Wells John Stait Centre Time Trial Champ Results. A Centre Facebook page?

Good morning all,

Martin Lawford has sent over the John Stait Results yesterday, they are here –  Wells John Stait Centre Champ T:Trial Results 190317  & says:

“Frank, Please find attached Results of yesterdays John Stait Timed Trial, the second round of the Wessex Centre Timed trial championship.

In typical Wessex fashion, the weather ensured that this was a true Wessex Centre Championship round with gruelling conditions from start to finish and only 6 finishers managing the total 7 laps.

Andy Frost was in fine form taking the premier from Jason Hamblin and setting standard time along the way. On his return to the class, Andy Scrivens thrived in the conditions taking the non-trials class win with Tom Smith runner up.

We would like to thank all those who helped clear up the course afterwards. Whilst no one particularly wants to pick up a bag, especially after a tough event, without this help we would not be able to run the events.

Regards, Martin”

Sounds as if it was unpleasant on Mendip – we were lucky, we left home in the drizzle & drove up to the Western Centre Trials Champs Round at Winstone Wood, a venue we’ve never been to. It stayed dry there all day until the drizzle & rain started on the way home! Mike Gunn was Secretary & observing, first time I think we’ve seen him in 30 years & we were able to catch up with what our “boys” are doing now! While walking round Phyllis came across a beautiful fungi we never seen before – Sarcoscypha coccinea, the scarlet elf cup & this morning we were watching a couple of hares lolling around the field  ten to fifteen metres from or bedroom window! Back to trials – Alex Muirhead was out on a Vertigo, Harry Jefferies was a non starter, quite a good Expert entry of 10 starters including the 3 Welch brothers, Kurt & Lee & John Luff.

With a limit of 100 on the entry and good venue the 44 starters was disappointing for the organisers, The National  S3 Parts Championship Round in Wales took away a number of likely entrants & with our own Wessex Centre Championship Round in our Centre Fixture Card for the same day (although we moved & subsequently cancelled our Round) it suggests Fixture co-ordination is more & more important.

At the last Board Meeting, Facebook was discussed as a way of ‘talking’ more directly to you Riders.

Would it be a good idea to establish a Centre Facebook page to let you know the latest Centre news about Events?

If it is a good idea who would be willing to take it on for the Centre?

You know (I think?) the Board exists to promote your Sport – but we all want active riders to get more involved – even fairly informal physical Meetings like the Board are more involvement than most of you seem to want so is exchanging ideas & suggestions on Facebook a better way to get things done?

What do you think – why not get to the next Board Meeting with some ideas & suggestions?



Todays Wilts Border Salutation Novice Trial Results

Good evening all,

We went out to the Wilts Border Trial at the Piggeries today, a super little event, only 21 Riders but it seemed as if everyone enjoyed themselves. Better still the early morning rain had stopped & although some of the sections were ‘modded’ before the start, the bank dried in the wind, & the stream hadn’t yet reacted to the rainfall so there were two sections in the stream & 8 up and down the bank. It stayed dry until everyone had finished & then came some rain & hail. A good mix of riders too, 5 or 6 youth riders including Michael Maslin’s lads – David & Edwin & a couple of veter…. ,sorry lets call them experienced, riders – Billy Andrews & Andy Perry. So all ages were there. Some youth riders who we’ve not seen before – Zac & Harvey Ward down from near Ciren. [If you need any wrought iron work done have a look at their Dad’s website –  donkeywellforge ]. Results had been collated & mailed out nice & early – I noticed them in my in-box at ten to six.

The results are here, WBorder Salutation Novice RTCentre Results 050317  Excluding Gareth T, (its a Novice Trial remember) best on the day with 6 marks lost was evergreen Nigel Tomkins and R/up was Dean Hassall on 14m/l. i suspect it was Deans first ride since his nasty work accident & I’m not sure how much clutch control he had. Molly Hassall was out with Mum & Dad another potential observer or rider in a few years time? Section 6 observed by Neil Blackmore proved trickiest with Nigel having a dab each lap (memo to self, lovely to watch a dab taken to ensure you get through rather than struggling to go clean & then footing or worse failing) Dean on the other hand had three’s each lap – which accounts for the 8 mark differential.

Keep your feet up: Frank

Latest Centre Trials Champs Tables, NSMSC Wynnes Trophy T/Trial Results, Wight 2Day 50th Anniversary Trial

Hello all,

Pete Dury’s Latest Centre Trials Championship positions Tables after the 2nd Round are here: Centre Champ Tables as at 27:02:17  Don’t forget that Pete has listed all the Centre Champions since they began in 1950 & the top ten positioned Championship Riders since 2005.

