Here’s a few things to note – John Taylor, regs & entry forms results & Franks mutter …

Afternoon all,

Busy sporting week-end away from two wheels – the British F1 Round, 15th Stage of the Tour de France, Wimbledon Mens Final day & other things. But two wheeled News: Martin Bracey has just let me know that John Taylor who was riding in the 60’s passed away this morning. John who began scrambling & went on to Trials & Grass Track, & was useful enough to be a Centre Team Member in both the latter disciplines, John you may be gone but you aren’t forgotten.

Jan Watson has  sent the BSSA Regs for their next Time Trial – the Brian Hudson which is on 10th September, here are the Regs: BSSA Brian HudsonTtrial Regs & Entry Form 100917 so do your bit & get them back to Mac asap!

Jerry Walters has the Results of North Somerset Club’s GMB Garages Trophy Time Trial held at Hanham Mills, Bristol on Wednesday evening. here they are NSMSC GMB GaragesT:trial Results 120717 Jason Hamblin 3,4 took the Premier with Paul Manning R/up 3,18, 3rd was Ricky Hudson 15,8, 4th Pete King 9,14, 5th Fin Davey 9,16, 6th Mark Hamblin 25,6. Best non trials was Andy Frost 26,4, & R/up was Charlie Frost 41,0. So its fairly clear that the non trials machines found it a bit on the nadgery side for their liking.

Now a few random thoughts/observations, Stuart Brown & passenger Joe Millard, a WWMC member are having a good season in the Sidecar Cross GP’s, currently placing 4th after the Lommel, Belgian Round. it’s also good to note that the Irish Sidecar Cross Team for the “of Nations” again includes the all lady Emma Moulds/Niki Adair crew again. Devizes, local Yamaha agent, Richard Stevens was out for a gallop on his replica Honda RC145 replica in the Classic Bike parade at the Hailwood Memorial meeting at Castle Combe last weekend, an interesting little bike – yes I mean almost tiny – was Michael Smedley’s Van Veen Kreidler. I was pleased to have earplugs with me when the 250 MZ was started & ditto for the Honda 6, David Hailwood went out on the dustbin faired 125 MV – it’s a while since they were permitted in racing isn’t it?

See you soon: Frank


NSMSC Valley Smokehouse T/Trial 2nd June Results, Success in the Welsh 2 Day Enduro, ACU Funding etc.

Good morning all,

I’d just bought a ticket for the Castle Combe Road Race Meeting this weekend when the ACU announced any Licence Holder (Competitor or Official) is entitled to free entry to the British World Trials Champs. Round this weekend at Tong. I’m not sure I would have taken advantage of the offer, but if you lived within 50 miles or so, or were going anyway it’s certainly a bonus for your ACU Membership.

All Clubs should have, by now, or very soon have received details of the new ACU Ltd Mutual Aid Fund whose aims and objectives of this new fund are:

  • To encourage and develop all areas of motorcycle sport in the British Isles (excluding
    Northern Ireland)
  • To encourage and develop all areas of motorcycle leisure in the British Isles (excluding Northern Ireland)
  • To provide financial help and assistance by way of grants or loans to Centres and Clubs (my emboldening & italicising – Ed.) to enable them :
    1. a)to acquire sporting land
    2. b)to develop and extend existing sporting land
    3. c)to build, develop or extend owned property for the storage of equipment associated with the land’s sporting use, the protection or comfort of event officials or the social gathering of Club members.
    4. d)to acquire, extend or upgrade any tangible fixed asset associated with the Club’s sporting activities, such as machinery, watering systems, starting gates and the like.
    5. e)to implement any other proposal that the Fund’s Administrative Committee feel would be beneficial to the sporting objectives of the ACU and which merits support.
  • but note that
  • All grants and loans agreed by the Fund will be made on a matched basis, £ for £, with the applicants own funds and loans will be secured against the intended asset or improvement by way of a legal charge. Grants or loans may be capped at the Fund’s discretion.

