may be the last time this “jewel” will be available as a change of owner could be in the offing.
The event is a round of the Wessex Centre Championship and all Adult solo classes, Expert through to Novice are catered for over three routes, along with the over 50 Class and and Youth Experts, as the event is all off road.

This is one of the main events in the Centre, so not be suitable for Beginners, but if you are just starting out, then why not come along and Observe and pick up a few tips, or find out about the other Mendip Vale trials that will definitely suit you.

Any rider who brings an Observer, gets a free entry to the next Club trial on the 25 April.

The action takes place at Belmont Estate, Wraxall, near Bristol, off the A369/B3129, which is accessible from Junction 20 of the M5, or from the A370, south of Bristol. Start time 10:30 and entries are limited to 120, with a closing date of 31 March. Full details are also in Regs Available or on the Club web site. –

Wilts Border Salutation Novice Trial 07/03/10

Wilts Border couldn’t have wished for better weather for their RTC Trial today, although there was a cold wind in the start field, & most people had left home while it was still freezing out of the sunshine. The Piggeries were dry on the sloping valley side & there were just two easyish sections in & out of the stream this time. Judging from the comments I heard the sections were just about right & weren’t too hard,  even the first timers seemed to be coping. Maybe it was the cold but several riders “forgot” where their route actually went – even Dave Benton admitted to a “Senior Moment” [ & he was named as winner of Youth C class at the last Wilts Border Trial, according to TMX!]

Below we show Victoria Payne in action at Section 8, now I have the Results to hand  I see Victoria was Best Youth B rider beating cousin Lewis Payne & Gareth Talbot.

Editors note; if you click on the image below it will open just as an image, if you click on it again you will see a much larger image

Victoria Payne

Best Performers  were Rob Scott [Clubman Expert} & Tim Wheeler [best O/40 & twinshock} both riding the Main Route & both going round clean all day   ———   Frank

Mendip Vale’s Winterhead Trial 28/03/10 – Results

Thanks to Pikey we have the Winterhead Results** available.

**Just go to the Page “Non Championship Wessex Trial Results 2010” &  click on the appropriate Result

Mendip had  a healthy entry of 60 odd and the weather was kind to us with only light rain and not the high winds and rain we were promised, we laid out 12 sections lapped 3 times, all seemed to enjoy it
Pikey reminds you all that the “Traders” Centre Championship Trial is in a calendar months time on Easter Sunday 04 /04/10. It’s always a cracker, so you won’t want to miss it. Regs & Entry Form will be posted here as soon as I have them. They’ll be available on Mendips own website as well of course:  Frank