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Keep Taking the Medicine: it’s starting to work!

Great, it looks as if people are using the website. Phyllis Sweeting  had 3 entries in yesterdays post  for the West Wilts James Cup on forms downloaded from the website.

Thinking out loud now, does it make sense to ask you for your email address as well on the entry form so you can choose either to go to the website to collect the results or to enclose an SAE for your printed results?

Any thoughts? You can post a response by scrolling down to Leave a Reply & filling in the boxes. It will not show immediately – because admin has to approve it first!

More from Kingswood MCC

The club marking out team enjoyed  setting out the sections ready for the Centre Championship Trial next Sunday. As we were mob handed we hacked out as much new stuff as we could find, we have spaced out the sections as best we can and made the sections as open as possible. For me the best subs are always in the quarry area and we have 4 in there, 3 nasties and one easyplan. In general we have tried to make it very novice friendly on the yellow route. The middle route is going to take a few from B class although likes of Nigel T and Martin W should have few problems. As usual the other guys reckon I’m too hard on the experts when setting out, but they are experts after all. If the weather stays the same I reckon it will be 20 odd marks for a good ride. As most will know we have a hardstanding car  parking area which we have to sweep afterwards so please, to all concerned, don’t leave too much mud and rubbish behind you. As ever in trials we need observers on the day so if you can please try to bring somebody …it’s more fun than wandering around with unnecessary fuel and fizzy drinks for your chosen rider. At the time of writing I’m not sure whether the entry limit of 75 is full.. it was close yesterday ..if you havn’t already entered perhaps “bringing an observer” would clinch the deal.

All the best see you on Sunday – Chris W

The January 2010 View from Ba House

Hello again,Happy-New -Year.Personally I’m not sorry to see the last of 2009 for it was a bad year for trials around here.During that time we lost the last two proper trials courses in the Centre,in the Spring Mendip-Vale were refused permission to use their superb course at Shipham, then in the Autumn Frome  were driven from Asham-Woods.
From what I hear the blame for the loss of all this wonderful ground lies not with the clubs but with others,who gave the powers-that-be their opportunity to close things down.Those “others” are the mountain-bikers,4×4’s drivers and scramblers who have ridden on the land without permission thereby handing to the Ramblers the ammunition they need to get everyone but walkers banned from another bit of the countryside.
And so it goes on,the steady loss of motorcycle access.We are,like the American Indians in the 1870’s,being pushed into smaller and ever more restricted areas until we are judged to be ready for a final ban on our activities,or maybe they’ll just shoot us all and be done with it.
So what’s to be done to halt this decline? Well it’s no good looking to the ACU,or any other of the present motorcycling organisations,for help because when it comes to fighting our corner they are about as much use as a chocolate teapot.All they will do is wring their hands and say nothing can be done. What we need to do is to get organised properly,just as the Ramblers did when they used the weapon of mass trespass to get noticed.I’ve made a start by joining a new pressure-group that is ready to  battle harder for our interests.They have a really radical agenda that,if successful,will give us back all our rights to use the old lanes,and any rough ground we choose, and as a bonus allow the temporary closure of roads to normal traffic,so that proper road-racing  can take place once more.( We’ve got a seven mile course already planned in the Mendip area, which should yield a 100 mph lap ) Sadly though getting members is proving to be a bit slow. At the moment there’s only two of us – & the dog is still thinking about it.                                                                               Ba

A Backward Look – January 2010

So here we stand on the threshold of a brand new year. Our esteemed editor has pitchforked me into the all new digital age where by the seemingly simple process of pressing buttons he has placed me at a real disadvantage. I’ve never progressed from the old steam fountain pen. I even have a dislike of Biros. However with offers of help in the new age communications from Ann Brittain, Andy Blacker and Carissa Burr I am somewhat overwhelmed and feel I must give it a go.