Jerry Walters says: “Evening Frank, Results of Sunday’s North Somerset Club Wynnes Trophy Time Trial, held at Scars Wood, Lulsgate, are attached for the website. They are here NSMSC Wynnes Trophy T:Trial Results 260217 & Reports:

Once again, heavy overnight rain made the going very slippery in places although the course did improve as the Trial progressed.

In the Trials class normal service was resumed with Jason Hamblin taking the class win, overall premier and setting standard time losing just 12 marks in the observed sections. Kye Steel was a very close runner up and only lost 3 marks on observation, but 11 time penalties gave him a total of 14. Luke Hawkins, riding a similar Montesa 4Ride trail bike to Jason, took 3rd spot on 26 marks.

In the Non Trials class Andy Frost was pushed hard by Tom Smith but just took the win losing 43 marks to Tom’s 45. Gary Newman grabbed 3rd spot on 66.

Cheers, Jerry”

That’s it for now: Frank

ps Next Trials Championship Round: W Wilts James Cup on 26th March

ps Wight Two Day Golden Anniversary Trial Regs are available for 22nd & 23rd April

ps Nothing to do on Easter Sunday? – the Bridport & Wymouth Club has a Southern Centre Champ Trial Round. Should be good – 16th April – Roger Johns is CofC


Vacancies for Gazette Editor & Permit Secretary, Avery Cup Centre Champ Trial Results 26th Feb, NSMSC Jack Ball Chase T/trial Regs for 26th March available.

Good evening all,

The Gazette Editor & Permit Secretary have both given notice of their retirement – so it’s up to you guys to “step up to the plate” & volunteer if you want to continue to have events to ride – You have been warned!

We went over to the Avery Cup today & it was run over 4 laps of 10 Sections which made finding sufficient Observers easier, in fact Observers were oversubscribed**, so we had a day out watching riders in action in all the Sections & having time to chat with people. I wondered why Lee Hassall had the letters Molly on the bike, but worked it out later when we saw 4 generations  of Hassall’s in the quarry. Young Molly is only three months old with lovely blue eyes. Congratulations to Lee & Hannah – the hard work starts now!. Richard Elliott was out on his “new” Jotagas & very pretty it is too. Only 5 Experts, but some cracking (i.e. an achievement to clean them) Expert routes with Sections 3 & 4 observed by Mandy Jefferies & Neil Riddle, and Sections 7 & 8 observed by Colin Hassall & Jeff Budd respectively causing most mayhem for them. Kurt Brain was comfortably best Expert on 23m/l gaining most advantage, as Mick Perry will say, on Mandy’s section, which he cleaned every lap – one of those sections where catchers were wise & riders needed confidence to attack the vertical step & the drop off to get back down again. At the other end of the classes, Fin Kettle was looking very assured & showed Dad Lawrence how to do it in several Sections.

Results are here: K:wood Avery Champ Trial Results 260217260217

The NSMSC Jack Ball Chase 90minute Time trial Regs are available here: NSMSC Jack Ball Chase T:Trial Regs & Entry Forms for 26:03:17 thanks to Jerry Walters

Keep em up!: Frank

ps ** but we were  “propositioned” to observe at an out of Centre Trial at Easter!



BSSA Reg Lewis Trial Postponed, Sad news at Ted’s funeral, Dave Norris RIP. Centre Champs John Stait T/Trial Regs & Entry Form, Swindon’s Corinium Entries open online 20th February

Hello all,

Jan Watkins has just Mailed to say “Hi Frank, Sorry to inform you that the BSSA Reg Lewis Trial has been postponed until further notice. Please let people know  via the web-site. Regards, Jan”

We went to Ted Heather’s Funeral on Tuesday, in a lovely gesture Derek Daniels followed the hearse in on Ted’s last bike, an OSSA MAR which he’s had since Ted sold it to him 13 years back. Although Derek has restored it beautifully, it was only the day before that it had oil put in the gearbox & fuel in the tank. It fired up first kick!

We were impressed, but not at all surprised, that 4 members of the SSDT Committee flew down to attend, it shows how Ted was appreciated ‘up there’: as you would expect many of us ‘older’ Wessex Centre stalwarts were there as was SW Centre VP George Sartin all paying our respects. We don’t think there was vacant seat at the Service.

Sadly, back at Corsham Cricket Club, we heard that Dave Norris, Adams’ Dad has also passed away. So our thoughts are also with Delya, Lee, Jamie & Adam. It doesn’t seem long since Adam was on that TY80 when he & Rob Sartin were two outstanding schoolboy riders.