    Jerry Walters from the North Somerset Club reports “Morning Frank,Results of Sunday’s North Somerset Club Valley Smokehouse Time Trial, held at Scars Wood, Lulsgate are attached for the website, and says: With many of the regulars recovering from the Welsh 2 Day Enduro or twinshock racing at Farleigh Castle, a smaller than usual entry were treated to a dry, technical course with some very twisty observed sections. Cheers, Jerry”    The Results are here: NSMSC Valley Smokehouse T:trial Results 020717

    A close call between Ricky Hudson,  Jason Hamblin & Kyle Banks for the Premier with Ricky losing 6 marks in Section 4 & setting standard time, Jason on the other hand lost 3 marks in both section 2 & 5 & had 3 time faults being R/up on the tie break with Kyle who lost 3 marks in Section 4 & 6 time faults. In the Non Trials class it was Tom Smith, Andy Frost & Nathan Newman 1st 2nd & 3rd. Tom  did it on observation losing 24/7, Andy 42/2 Kyle 44/4 (24/7 = 24 observation 7 time faults & so on)

    In the Welsh 2day Enduro local crews put it over the rest in sidecar classes, with Paul Manning/Martin Lawford best Expert  & Simon Chilcott/Ben Sinclair best Clubmen which is good to hear.


British Ladies Championship Trial, 25th June Report, NSMSC GMB Trophy T/trial – Regs & Entry Form

Hello all,

Just had a few days away down in Hartland, taking time out & watching the Ladies Championship Round at John Lucketts ground in Wembsworthy. We were surprised to see Craig (Talbot) when we arrived, but he was there as minder for Jess Bown. The event was well organised by the experienced Torridge Club, & as expected, Emma Bristow was a clear winner. R/up spot was close with Donna Fox & Jess Bown equal after the first lap on 26 m/l, at the finish though Jess was 5 marks better on observation to finish Runner Up. There were just 8 Ladies contesting the Championship course & with a generous 5 & a half hour time limit, it was disappointing (although not surprising) that 6 ladies lost time penalties. It wasn’t surprising as none of them rode the first Section for half an hour after they started. Emma lost 8 on time of her 34 total! The fifth to seventh placed Ladies all lost 151marks, including 6, 9 & 0 time faults respectively, the lesson to be learned is not to worry what your rivals are doing but to get on & do your own thing. Being critical, it was a difficult Trial to ride non-stop, with a lot of tight turns.

One other thing from Sunday, keep an eye on Results of trials in the IoM for Summer Peters, in girls “C” class, her determination to get out of Sections is remarkable she had the single mindedness that makes future Champions

The Regs & Entry Form for the Wednesday evening NSMSC GMB Trophy Time Trial on 12th July are here NSMSC GMB T:trial Regs & Entry Form 12:07:17 

On the other days we drove along a lot of single track potholed roads that no-one else seems to use, with numbers of the roads/tracks signed as  ‘unsuitable for motor vehicles’ which were fine to drive, I walked one to decide whether it was OK or not & found I could have done if I’d had a saw in the boot to take off some encroaching branches. As I didn’t need to get through I turned round, but the off road Land Rover guys would have enjoyed it! Found a beautiful little cove at Welcombe not to far from Hartland Quay & the Patronal Festival at Morwenstow.

See you soon: Frank



Wells & Dist. TC – Lawford Time Trial 18th June – Results

Evening all,

Phew, the really hot weather has disappeared today, that’s a relief for everyone especially those of us that have to work! Sundays Lawford Time Trial ran in that sort of heat – pretty well 30degrees C.

The eponymous Martin sent over this report saying


Please find attached results of the Lawford Timed Trial from Sunday on what was an exceptionally hot and sweaty slog around Shipham.
Jason Hamblin took the premier on a clean sheet, setting standard timed in the process and Tom Smith was a clear winner in the non trials class with a smaller than usual entry due to many of the regulars preparing for the Welsh.
Regards, Martin”
Don’t forget the Kingswood Club Trial on Sunday out at Ozleworth, or the Swindon & District Clubs’ Swindonian LDT this coming Sunday.                                                                             Frank

North Somerset MSC: Fowlers Trophy T/trial Results for 7th June, Regs & Entry Form for Valley Smokehouse T/trial on 2nd July, West Wilts Tanner Trudge Time Trial Results from 11th July

As promised yesterday,

here are the Results of the NSMSC Fowlers Trophy held on 7th June, about which Jerry Walters says, “The forcast rain failed to materialise resulting in another low scoring event.”  click on NSMSC Fowler Trophy T:trial Results 070617 and

click here for NSMSC Valley Smokehouse T:trial Regs & Entry Form 020717

And here are the full provisional Results for the West Wilts Tanner Trudge Time Trial held yesterday:  Tanner Trudge 2017 Results 11:06:17


WWMC – Provisional Tanner Trudge Results – see below

Hello all,

It’s 20:00hrs & the Provisional Award winners are below. Full Provisional Results will be posted when available (tomorrow morning we hope). We’ve had our dinner, & I need to change to light bulb in the boiler cupboard which has just failed – it’s in a heatproof bulkhead fitting which hasn’t been undone since it was put in by the electricians around 35 years ago, & the glass needs ‘persuading’ to part from it’s gasket with a rubber mallet!