New Years day we paid a visit to Lambs Lair timed trial. Ideal weather was the order of the day but as I write, no results are to hand. The organising (and I use that word very loosely) club were B.S.S.A. and they were keen to repair to the local hostelry. I have it on good authority that they have been studying the scriptures. They were very taken by the story that Big G. had changed water into wine. They tried to emulate the feat, but the best they could manage was to change Boddingtons bitter into very inferior water!!

Its heartening to see young Ty Kellett back on his bike and looking so confident. It seems only a short while since father ‘Nibs’ was putting up competent performances at Worminster (Death) Farm. Even further back grandfather Eric was a regular competitor at Shepton events. Good God I must be older than I thought.

Over the festive season we had a visitation from an old, even ancient trials rider in the shape of the venerable Pete Nicholson. We always referred to him as ‘DURACELL’ but those days I think his power source is depleted. As if that wasn’t shock enough he was closely followed by Bracey. I didn’t know whether to run or stand my ground. However he greeted me and grasped me warmly by the throat. If he ever learns to read I could be in deep grit. Why you may ask did ‘Duracell’ venture this far west. Well for the several years I’ve stored the ex Roger Allen S.W.M. and Pete had a fistful of Dollars to spend. Not for himself you understand but for son Andy. I’ll be interested to see if he can do the business against the present hop skip and jump youngsters.

As I anticipated, the response to Malers Quiz was underwhelming once again Brian Newbury now in a minority of one. However he did get eight out of ten right and could argue question one on a technicality. Just like trials riders always do. It begs the question. Why so little interest. Is it ‘A’ the youngsters aren’t interested, ‘B’ they can’t read or ‘C’ they can’t be bothered or a combination of all three. Now with the snow falling and six inches already lying, I must make my way to my granddaughter who will transfer the written word with the insane clickedy clack of the keyboard to Frank’s office.

Anybody want to buy a genuine Goose feather Quill pen?

I’ll sithee Maler

More from Swindon & DMCC

Klindt Cup Trial Reminder

Don’t forget the next trial in the Club Series, it’s the Klindt Cup Trial on February 21st, staged once again at Hannington, situated off the B4019 between Broad Blunsdon and Highworth (look for the Freke Arms pub – the turning is next to it). It will be (probably) 4 laps of ten sections – three routes – classes to be A, AB,B, C, Youth A, Youth B, Over 50 and Twinshock. Entry fee £12 for adults, £5 for youths/juniors. Club membership for under a tenner!!

Regards to all: Brett King

Report & Results: Freezing Freegard

Weather fails to freeze Freegard

Whilst trials throughout the country were called off because of the snow-bound conditions that gripped the UK at the weekend, Swindon and District MCC members were determined to stage the first round of their 2010 Club Championship, whatever the weather.

Clerk of the Course Michael Maslin led his merry band of section plotters out on Saturday clearing snow from the cambers, roots, climbs and streams that adorn the Old Station Yard venue, to guarantee proceedings would go ahead on the Sunday – and their efforts were much appreciated by the riders who took part.

2009 Expert Champion Rob Scott turned up to begin the defence of his title but he was not the furthest travelled as fellow A class competitor Ben Skinner had got a team of huskies out to bring him and his Gas Gas up from Ringwood, and a very worthwhile trip it would turn out to be too. These two were to be the main contenders for the overall and sadly for Rob, his challenge took a dent as early as the second section when he failed to crest the bank just before turning into the stream. In contrast, Ben hopped the rear wheel onto line and he sailed around for a clean. Indeed, this was the main mark-stealer for him and even then he only lost 4 of his 5 mark total-tally here, while for Rob, 10 marks were cast away here and his hopes of victory slithered to a halt with them. Ben’s only other solitary loss was in Sandra Wooster’s section 8, when his rear tyre slid on the rooty camber, but this failed to ruffle him and he continued to skate to victory.

