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The February 2010 View from Ba House

Well the Centre-Championship is up and running with three rounds having taken place so far. Unfortunately I had to miss the first round,( I was acting as legal adviser for Colin Noad at the Talmag), but I did manage to get to the last two rounds held recently.What a contrast there was between the two. The Wilts-Border round was almost impossibly slippery, with everyone getting a real kicking, while the West-Wilts round was relatively grippy with the scores staying quite low. One club put out 10 single subs, while the other put out 15 subs which included at least 6 as double sub hills. Personally I prefer  the use of double subs. That way the organisers can give everyone a much more enjoyable ride by making the first easy and then hitting them harder in the second. It’s the way we always used to do it when I was little, but it’s now out of fashion with the result that the riders get clobbered all the time, and so they lose heart that much more quickly.
Sadly what both trials shared were disagreements between observers and competitors, involving A class riders. As is usual in both instances, the riders got away with it, the observers being overruled by the organisers. It certainly pays to complain! Perhaps it’s time we recognised the way things are these days and allowed the A riders to do their own marking, then the observers could concentrate on marking the less able riders in the entry. They never give you grief.
I hear that Pat Richardson has finally called it a day as our Centre-Secretary after more than twenty years work. Thanks Pat, you did a great job for us all.Enjoy yourself.
What’s next Sunday ? It’s the Wallace Trial that’s what, surely the most dangerous trial in the World. This year they’ve got a new hazard. I understand that at the last hill riders will be asked to ride the two subs while under fire from the local cadet force. Sounds good doesn’t it ,see you there.                                           Ba

Centre Fixture List – now available to download & print

The Centre Fixture List is now available on line. You can find & print it off from Pages: Wessex Centre Fixture List

It’s already out of date as there are several date changes already notified, and there will be more Events subject to Date change, Cancellation & New Events added.

I’m still considering how best to advise you all of the changes – ideally we would just post up all Centre Regs – when they became available. Any suggestions?


A Backward Look – February 2010 – Use it or Lose it

Oh base and worthless Wessex Men you have allowed the Gazette in hard copy to die.

In the capable hands of succession of Editors it was produced in shiny vellum form and always a good read from a stalwart band of contributors. From the days when the late Vic Anstice ruled on what was acceptable and what was too inflammatory, to the time when Jim Webb took over and printed everything that was submitted (except libellous material). He was followed by the late dear old Den Watts who used his own discretion to delete the unprintable. (I had many a sentence censored by Dennis, as being “too caustic”. At recent years due to, amongst other things Financial Cramp and lack of subscriptions (The two things go hand in hand) The Gazette became a shadow of its former being and has now succumbed to the dreaded E-Mail. Well it’s dreaded by Old Maler anyway. If it goes to its possible conclusion, there would be no magazines or papers on the bookshelves. What a dull old world that would be. I just cannot get the same buzz from squinting at a ‘laptop’ as I get when the postman shoves it through the letterbox.

I am only too aware that some will consider me a Luddite but that is my position and so I sign off with best wishes to my readers, Both of them.   Over the years I’ve made some derogatory comments about Mart Bracey but we are still good friends! With friends like him who needs enemies.                                                                                                                                          Old Maler

West Wilts James Cup 14/02/10

Terrific Trial at Beckie Addie woods today. Talk about getting your moneys worth, CofC Brian Shuttleworth laid on 15 sections including 4 doubles to be ridden four times! Weather was kind, WWMC pulled out the stops for Observers (thank you all very much) & a great Entry – 38 entered before the start with forms downloaded from this website & another 20 or so before the start.

I was able to give Tony Moulder the spare inner tube I’ve been “minding for him since he lost it at the Roys Rocks section in last years Scott Trial! It’s a long time since I’ve seen Nibs & Carol Kellett & I don’t think I’ve seen Ty or Todd before. Good to see Ty out & about riding well, I hear he had a get well card from Tony Carioli & other M-X stars when he was in Frenchay. Only downside of the day was that the Centre Stewards dog was caught eating Nipper Allen’s sandwiches.

Thanks for all you riders compliments about an enjoyable Trial. Provisional Results to be posted here later today. Update @ 19:37hrs – looks like best Expert was Ricky Wiggins – 12m/l just pipping Adam Norris with 14m/l but that’s to be confirmed in the Provisional Results.

Next Championship Trial is the Frome’s Wyndham Haines Trophy trial on 14th March – watch out for the Regs to be posted when available.