Jerry Cross has sent over the Centre Timed Trial Championship, John Stait Trophy Regs, & Entry Form. Several months of negotiations with the new Landowner have paid off & it’s going to run at the usual Rookham venue. The Regs are here: Wells John Stait Champ TTrial Regs 190317 & the Entry Form is here: Wells John Stait Champ TTrial Entry Fom 190317

Bodaff reminds me that Swindon & District MCC’s Corinium Enduro Entries will be open on line on Monday!  More details are on the club website http://www.sdmcc.org.uk/ or Club Facebook page, or via the Riders//Members – Club Event Entry Tab on the ACU Website www.acu.org.uk

Keep em up: Frank




Centre AGM – Changing of the Guard! Date changes. Regs available for ..

Hello all,

The dust has settled on the AGM, & the old guard will be changing. A brief Report follows.

Roll call of Clubs: All affiliated Clubs were represented except BGRC, Frome, Mendip Vale & Wells.    Apologies were tendered & accepted for Alan Brown & Vic Osman of BGRC.  {Editors comment: Mendip haven’t been represented at the AGM at any of the last six, Frome have only been represented for  three of the last six & Wells haven’t been represented at four of the last six. That suggests the Centre is not in “good health”}

The retiring President, Martin Bracey presented the Harry Croft Trophy to Mike Fear, The Chairman, Keith Wooster remarked that new people were needed on the Board  The Hon Secretary echoed the Chaimans remarks. {that’s the third consecutive year he or the Secretary have said that – Ed.} The Hon Treasurer said we had an excess of income over expenditure only because there were no Inter Centre Event Teams to be supported, but the income showed there were fewer riders & fewer events in the Centre.

The Treasurer presented his Financial Report for the year which was discussed & formally accepted. The Gazette Editor presented his Report reviewing his tenure & announced he was standing down at the next AGM Read that Report here: Gazette Editors Report for 2016 070217

All Officials were elected unopposed, & were exactly the same people as last year, except that your new President will be Denys Plaster of NSMSC, outgoing President Martin Bracey becomes an ex officio Vice President, & Bob Burt replaces Denys as our 4th VP.

The Board Meeting followed & the Officers appointed are the same as  last year as well. Mike Fear announced this would stand down as Permit Secretary at the next AGM

So that’s two important positions you, out there in the Centre, have got to take on to keep your sport running {everyone in the room was over 50 years old – as usual – Ed.}

Please note the following date changes/corrections to your Fixture Card: West Wilts James Cup Centre Trials Champ from 19th March to 26th March, Kingswood Abbotside Enduro from 30th July to 23rd July, BSSA Glens Sinclair T/Trial is on 14th not 13th May.

Regs are available for:


Wilts Border Centre Restricted Trial on 5th March here: WBorder Salutation Novice Regs 050317 & WBorder Salutation Novice Entry form 050317

West Wilts Centre Championship Trial on 26th March here: West Wilts JamesCupChampTrial regs & EntryForm26:03:17

Out of Centre: How about a weekend away? there are 22 classes & choice of two courses either with or without roadwork in the Isle of Wight MCC 50th Anniversary Two Day Trial on 22nd & 23rd April. Info & Regs are available here: IoW MCC 50thAnni 2 day info 2017 & IoW 50th Anni TwoDay Regs&EntryForms 22&230417

It’s time to get involved Guys:  Frank



Centre AGM Report, NSMSC’s Terry Bunn Championship T/Trial results from 05/02/17

Hi all,

Centre AGM Report to follow

In the meantime the NSMSC Terry Bunn Trophy Time Trial Results are here: NSMSC TerryBunn CentreChamp TTrial Results 050217 & Jerry Walters reports ”

Evening Frank,

Results of Sunday’s North Somerset Club Terry Bunn Trophy Time Trial held at Malthouse Farm, Chelwood are attached for the website.

This was the first round of the 2017 Wessex Centre Time Trial Championship, and Andy Frost threw down the gauntlet by taking an easy overall victory losing just 3 marks on observation plus 4 on time. Kye Steel grabbed 2nd spot in the trials class on 21 marks, just ahead of Jason Hamblin, who seems to be struggling to stay in contention on his new Honda 4Ride trail bike.

In the non trials class Tom Smith Tom Smith was also in a league of his own, setting standard time and losing just 21 marks on observation which also gave him the overall runner up spot. Harvey Dark took second place in the class on 61 marks just ahead of rapidly improving Ben Sinclair on 76.

Regards: Jerry”


More news to follow: Frank