The Clubman Expert route had some big hitters in the class with British Enduro Champ Keith Wooster taking on Classic Bike champion Martyn Wilmore. As it happens, Martyn kept his feet off the snow and ice all day, recording a clean sheet at the close – some ride in the conditions. Keith matched him for the initial 3 sections, but the twisting cambers of section 4 scuppered his chances as a slack 3 froze his challenge out. Ben Wilmore kept Keith “honest” and only a poor five on the last lap gave Keith the desired breathing space. Ben’s misfortune came on section six when the rapidly polishing camber became grip-less and a lack of speed on the approach to the tree-pillared exit dumped him back down the slope.

Arguably the rides of the day came in the B class, where Gavin Moore out-manoeuvred all-comers aboard his Pampera trail bike – 2 marks being all he shed. Perilously close was newly 2-stroke remounted Andy Perry, the Evo assisting him in prodding on only four occasions, a result he was very happy with considering he nearly didn’t enter!! Fellow over-50 rider Graham Harris was reaping the benefit of Martyn Wilmore’s tuition as he too strung a consistent ride together and third place with it. Youth A was won yet again by 2009 champion Will King, a string of attacking rides giving him a creditable 8th overall on the Clubman expert route.

C class was equally competitive and only four marks separated victor Andy Gee from improving Liam Wooster. Liam led after lap 1 but a hat-full of marks on lap 2 left Andy leading and despite reducing his arrears on the final 2 laps to just 7 marks, Liam had too much to do and Andy really got to grips with the conditions, keeping himself in front to the close followed by Liam and Robert Hunt took third spot after some very smooth riding.

One cannot “seal the lid” without praising the observers – they did a sterling job in the cold and their fortitude meant that a great trial in highly unusual conditions could go ahead, so thanks go to each and every one.

Inset above: Jason Cole takes 3rd in Expert Class


Best Performance          Ben Skinner   (Gas Gas)     5 marks lost

Best A                            Rob Scott  (Beta)              21 m.l.

Jason Cole (Beta)             30 m.l.

Best AB                         Martyn Wilmore (Scorpa)  0 m.l.

Keith Wooster (Sherco)     8 m.l.

Ben Wilmore (Gas Gas)  18 m.l.

Best B                            Gavin Moore (Pampera)     2 m.l.

Andy Perry (Beta Evo)       4 m.l.

Graham Harris (Montesa) 31 m.l.

Best C                            Andy Gee (Beta)               19 m.l.

Liam Wooster (Gas Gas)  23 m.l.

Robert Hunt (Montesa)     39 m.l.

Youth A                         Will King (Beta)               36 m.l.

Jack Pontin (Sherco)         54 m.l.

“Old Maler’s” Christmas Quiz Answers

The winner of our Gazette Competition was, the only entrant, Brian Newbury.

Brian’s answers were,  in order, Pat Richardson, Belgrave Square, Neil Hudson, Martin Bracey, Stanley Michael Bailey, Paul Friedrichs, Sten Lundin, Gerrit Wolsink, Ariel, & Henry Body.

Old Maler claims that Brian got 8 right, & has put in a protest about one of his wrong answers.

Also Brian claims question No 8, as a matter of fact is incorrect, & that his answer is correct, if the right question had been asked.

Work all that out if you can –  comments are welcome – Frank

Trial at Old Station Yard 10:30 Sunday 10th January

Just to let you know that Swindon are running the Brian Freegard Restricted to Club trial on Sunday the January 10th.

Can I take this opportunity to invite the Centre’s trials riders to come over to Swindon on Sunday 10th January for our Brian Freegard Trial. This will be the first round of the 7-round Club Championship (2008 and 2009 Champion being none other than Rob Scott) and will be marked out sensibly and in accordance with what a CLUB trial should be – i.e. nothing over-facing nor unduly scarey. The venue is the Old Station Yard signposted off the Blunsdon to Highworth road – turn off at the Freke Arms pub. Start time is 10.30am. The sections (probably 4 laps of 10 or 12) will be created along the bankings, roots and stream that dominate this venue. You will be most welcome, so do come along if you fancy blowing the cobwebs off the bike and boots.

Regards to all Brett King