Once again West Wilts MC is indebted to friends  from North Somerset MSC for the help they gave us setting up yesterday & clearing up this afternoon. Without them we would most likely be unable to run.

Our thanks to your 12 observers, who were in no particular order, Chris & Ian Nairn, John & Jeff Ballinger, Bob Burt & Nipper Allen, Tom Gerken & Jon Milne, Paul Broadway & Alan Edwards, and Jeff Hillman & Alan Ford. Thanks also to our own Club members for their efforts & Tim our caterer – find him at Bradfords Builders Merchants in Trowbridge

Farleigh Castle Plate: best trials machine – Ricky Hudson – 6m/l on time, 12m/l on observation

R/up – trials machine – Kyle Banks – 12m/l on time, 6m/l on observation

Tie break  necessary  to separate Ricky & Kyle-  first tie breaker was  fastest time.

1st Class Awards, trials machines, “A” Class: Alex Snow 6m/l on time, 15m/l on observation, Jason Hambln 5m/l on time, 26 m/l on observation. “B” Class, No award, “C” class, Luke Smith 37m/l on time, 75m/l on observation.

Girling Plate: best non trials machines, Charlie Frost: – set standard time, 27m/l on observation

R/up non trials machine, Andy Frost 5m/l on time, 30m/l on observation.

1st Class Awards, non trials machines, Tom Smith 6m/l on time 32m/l on observation, 6 m/l on time, Nathan Newman 10m/l on time, 32 m/l on observation.

All award winners completed 9 laps.

Hope you all had a great day & thank you for your the compliments about the event. Thanks also to the Rain God who knew we’d had enough rain before breakfast & just left us all to it for the rest of the day!

That’s it for the moment.

NSMSC Results & Regs will be posted tomorrow Jerry. – Frank


Wells & District TC – Regs & Entry Form for Lawford T/Trial 18th June

Good evening all,

just got back from Richmondshire, at Mount Pleasant at the opposite end of Feldom Lane to the Scott Trial start field after a weeks holiday with all our family. Jerry Cross has sent over the Regs, here Wells & Dist TC Regs for Lawford TT 180617 & the Entry Form, here Wells &Dist TC Entry form, Lawford TT 180617 for the Wells Club’s Club Restricted Time Trial at Lillypool Cafe on today fortnight, 18th June. So get those entries off early as it’s limited to just 60 riders.

Don’t forget the WWMC Tanner Trudge is today week, the 11th & entries are still available if you call Phyllis Sweeting on the landline. Leave a message if we aren’t in, she’s sorted the 3 queries raised when we were away.

Sounds as if the Kingswood Charity Trial on Bank holiday Monday had some weather much like we had up there the afternoon we arrived, the rain & wind were so strong you couldn’t see out of the windows because they were obscured with water – just like a ship when it’s crashing through the waves in a storm.

Thanks to Nipper for bringing me back this years SSDT programme!


BSSA Glenis Sinclair Time Trial Results, Trophy hunters beware

Hello all,

Here are the results of BSSA’s Time Trial held last Saturday:  BSSA Glenis Sinclair Memorial T:Trial Results 140517  Jason Hamblin took the Premier Award  with 11 laps, no marks lost in Sections & setting standard time. Tom Smith was best Non Trials losing just two on time but 27 in Sections including 12 in Section 5 which was clearly the one that caused most trouble.

A word of caution for the curious, see:  the tigress returns Chris & Janet are selling their house in France & coming back home to live. So Trophy hunters please note.

See you soon: Frank




SSDT, Malers Funeral, NSMSC: Results Weymouth Trophy, Regs & Entry Form Fowlers Trophy

It’s Friday evening, following the finish of the Scottish Six Day Trial.

What wonderful week everyone had up there, we chose not to go this year & missed what must be the best ever weather, six days of wall to wall sunshine. What makes it worse is that every morning the Trials Guru (John Moffat) was anchoring Nevis Radio’s live You Tube broadcast from the West End Car Park. From 07:00hrs each morning i was shouting up the corridor, ‘it’s sunny up there’ on Monday, ‘it’s sunny again’ on Tuesday , ‘it’s still sunny’ Wednesday,’ we ought to have gone’ Thursday, ‘what a year to choose not to go’ Friday, ‘still sunshine, I wonder if Dougie can do it’ on Saturday. This didn’t improve Phyllis’s early morning mood! Next year it’ll hiss down?

In the end, as I rather hoped in one way, Dougie couldn’t do it, a precautionary dab in Section 5 was his only dab all week. Equalling, Gordon Jackson’s epic ride, we now have two legendary rides to talk about. Dougie is someone you would bet on soaking up the pressures that he must have been feeling from Day 2 onwards, & especially on Saturday morning, but with only one clean sheet, Sam Haslam’s, on  Saturday it obviously wasn’t an easy last day. That record 11th win for Dougie won’t be repeated for a while or more probably ever, and his single dab week has never been bettered.

So ‘local’ riders? I said earlier all our ‘runners’ were about where you might expect after the first day, they finished, Adam 39th 103m/l Special First Class Award, Scott 80th 216m/l, Ist timer Tom 91st 235m/l, Fred 105th 276m/l, Craig T 107th 279m/l, Gareth123rd 305m/l {all First Class Awards}, Mark C 158th 370m/l, Ian 180th 420m/l {both Second Class Awards} & Vicky 245th 616m/l Finishers Award. From this distance, Adam may not have had as good a ride as usual as John Shirt was higher up the finishing list & Ian would have hoped to do better, but I hear an off on Tuesday detuned him for the rest of the week & an X-ray back in Bath confirmed a broken rib, but that’s what you need to ride the Scottish, determination & grit to get you to the finish. Congratulations to all our riders, we’re proud of you.

Best ‘fairly local’ rider was SW Centre’s Joe Baker who placed 16th & Western Centre’s Matt Cristopher in 188th.

“Maler”s Funeral was held today, none of you will be surprised that all the Chapel seats were full & there were many having to stand outside in the entrance. “the girls”, Marcia, Jane & Paula jointly paid a family tribute which had many happy anecdotes, & Tony Beeching gave a thoughtful address which also had ‘typically Dave’ anecdote about Dave & a roll of chestnut paling being ‘rescued’ from the M40 which managed to unroll itself across the carriageways. As Tony said afterwards, no-one can compare with Dave as a raconteur, we are all shadows of the ‘master’ All were invited back to Pilton Village Hall afterwards & a lot of reminiscing went on. A lot of Dave’s poetry was passed around to remind us of another strand of the zest for life that Dave had. A remarkable man, a remarkable ‘family man’ he will be remembered with affection.     As you might expect amongst sporting motorcyclists, there was evidence of sporting injuries, Andy Scrivens with a collar bone broken Good Friday at Owlesbury – spat off an M-X outfit, & John Young had a bad encounter with a bike starting roller at the montlhery revival 2017 last weekend & has lost the tip of a little finger.

Results of the North Somerset Weymouth Trophy Time Trial at Ubley Drove are here: NSMSC Weymouth Trophy T:trial Results 060517 Steve Holcombe took the Premier award setting standard time & going clean in the sections, matched by Andy Frost who also went clean but dropped 4 on time  to take the best Non Trials machine class. The Regs & the Entry Form for the next NSMSC event, the Fowlers Trophy T/trial at Hanham Mills on 7th June (a Wednesday) are here: NSMSC Fowlers Trophy T:trial Regs & Entry Form 070617

The WWMC Tanner Trudge Entries are up to 25 today so get those Entry Forms filled in & sent of to Phyllis.

Its not ‘keep your feet up’ this time it’s ‘safe riding’ : see you soon Frank

NSMSC – Colin Stenner Electrical Results for 29th April, SSDT Day 1 comment

Good Morning everyone,

Jerry Walters says “Evening Frank, Results of Saturday’s North Somerset Club Time Trial at Mannings, Pensford are attached for the website. The notoriously slippery and marshy course held up much better than usual resulting in a low scoring trial and a tie for the overall premier between Jason Hamblin and Harvey Dark. Best Regards: Jerry”

I see that Jason & Harvey were both clean in the Sections & only lost 2 on time – Fastest over the ground was Andy Frost on a non trials machine who lost his 16 on Observation in Sections 1 & 3.

Meanwhile up in Fort William, you can watch what’s going on at the start on YouTube with Nevis Radio. They have John Moffat giving the commentary – who better?

Provisional Daily Results had Adam Norris on 5 marks lost, but the final ones had him with a 5 in Section 28 dropping him down to 37th with 10 m/l. All our other runners are placing around where you would expect. Joe Baker from SW Centre is 14th on 3m/l, Matt Christopher from Western Centre is on 56m/l in 172nd place. As usual it’s tight at the top with the first 16 riders having lost 3 marks or less with 5 clean sheets.

Again there’s sunshine in Fort William, & its down the road to the Corran Ferry today.